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  1. 3 hours ago, Origin said:

    I have expressed myself in a misleading way. There is the lost world and then the later ancient world which includes India. I am more interested in why the old world ended abruptly and why projects everywhere were not completed. And it can be seen directly that everything stopped. The 'fate' of those predecessors interests me. I am looking for patterns, traces and not cultures. My question is 'who or what' was responsible. Since I know there is an entity that controls this construct. And all that I can experience makes me consider myself to be rather neutral.;)

    Fair comment. I think we share a similar interest in regards to what happened. There is so much information out there that is blinkered in regards to ancient history, whether from so called experts or alternative thinkers, that it becomes a dick measuring mess. As you stated, it is abundantly clear that something major happened to stop this progress in its tracks. Whilst wars, famine or natural events could be used to explain some civilisations decline, it doesn’t account for the sheer scale of this decline. Many examples show a major unknown factor that effected the entire Eurasian landmass at what is probably the same point in time.

    It doesn’t help that these sites have been ravaged by time or picked clean by profiteers. The whole Near East history is taboo to contradict or question. All run the risk for being antisemitic, regardless of the fact that a neutral investigator is not considering todays political climate. Just looking for verifiable proof to explain their thesis.


    As to who or what was responsible. There is the same old situation where all the experts are right. No one considers the possibility of a non human explanation, even the ultra religious mainstream researchers. 

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Nip said:


    I'd suggest doing a count of all one's friends, acquintances, relatives, colleagues and family members and working out a percentage of those who are unjabbed. That'll probably be just as accurate a figure or more accurate  than any figure you'll get from government. If we all combined the figures together here, we might end up with a reasonably accurate percentage. As for me, I can count 23 people and only 2 (including me, that is) unjabbed

    I don’t know anyone personally who isn’t vaxxed apart from me, my lady and children. Admittedly I don’t go round asking everyone to their face. I usually drop something in conversation about a new vax related issue. No one yet has stated it wouldn’t affect them as they are not vaxxed. 

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  3. 4 hours ago, Origin said:

    And it's not even close to what's in Egypt or Baalbek

    I disagree. India has some awe inspiring ancient buildings. Such as when they remove rock to create not add. I get what you mean about Egypt etc, I’m not knocking how incredible the engineering is. More that each created works of art and engineering that were perfect for what they wanted to achieve.

  4. 5 hours ago, Origin said:

    Here is another example. The trick is to ignore what the eyes are supposed to see. What remains? Prefabricated parts produced on an industrial scale. It doesn't matter what purpose the buildings were for you see prefabricated parts that could only be made with some kind of CNC machine. Everyone knows that there are countless temples in India where the same elements have been assembled. I would like to see a CNC machine today that can replicate exactly that. You can even see that these components that have ornaments and figures were produced differently. Later imitations are just produced by hand...And with the marks of primitive tools.



    Visited many temples in my time in India. The level of craftsmanship is another level. I agree that much looks prefab.

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  5. 1 minute ago, bamboozooka said:

    and ppl still say nah 95% didnt take the shot

    deaths show otherwise.



    Whilst I don’t argue the obvious issues with vax, if the vast majority are vaccinated then the vast majority who die will be vaccinated. Doesn’t it make this meaningless. I’m not being argumentative. Just don’t know if I’m reading this wrong.

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  6. 32 minutes ago, jack121 said:


    But that's the point, their empire will totally and utterly fall. I've been doing a lot of seriously deep reading into this, and the whole reason for all the various different things happening around the globe is they are preparing for the coming of the anti christ - make of that what you will you can interpret that any way you choose.  For what i can understand looking at all the different sources and data the muslim empire has to be resurrected before the anti christ comes. The only way the muslim empire can be resurrected is if the western empire collapses. What the NWO are doing is going to destroy the west. The pieces are falling into place. The western forces will not allow the muslim empire to restablish itself as they do not want any rival competitive power on a worldwide scale. Look at the last guy in syria who tried to restart the muslim empire and look how savagely he was attacked, labelled as a madman in the msm etc

    The west has to collapse, and the NWO is doing that

    Antichrist or not an empire based on sharia law will be hell.

  7. 3 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    Now PAPER straws are cancelled: Scientists say 'eco-friendly' utensils contain potentially toxic chemicals - and are just as bad for the environment as plastic versions

    • Scientists ested 39 brands of straws for the group of chemicals known as PFAS
    • PFAS were most common in straws made from paper and bamboo

    By Xantha Leatham Deputy Science Editor For The Daily Mail

    Updated: 00:03 BST, 25 August 2023

    We may all think we're doing our bit for the planet by sipping our drinks out of a paper straw.

