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  1. Fair comment. I think we share a similar interest in regards to what happened. There is so much information out there that is blinkered in regards to ancient history, whether from so called experts or alternative thinkers, that it becomes a dick measuring mess. As you stated, it is abundantly clear that something major happened to stop this progress in its tracks. Whilst wars, famine or natural events could be used to explain some civilisations decline, it doesn’t account for the sheer scale of this decline. Many examples show a major unknown factor that effected the entire Eurasian landmass at what is probably the same point in time. It doesn’t help that these sites have been ravaged by time or picked clean by profiteers. The whole Near East history is taboo to contradict or question. All run the risk for being antisemitic, regardless of the fact that a neutral investigator is not considering todays political climate. Just looking for verifiable proof to explain their thesis. As to who or what was responsible. There is the same old situation where all the experts are right. No one considers the possibility of a non human explanation, even the ultra religious mainstream researchers.
  2. I don’t know anyone personally who isn’t vaxxed apart from me, my lady and children. Admittedly I don’t go round asking everyone to their face. I usually drop something in conversation about a new vax related issue. No one yet has stated it wouldn’t affect them as they are not vaxxed.
  3. I disagree. India has some awe inspiring ancient buildings. Such as when they remove rock to create not add. I get what you mean about Egypt etc, I’m not knocking how incredible the engineering is. More that each created works of art and engineering that were perfect for what they wanted to achieve.
  4. Visited many temples in my time in India. The level of craftsmanship is another level. I agree that much looks prefab.
  5. Whilst I don’t argue the obvious issues with vax, if the vast majority are vaccinated then the vast majority who die will be vaccinated. Doesn’t it make this meaningless. I’m not being argumentative. Just don’t know if I’m reading this wrong.
  6. Same as when making straws out of shells but for different reasons. Something ive seen being used down here in Cornwall. I spoke to an owner of a local bar about the issues with shells being a finite resourse and vital habitat for many species. Some on the critically endangered list. Fair play to him, he decided as a result to no longer use straws at all. Personally I think, unless you are disabled or too small to drink from a cup by yourself, they should not be available to use. Another example of virtually pointless production to line the capatilist pockets.
  7. I think the bad adoption of rules, vaccines etc was deliberate. The inquiry has “confirmed” that the measures taken reduced cases. I know it’s all bs by the way. Now the zealots will demand harder measures for unvaxxed and the government will comply immediately after a fake discourse about human rights. Imo.
  8. Much appreciated. Sometimes when I look at Twatter it lets me read a lot other times it cuts off quick.
  9. Can you post the follow up please. Don’t use Twitter unless I can check without joining.
  10. Off topic but I imagined with Brexit an explosion of poly tunnels and small horticultural businesses. If it was really about the environment, as PM, I would have pushed U.K. towards total organic. If we all eat in the right amounts and cut out the crap our island could support easily it’s current population.
  11. Doesn’t help that they’re 10’s of thousands of acres of farmland not in use. Near me I would guesstimate 10000 acres plus doing nothing.
  12. If she has any positive meetings, in relation to diagnosis etc, I will let you know. Maybe it will help you get somewhere as well. I’m not holding my breath though.
  13. If my lady didn’t have a different profile I would have thought you were her. My lady has the highest RF factor seen by the specialists at Trelisk. As yourself her other numbers are fine. She has had numerous appointments all with different consultants who give different opinions. Very often they make mistakes in the letters sent out about the results of the discussions. Mistakes that cannot be rectified until another consultation. She has the nodules etc as yourself. Sometime massive bruises appear. In Italy, where she is from, a high RF factor on its own is enough to diagnose RA. Good luck getting anywhere!
  14. I agree but I can’t suggest violence. Breaks forum rules
  15. Luckily, I’m a miserable bastard!
  16. Maybe if we can get Mr Icke a full time position on love Island etc, it might help
  17. Honestly, if they do lock down, I think it will mirror the first time round. Unless enough people protest (non violently) in the right places, nothing will be different. Imo furlough guarantees the vast majority will take their medicine and blame on all the non vaxxed.
  18. https://www.foxnews.com/media/belgian-boy-beaten-tears-forced-him-kiss-feet-suspected-migrants-video-sparking-outcry
  19. See,s on line with @rebornsteve post above, mentioning position needed.
  20. All the compliant fools demanding there daily punishment and our removal from society.
  21. I really appreciate this topic. Thank you @Fluke
  22. Out of interest, where did they mri scan. My lady has an enormously high rheumatoid factor but other numbers low. In Italy She would be diagnosed as having RA bit here they don’t acknowledge this.
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