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  1. No it’s not needed but if I got caught cheating my Lady would feed me my own balls.
  2. Soon it won’t matter. With AI coming to fruition, we won’t be able to verify anything, any more, with any true degree of accuracy. We’re are now well into the “AMR” era. (Artificially Manipulated Reality).
  3. Ok. I don’t trust the source but it gives an msm viewpoint of what “Appel” is. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/19/apeel-which-makes-coating-to-preserve-produce-signs-costco-deal.html#:~:text=Apeel uses plant-based materials like the peels of,solution into which fruits and vegetables are dipped. I didnt agree to their cookies either but read enough to get a gist of what “a peel” allegedly is. If Billy G is involved, he can stick it up his a%#e. Thos from another source: https://www.wired.com/story/apeel/
  4. Interesting. Do you have a link to this?
  5. Hi Jude. Welcome. Post what ever
  6. MOD NOTE: please stop the bullshit. Don't reply
  7. I can see now that you have replied. I have only seen pictures of the desiccated old hag1
  8. This seems ultra random. Who are they?
  9. @peter https://archive.org/details/davidpaulidessmokymountainmysteries Smoky Mountain Mysteries on archive.org
  10. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33762420/ Maybe relevant
  11. https://starspangledflags.com/why-do-some-american-flags-have-gold-fringe/ Why Do Some American Flags Have Gold Fringe? Have you ever wondered why some American flags have gold fringe on the edges? While most American flags feature a traditional design consisting of 13 stripes and 50 stars, some are embellished with gold fringe. The edges are essentially covered with braided, gold-colored material or fabric, resulting in a unique appearance that’s not found in traditional American flags. So, what’s the reason behind this gold fringe exactly? According to The American Legion, gold fringe has been used in American flags since the 1830s. In the late 1800s, it was adopted for use in the Army. All regiments of the U.S. Army soon began using them. The U.S. Army Regulation Code even includes a section about the gold fringe. According to the Code, gold fringe should be used in American flags that are displayed either indoors or outdoors. Of course, if you look through the U.S. Flag Code – the federal law governing the display, maintenance and retirement of the American flag – you won’t find any mention of gold fringe. Neither older versions of the U.S. Flag Code nor the current version mention anything about gold fringe. Considering that the U.S. Flag Code is designed specifically for the American flag, you might be wondering why it doesn’t mention anything about it. Unfortunately, it’s not known why the U.S. Flag Code doesn’t discuss the American flag’s gold fringe. We only know that it was originally used in American flags displayed by the U.S. Army. While the most probable theory regarding gold fringe is that it originated in the U.S. Army, another theory is that it’s used to designate Admiralty courts. An admiralty court is a court system that operates under martial law. In other words, it’s a military court that upholds law and order for a civilian population rather than the normal government or judicial system. You’ll often discover American flags with gold fringe in courtrooms throughout the United States. However, that doesn’t mean the gold fringe designates Admiralty courts in particular. There have been lawsuits filed in the past claiming the gold fringe designates them, but all of these lawsuits have been shot down. The bottom line is that, officially, gold fringe on the American flag doesn’t indicate anything specifically; however, it is most commonly used for special decoration on flags on display indoors, such as in churches, courtrooms, and other public places. Fringe can either be added to the American flag or left off depending on the setting. What we do know for sure is that it was originally used by the U.S. Army, though you can now find gold-fringed American flags in many other places.
  12. It’s probably easier to keep us all in one place. So we can be watched easier
  13. https://www.foxnews.com/media/nancy-mace-goes-biden-new-hunter-revelations-corruption-core
  14. MOD NOTE; I have just hidden loads of posts . The last few pages, upon checking more thoroughly was a gigantic pile of muck. Post Tesla in Tesla sections. Discuss energy, light or whatever you want to call it in their sections.
  15. I guess it depends how you interact with it. Definitely used for some ultra nefarious purposes. More so everyday. I preferred pre internet. Easier to get up and do something without distraction.
  16. Latest reports of sky trumpets and Mysterious Booms around the world - Strange Sounds
  17. You could easily feed yourself with highly nutritious forage food if you have fields or woodland nearby. They need to be untamed as the grass will be devoid of much otherwise. I’m no expert by any means but can find loads of stuff everyday. Even in winter if you learn to recognise the plants without their fruit, you can still find loads. Just nettles alone is a great replacement for spinach. I prep them first then add them to frittatas or into casseroles. Dandelions are another easy spot as well.
  18. https://www.foxnews.com/tech/ai-2001-space-exploration-scientists-unravel-mysteries-deep-space
  19. There was a story going around when I was younger that Jesus visited a place called Priddy, in Somerset. I have no evidence to back this. Just a memory.
  20. It’s a good time to pick young nettles as well. I know More traditional Italians use them for Ravioli etc. They are a really good source of nutrients.
  21. On this note. We are now well into a new technological era. Manipulating all media types is coming to perfection. Soon we wont be able to post anything with any kind of guarantee that it is real.
  22. Agreed! I've always had my own vision of how series 10 onwards should have been.
  23. I watched the new ones that came ut in the last couple of years. They were not that great in my opinion. Sorry. I didn't realise there was a reboot on the way. Just checked it out and it seems like it might be a woke fest. One article suggested more LGBTQ inclusion plus black actors. I couldn't care less what colour or sexuality the actors are. Im interested in great scripts.
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