    But the 'eco-friendly' alternatives contain long-lasting and potentially toxic chemicals, a new study has concluded.

    In the first analysis of its kind in Europe, Belgian researchers tested 39 brands of straws for the group of synthetic chemicals known as poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

    PFAS were found in the majority of the straws tested and were most common in those made from paper and bamboo.

    The synthetic chemicals are used to make everyday products, from outdoor clothing to non-stick pans, resistant to water, heat and stains.


    Same as when making straws out of shells but for different reasons. Something ive seen being used down here in Cornwall. I spoke to an owner of a local bar about the issues with shells being a finite resourse and vital habitat for many species. Some on the critically endangered list. Fair play to him, he decided as a result to no longer use straws at all.


    Personally I think, unless you are disabled or too small to drink from a cup by yourself, they should not be available to use. Another example of virtually pointless production to line the capatilist pockets.

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  8. On 8/22/2023 at 3:21 PM, octoplex said:


    Many of you are probably wondering why the Cabal is now re-playing their Covid narrative. After all, if the hoax failed to deliver the 'Cabal' Total-World-Domination last time, why would it work this time? Especially now that even more people are self-educated on the fraud.


    Plainly, it won't work now if it didn't work then.


    What we are witnessing therefore is a 'Failure Tantrum'. This is the point in psychotherapy where the 'patient' is confronted with the inescapable futility of their deluded-behavior, and begins to kick the furniture over and smash the windows.


    In other words, the 'patient' (The Cabal / Deep State) now feels an unconscious sense of futility. Their behavior-pattern (serial-homicide) has been exposed. The 'patient' can no longer conceal their pathology behind a veneer of surface-level confidence-trickery. We then get a rapid-repetition of the pathological behavior, regardless of its usefulness to the 'patient'.


    At this stage in our hypothetical 'therapy' session with The Cabal, we might observe that The Cabal's basic inability to understand boundaries is no longer covert; it is now overt. The 'patient' (The Cabal) understands on some level that the previous-strategy has failed disastrously. However, this previous strategy was the only way the 'patient' has ever known as a means to relate to the world around them. The patient inherently lacks imagination.


    The Cabal's hostility and violence is innate to their personality. It was forged through torture and abuse in their childhoods. It does not respond to conscious de-escalation. This pathology  cannot be up-rooted in 'therapy'.


    Currently, then, the 'patient' (The Cabal) is trapped in a 'Failure Tantrum'. Their mechanism of abuse is exposed and well-known, but The Cabal has no other strategy. In the absence of an alternative means of relating, the 'patient' (the Cabal) can only repeat previous behavior (mass-homicide), but now in the full-view of the 'therapist' and others.


    In this final-phase, the 'patient' is, on some level, learning that society has placed boundaries on them. These were precisely the boundaries that should have been established in childhood.


    There is a reason why most major-politicians are known pedophiles (Biden; Trudeau; Macron) who have been testified against. These figures come from families where there were no boundaries and multi-generational abuse. These 'patients' (The Cabal) will repeat their abusive strategies until a boundary is established.


    We are therefore currently in the final stage of the Covid Hoax. This is the phase in which the 'patient' (The Cabal) acts out a final-time. However, Earth's communities are now sufficiently awake to the strategies of The Cabal and the Pedo-Elite will soon be expelled from society. This does not require any organized-effort precisely; society will do it innately. It just takes some time. It is in our nature.


    The human immune system works in much the same way; it can take a while to identify the pathogen. Fevers can repeat, and an illness can potentially last many years.


    Our worldwide-bio-psycho-social immune system has reached a critical point where the 'pathogen' of centralized pedo-governments has been identified. We are now in the last fever of this illness.


    First we will see collapses of regional-governments; then centralized; then the monarchies. It will be surprising to many how fast this happens. Just as a fever can break overnight, and health return, so too can a global Cabal fall overnight. After all, it is just a large-pathogen that has invaded our planetary system.


    Hold on tight; brighter skies ahead :)


    I think the bad adoption of rules, vaccines etc was deliberate. The inquiry has “confirmed” that the measures taken reduced cases. I know it’s all bs by the way.

    Now the zealots will demand harder measures for unvaxxed and the government will comply immediately after a fake discourse about human rights. Imo.

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  9. 1 minute ago, Bombadil said:

    Doesn’t help that they’re 10’s of thousands of acres of farmland not in use.  Near me I would guesstimate 10000 acres plus doing nothing.

    Off topic but I imagined with Brexit an explosion of poly tunnels and small horticultural businesses. If it was really about the environment, as PM, I would have pushed U.K. towards total organic. If we all eat in the right amounts and cut out the crap our island could support easily it’s current population.

