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  1. Just finished reading, Tutankhamun the exodus conspiracy by Andew Collins and Chris Ogilvie-Herald. Goes into detail about the Amalekites and other tribes of the era. Howard Carter is said to have threatened the British consulate, after losing digging rights, in Cairo with the revelation of what was written on papyrus allegedly found. It is suggested an alternate version of the biblical exodus. One in which there was so much cherry picking between belief systems and the manner in how "moses" left Egypt that it would potentialy collapse the Balfour declaration and destroy zionist plans for Israel. Even though it can't be proven as the papyrus have never revealed (if they even existed) Wouldn't suprise me though.
  2. To add to this: The U.K. does not have an army anymore. Numbers not considered enough. It is classed as a defence force. It has been this way for a good few years now.
  3. I would prefer beef reared on grass but maybe I’m out of touch.
  4. I agree though I think, as I posted above, that used in a controlled and rational manner anxiety can help us to make critical choices in a positive way. I try to turn every negative into a positive. I appreciate the "fear" you are alluding to is more to do with world events etc. In this respect you are spot on. I accept that as an individual I cannot change the inexorable march into chaos but by understanding why and how this chaos is unfolding helps me to be in control of my immediate area of influence. As a result of being relaxed I am then able to consider how I could possibly join with others to bring about a better reality (for want of a better term).
  5. Agreed. I think we have evolved on a technilogical level much faster that an anotomical evolution can keep up with. Add to that groups who want to keep us stressed and you have a good control model. I agree that a certain amount of controlled anxiety is beneficial. Harnessed the right way with rational thought we can turn our anxieties into positive action. Maybe it could be in improving our quality of life or enabling us to consider choices for our own personal development and knowledge for example. Concerned about how events were unfolding gave me the final push I needed to become more self sufficient. Also becouse of the anxiety around rising bills as a family we really looked inward to search for what was really important and necessary. As a result of this the impact of rising prises has been muted to a large degree. Plus by being proactive it doesnt feel like we have made cut backs.
  6. No doubt lapdog U.K. will provide whatever support needed to our liege lords the U.S.A. Convienient that Cameron comes back now. They would consider him a very reliable and very experienced go between. Now's not the time for inexperience or youth. Nows the time to get the job done. At least thats how I see the mentality of the warmongers and overlords. As far as China vs Taiwan goes the US is not used to fighting wars against countries with very highly trained personel with enormoius numerical advantages. The sheer size of China also implies how much harder it would be to defeat imo.
  7. Feb 2024 is looking incredibly possible right now. If anything it’s a month or two late.
  8. Same on chatgpt. I used proven examples such as Tuskegee to “convince” it that not all conspiracies are untrue. It claimed it would “learn” from our discussion. Yeah right!
  9. Being really sad, I argued chatgpt to a standstill. Argued that “it’s” responses were clearly biased. Got it except that it’s programmers would clearly have view points and agendas that would be unknowingly fed into the AI’s algorithms. Everything is recorded so I go with the assumption that what we input is processed for whatever benefit it may have to the owners and investors. I’m sure that three letter agencies have access as well, if they’re not at the top of the tree in the first instance.
  10. I would gladly meet anyone on the forum. I guess it’s a trust issue.
  11. Considering he gets rid of them at 25, for a younger model, a better choice of picture would of helped.
  12. Iwas thinking Lord Snooty but can't remember if the picture suits or not. This is perfect!
  13. I agree totally but don't forget that many mp's are willing and glad to be so. They would hold their beliefs readily without pressure. Look at them they were either the school bully or the bullied getting revenge. In what world would Rees Mogg be taken seriously. Unfortunately ours.
  14. Even olive oil is suspect. Some labels say EU and other sources leaving quality difficult to ensure. Plus still sprayed with poisons.
  15. For the new year onwards I am going to remove more derailling comments. Only to keep this topic more streamlined and accessable to everyone. Don't take it personally if it's your comment. It's not personal.
  16. Honestly. If I thought there was no chance of any real truth "coming out," I would not not bother moderating. It is the hope that the right information is posted that resonates with someone or many that keeps me doing this.
  17. There is also the logic of preservation of information. Sure there will be deaths that were not linked to CV. We know that, they know that. The truth is that the powers above will link any deaths to suit their end goals, meaning that we need to record any sudden death to enable us to question better their agenda. It only needs one death to be misleadingly reported, or recorded. to increase awareness amongst skeptics and naysayers alike.
  18. Can you put these in another format? I csn never see them. Or maybe, as I am a Luddite, you could advise me on how to open the file correctly!
  19. ARe you sure this is not related to a students death there? Big protests as it seems it is being covered up by the school and government. Apparently there was evidence of torture. Thousands Protest 14-Year-Old's Mysterious Death and Subsequent Coverup (substack.com)
  20. Never bothered to learn the word, Scottish or English. Most likely because no doing the new years thing as expected I haven't played or sung it. After listening to this I will play each new year and at times between. Much more than a drunken idiots song for midnight. Beautiful.
  21. Of all of the psychotic agendas being played out in the west this has to be in the top three, or so,if not number one. You can argue ignorance much like with many other agendas such as CV, great reset etc. But this is children being directly affected, backed by the vast majority of people. The levels of psychopathy involved in creating and implementing this agenda are a giant leap past Nazi Germany.
  22. I read somewhere a good while back that John Paul II would be followed only by two more popes. The second of these would be the anti-Christ. Ratzinger went quickly. Francesco would therefore be that Anti-Christ. Considering that virtually everything he endorses or puts into Papal law is the opposite of Catholic dogma, it could be, in a Church sense considered to be true
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