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  1. I must admit I’ve thought about this a lot. It would explain a lot of things that don’t add up with the so called alien agenda. So I’m clear I read Sitchin probably about mid 80’syears. It was more a spring board to question my reality then something I took as a truth. He introduced Anunaki etc to me. I always believe that such as Daniken and the like it’s a pretty big house of cards that collapses completely if the one common theme is proved wrong.
  2. I agree that most Sitchin is probably not great. For me it’s more that he brings up subjects not normally discussed in the mainstream. Because I read and research a lot of ancient history it makes me aware of new subjects to investigate. Like the numbers. I believe he’s right to discuss the numbers but not necessarily that his conclusions are correct. Before I read Sitchin a long time ago I probably wouldn’t of considered the numbers to be significant on any scale larger than to those that immediately used them. Mayan calendar numbers only being significant for Mayan I.e. I try to read ms and non ms material so that I can question the narrative more effectively
  3. MOD NOTE: Can I please ask members not to post referring or replying to Stormfront. Because they are a banned group, any posts about them or replies referring to them put mods in an awkward position. I cant allow them as it could cause unforeseen consequences. Thank you
  4. I think they might be more likely to avoid areas where they risk harming the important people or harming their financial interests. Plenty of places to spray the Plebeians. Possibly they wait for days that have really low wind then more will go straight down
  5. Where I am, we get it in bursts. Quiet for a day or two then chaos
  6. So Ive just been watching an Icke video on youtube. for all those not sure what is ok or not listen to the Great Man himself. He explains the idea of free speech perfectly. Also explains perfectly the idea of what would be considered illegal.
  7. Read your Sitchin. Goes loads into the significance of numbers and why the Sumerian system was more logical and significant
  8. Im listening to The immortality Key by Brian C Muraresku. So far its quite interesting. Intro by Graham Hancock is great. Another good one. On archive.org there is shed loads of Alan Watts content
  9. Im no expert by a long way but surely it would be easier to use a helicopter. Considering the differences in manoeuvrability
  10. Spot on. Im pretty sure more wall was built or improved under Obama. Allegedly 100 miles under Obama. Under Trump allegedly 80 miles. He claimed over 400 miles but apparently that was improvements to existing wall.
  11. Even if we were to accept that there was no symbolism in the displays. something which I don't believe. The displays would still have a high likelihood of having been influenced consciously or unconsciously. It quite difficult not to use terms or create things that are truly independent of influence. It takes effort to be original imo. How many of us "know things" until we research and realise how wrong we were. I do believe there is the risk of seeing things which are not there. A bit like reading Nostradamus and fitting the quatrains to suit whatever you want. But in this case its clear. Just like they used the opening ceremony of the London Olympics to tell you what was going to happen. At the risk of sounding like a complete nutter. I think if we can understand fully what the parts of the show were representing for the ones who created it, we can have a clearer understanding of what is happening now and what is coming.
  12. You know Im in a strange position. Living in the sticks I quite like the idea of less traffic. There are a lot of country lanes with delivery drivers and ignorant locals hammering around. I guess as Bilbo said of Frodo. Im still in love with the shire.
  13. My part of Cornwall incest has got to be above 90%. its probably fairly accurate in reality
  14. I agree its a big bullshit the whole thing. Ridiculous amounts of evidence to show this. The only people who think that the official narrative is true are idiots or were in on it
  15. Its dead because I was busy having my 0898 call with her Maj
  16. I haven't personally. Other members might not have read your topic. Don't give up hope of a response
  17. PM Ethel. If she agrees I’ll do it
  18. What helps this film work is the fact that you expect Rik to do something ridiculous and quite probably vulgar. Being so far out of character the words seem to take on a power and gravity. His tone also makes you sit up and listen Imo
  19. It could well be. I have often mulled over this. Ultimately our unseen and seen masters already own and control everything. They can give or take away on a whim. They decide who lives or dies. It all seems a lot of effort to do what they are already mostly doing. Physics is changing rapidly, at least what they tell us about. The likelihood is that there are far greater discoveries kept from us. Scientists are playing with the fabric of reality itself now. If they could somehow manipulate that fabric they could literally create man in their own image.
  20. MOD NOTE: Whatever your opinions on the whole Q and POTUS thing it would be nice to remain polite. Its only recently that the tone on this topic has changed. Lets go back to how it was NO REPLY NEEDED
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