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  10. 24 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    yup there has been some talk about marburg but also about avian 'bird flu' and the added bonus for the globalists of making bird flu their next scamdemic bogeyman is that they could use it to cull all the poultry which would then further fuel their orchestrated food shortage agenda which is already in full swing


    in britain we import approx half of our food so we are vulnerable to food scarcity in the wider global markets which are being destabilised through container shop log jams and incinerated ukrainian grain and shut downs of dutch farms. So with this looming global food crisis and the british isles already unable to produce enough to feed its population what is our politicians approach to dealing with that? To flood even more migrants and hungry mouths into the country....


    does that maths compute?

    Doesn’t help that they’re 10’s of thousands of acres of farmland not in use.  Near me I would guesstimate 10000 acres plus doing nothing.

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  11. 3 hours ago, Useyournous said:

    Interesting. Yes, bruising too. Consultants - like the one my husband has for his prostate cancer  (he's doing great with it) who patronised us telling us about his blockage in his tube from his kidney, which we are well aware of and drew the blockage near his prostate instead of in the ureter! 😂

    Best wishes to your lady x

    If she has any positive meetings, in relation to diagnosis etc, I will let you know. Maybe it will help you get somewhere as well. I’m not holding my breath though.

  12. 7 hours ago, Useyournous said:

    warning: this may be boring. 😂


    My RF is high and climbing but every other test fine (can't believe an actual GP saw me! I think she was dragged in so that the spineless GPs can still hide)

    I'm waiting for a letter from rheumatology because she referred me! 😑 


    I have weird joint occurrences in both hands - my finger will suddenly go really sore and red as if I've just opened a difficult jam jar or peeled spuds, but I haven't at the time

    Recently the knee of my thumb did it and a nodule appeared over a couple of days and is still there after a month and at the time I felt feverish and slept like a drunk

    I've always got rashes in the sun and had cold sores, uveitis in me eye - you name it

    I generally ignore everything because I don't want it! p*ss off!

    These symptoms come and go


    I don't eat meat (apart from fish), smoke, drink, have sex or be naughty but I do swear and curse a lot, eat chocolate and cream cakes and get flabbergasted and on my high horse.


    Does it sound like RA



    If my lady didn’t have a different profile I would have thought you were her. My lady has the highest RF factor seen by the specialists at Trelisk. As yourself her other numbers are fine. She has had numerous appointments all with different consultants who give different opinions. Very often they make mistakes in the letters sent out about the results of the discussions. Mistakes that cannot be rectified until another consultation.

    She has the nodules etc as yourself. Sometime massive bruises appear.


    In Italy, where she is from, a high RF factor on its own is enough to diagnose RA. 


    Good luck getting anywhere!

  13. 1 hour ago, Macnamara said:

    soooo......definately not all those experimental jabs you gave everyone then?

    Being too happy could cause you to have a heart attack, scientists warn

    The new research shows that not only those experiencing emotional distress can suffer a broken heart

    By John von Radowitz

    00:00, 3 Mar 2016


    Too much happiness could trigger a heart attack, a new study has found.

    Scientists have long known that extreme emotional distress can cause a potentially fatal weakening of the heart.


    But new research has discovered that the same can occur from sheer joy, leading scientists to coin it 'happy heart syndrome'.



    Luckily, I’m a miserable bastard!

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  14. 1 hour ago, Macnamara said:


    i think it is even deeper and darker than that. I think it is a MENTALITY....a level of consciousness


    it doesn't matter how much information we share with those people as they are locked into a certain mentality. Until they raise their consciousness to stop being such slaves they will continue to bring down bad consequences on themselves and wider society

    Maybe if we can get Mr Icke a full time position on love Island etc, it might help😂

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  15. 4 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    You think? I reckon some will all too readily. Nothing was learned, really. Of course a proportion of the millions who went along with it, and swallowed the BS, will have twigged it was a load of crap, but not enough.

    Honestly, if they do lock down, I think it will mirror the first time round. Unless enough people protest (non violently) in the right places, nothing will be different. Imo furlough guarantees the vast majority will take their medicine and blame on all the non vaxxed.

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  16. On 8/13/2023 at 11:12 AM, Useyournous said:

    When I first heard of this my reaction was "not another murdering evil nurse/doctor!" but as I followed the case, I think she just may be innocent. I think this based on there being no hard evidence or "smoking gun", knowing the way people behave and there being little dirt dug up about her or weird internet searches, as far as I know. I have seen people on forums saying the parents need justice but I don't think that finding out your baby died at the hands of a murdering nurse is any better than the babies dying due to their fragile health or medical negligence - there's no winners because its just a can of worms. I am also very aware that only her and the people in the court room can follow the case properly and that whatever we get to know will be from the unreliable press. I can expand on my thoughts but I don't want to bore anyone.

