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  1. What's most scary for me is that the info isn't even hard to find. Im literally using the most basic of searches and coming up with confirmed accounts of this stuff. It almost makes me feel people who cant be bothered to look a little into this are effectively complicit.
  2. WATCH CALIFORNIA – The Quiet Take-Down Of The Red Rat Lines – Centipede Nation Don't know how credible this info is. Im sure you already know!
  3. Yeah I know this with certainty. Had friends who worked in the port of Napoli. Whilst I was chatting to them a guy walked in with instructions for a special cargo. Later when I asked them about it I was told, they know where you and your family live. You do it or they get it.
  4. That's the one I was looking at. Links everything together nicely
  5. Thanks for some reason I cant paste and links. I've found loads of articles about human trafficking through Port of Long Beach. That would appear to link nicely with your above posts. Is second largest port in USA so would be a great place to bring in anything illegal.
  6. So seeing that Standard hotel helicopter crash is linked to Adam Schiff. Trump wanted him charged with treason. Cant for some reason get links to work. Just typed standard hotel helicopter crash.
  7. Now they’re after your fish as well. Ramp up the fear. https://news.sky.com/story/skin-cancer-risk-eating-two-portions-of-fish-a-week-could-increase-the-risk-of-melanoma-study-finds-12630389
  8. I found some of this last night. My mistake was that I used the wrong Rothschild. As a result I came up short. Do you reckon Allison Mack will spill any beans? Her sentence, considering the crime, regardless of help to authorities was pathetic.
  9. Yeah I’m understanding more now. I’ve only really touched the surface with Q in the past. I’m realising I may need a submarine
  10. https://news.sky.com/story/donald-trump-ivanka-trump-and-donald-trump-jr-agree-to-testify-in-investigation-into-ex-presidents-business-practices-12630436 maybe they will reveal something through this, not like trump to do this
  11. What does 5:5 mean? I get a biblical reference but nothing else of interest
  12. No, but shows some off of California coast. Finding it near impossible to find any real world up to date stuff
  13. This shows naval deployment in theory https://news.usni.org/category/fleet-tracker
  14. San Diego naval base is the second largest in USA according to net searches.
  15. There’s lots of types of “meat” though. His family far is near where I live. I’m sure they’re already planning mass bug production
  16. Agreed. Its been planned well so that well never be able to unravel the ways in which people suffered. Covid leaves no room for free thinking
  17. A lot probably died because they couldnt see a doctor. As a result minor things became worse. Cancers became terminal etc etc etc
  18. Whats bad as well is its not hard to find the stuff about deaths in construction for this. I read it on Sky News
  19. can you quote a source please? Without one I cant allow it. Sorry
  20. No problem. You can PM me though. I really want to know
  21. Can you elaborate?
  22. OK. Keep it on topic people. No personal attacks.
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