    Expand away. All musings add to the whole!

  17. 1 hour ago, Nip said:


    Consultants, experts, scientists, doctors, professors, researchers, MPs. They are all in on it. Did I miss anyone ?

    All the compliant fools demanding there daily punishment and our removal from society.

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  18. 3 hours ago, ewok said:

    I was diagnosed with RA early this year - I also didn't have the factor in my blood, but it showed up on mri and another scan (where they put the jelly stuff on you with a scanning thing). they did diagnose hydroxychloroquine, I didn't take it (I wanted to try natural stuff first), but six months later went back, and it had almost completely gone in one (the least affected part), hand - so much so, the doctor got another doctor in to make sure - she seemed almost relived when she spotted a little that hand :D 

    They could see signs of where the inflammation was in that and the other hand / wrist, but that there was healing - there was extra fluid in the areas or something. My ankles / feet are still quite bad, but again, better than before.

    When I reeled off the list of what I was taking, she was interested, but say that if I took the Hydroxy as well it would heal quicker. I said I'd think about it, but seeing as what I was doing was working, I didn't want to risk it (I don't react well to pharmaceuticals / chemicals etc). 

    When I was diagnosed initially, I'd started  a lot of the below - just because I wanted to support my mitochondria, thyroid and adrenals anyway (had taken those protocols in the past), and had noticed an improvement in the RA symptoms (there was a delay of around three months between the initial scans and finding out, as the tests had come back negative for RA, but the consultant sent me for an MRI just to make sure/ see what was going on, as my symptoms were quite severe and there was obviously something going on). The consultant said then, very carefully, that, '...some of those (supplements) help some of his patients some of the time...'. He had a student with him then - he was a bit more chatty about it the next appointment, and quite open - I was pleasantly surprised.

    Still got a lot of healing to do, but it's going in the right direction :)

    List is below if anyone's interested;

    - Dr Myhill's protocols for Adrenal, Mitochondria & Adrenal Support (acetyl l carnitine, d-ribose, b3, b6, b12, vit. C, co-enzyme q 10, glutathione), see her site for dosage / directions / extra info https://www.drmyhill.co.uk

    - collagen, turmeric w/ black pepper and other bits to help absorption, b1, starflower oil (haven't got round to a bone supplement yet, but going to throw that in also)

    - probiotics - am taking a course every few months for one month (I use optibac atm - the 'extra' one)

    - anti-inflammation diet - and avoiding nightshade family food. 

    -  powders in apple juice a few times a week (spirulina / moringa / kale / brocoli / spinach / beetroot / inulin / lions mane)

    - CBD oil

    - maca and tumeric powders in coffee 

    - homeopathic prescription (three remedies in one pill + constitutional), don't want to say which ones, as it can differ between patients and my mix mayn't work for someone else

    - Traumeel ointment (homeopathic), comfrey ointment and CBD ointment on affected areas at different times - depends on how it feels / if acute etc.

    - Chinese medicine - herbs one month on / one month off. And acupuncture - needling between my fingers (in the webbed bit), really painful / uncomfortable first couple of sessions (I've been receiving acupuncture for many years, and have never experienced wanting the needles out so much), but it works really well and effect on symptoms was immediate. After the initial discomfort it was fine, and back to the regular blissful zoned out float home state, so I'd bear with it if you try it. My acupuncturist said most people can't tolerate it, but I don't think they realise how much benefit it will have - I knew to bear with it because of previous results - and I've learnt the difference over the years between healing and damaging pain).

    - Iyengar yoga - they do specific asanas for neurological / physical conditions, and a few tailored postures definitely helped. A teacher can show you, then you can do at home (they encourage you to practice at home and not be reliant on them).

    - meditation - I do 2hrs a day (and have been for many years now) - reducing reaction to stress (and reducing stress as much as possible however I can.

    RA's so debilitating. I don't know how much I'll heal. I doubt the bone erosion will grow back, but if I can just stabilise / stop any further damage / delay its progress as much as possible, I'll be happy. If it had continued how it was, I doubt I would've been able to continue working for much longer - I need my hands, and they were getting so bad and the pain was just ridiculous - and not being able to grasp / dropping things so constantly was getting really wearing.

    Out of interest, where did they mri scan. My lady has an enormously high rheumatoid factor but other numbers low. In Italy She would be diagnosed as having RA bit here they don’t acknowledge this.

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