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  1. 14 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    Talk about deluded!


    'PCC wins show Labour is party of law and order'

    from: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/cyxe1wv9qdno


    Since the PCC role was created in 2012, here in the West Midlands the position has been held by Labour.


    In the same time, crime has skyrocketed, especially violent crime, and the West Midlands now has the highest number of stabbings. Police no longer bother attending burglaries.

    Also last year, due to its failings, West Midlands Police was placed under 'special measures'.


    While the PCC does not directly control the police force here, they are responsible for managing the budget and to hold the Chief Constable to account.


    I'd say that Labour has been a catastrophic failure. Yet voters didn't seem to think otherwise and instead decided to vote for "more of the same". 🙄

    I chose not to vote for a commissioner in Cornwall because I resent the idea that a police commissioner is based on political parties. Surely the police commissioner should be entirely neutral. Not political agenda based.



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  2. 3 hours ago, pi3141 said:

    I would say Islam is corrupted with the hadith, their Pilgrimages to Mecca, throwing stones at the devil, their Black Stone - this is all pagan superstitious nonsense and Islam is just as infected with it as Christianity and Judaism.

    I don't have enough first hand knowledge of Islam Read lots of books but not spoken in depth to any Muslims or Iman's. Though I do imagine that what you state is true.

  3. 6 hours ago, shabbirss said:


    "The Muslims think they are the true followers of God's religion and everyone else is an infidel."

    this aint true. the word infidel is quite misleading. i think the correct word your looking for is "kaafir" - dis-believer (disbeliever in God) eg atheist
    furthermore; Jews and Christians do not fall into this category as they are also people of faith clearly mentioned in the Quran.
    and it is believed that 124 000 prophets were sent to mankind,with Islam being the "final upgrade"

    the Quran also states:

    “Then We sent Our messengers in succession, every time there came to a nation their messenger, they denied him, so We made them follow one another (to destruction), and We made them as ahadith (the true stories for mankind to learn a lesson from them). So away with a people who believe not” [al-Muminun 23:44]

    “Verily! We have sent you with the truth, a bearer of glad tidings, and a warner. And there never was a nation but a warner had passed among them” [Fatir 35:24].


    "Hence they are all guided by their own internal programming, dictated by their beliefs in themselves and their religion."
    this is a major problem of EGO and a lack of discipline and greater vision.
    there are examples in islamic battles, where soldiers were kicked out of the army for cussing their enemy's gods on the battlefield.

    After the Prophet’s migration to Madinah, there was an incident at the well of Mouna where seventy of the Prophet’s companions were killed by some people belonging to three tribes near Madinah. This was a truly heinous murder committed without any provocation or reason. When the Prophet came to know about the matter, he was very saddened and prayed for the damnation of the murderers for one month until the Angel Gabriel appeared to the Prophet and told him that 'God has not sent you as the invoker of curses and damnation but as a mercy to mankind.'

    Then these verses of the Quran were revealed to the Prophet:

    You have no say in this affair to decide whether He will relent towards them or He will punish them: they are wrongdoers. Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth belongs to God. He forgives whoever He pleases and punishes whoever He pleases. God is most forgiving and ever merciful.
    THE QURAN 3: 128-129




    what is ironic is these major troubles all start at "the holy land". this includes the crusades as well.
    i mean if its really the holy land, its God's land. so why does one specific group need to control it? better if no faction controlled it!
    as far as i know, there are no scriptures in any of these religions which state that these lands have to be controlled by one side

    -that is why i reckon its an EGO problem, which clouds the minds of so called believers.

    anyway, these religions and their systems have existed for so long with some drama here and there but things have not been so bad as today.
    so why now?

    i believe this is all a part of The Great Reset taking place.


    "The ECONOMIST 2012 - The Road to Hell" ...


    02 the-economist-2012-cover - Copy.jpg

    Is it reasonable to suggest that all religious texts, much like Nostradamus Quatrains, are translated and perverted to suit the agendas of whoever is trying to gain influence or power. The biblical Old Testament is full of hate, manipulation and fear mongering to keep the believers in line. Many today still live life by the teachings of this book. The Biblical New Testament is so different in its teachings to the Old Testament that they seem completely unrelated.


    The point I guess is that virtually anything can be understood  in many ways. Not all with good intentions.

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  4. 4 hours ago, Katsika said:

    The Daily Fail has published a pic of princess charlotte with a background of in bloom clematis (who love a cool root run but NEED the sun to provide flowers -  "The Clematis Elizabeth blooms are one of the first plants named after the late monarch and start flowering June to coincide with Charlotte's birthday."  BTW the clematis in the picture is a run-of-the mill variety   (Even where I live (Eastern Med) clematis won't be in flower for another 3 weeks)


    ps and PC's birthday is now anyway, not June🙂

    https://www.crocus.co.uk/features/_/articleid.1240/#:~:text=By late March the buds,find purples and whites too.


    Mine have already flowered. I think it depends on the particular species. Where I am in Cornwall U.K. There are thousands of micro climates etc which probably play a big role in this.


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  5. 44 minutes ago, Blencathra said:

    Hi everyone! I'm Blencathra, been lurking for awhile and have decided to take the plunge and join.

    Good morning from a sunny North East England!

    Welcome to the Forum. Enjoy.

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  6. 10 hours ago, pi3141 said:


    Not in 1900 when the Pogroms of Russia forced them as refugees to Palestine. 


    As refugees they stole nothing but looked for help. Should we shoot those arriving on the boat to our shore as invaders.?

    Gair comment. I was thinking more the illegal settlements etc of more recent years. The issue for me is that if no one enforces the so called agreements both sides will try it on. Not just in Palestine but anywhere. It doesn't make what happened justifiable. Unfortunately the average person who just wants to live a good life free from major stresses is forced to take a side. No government is helping in the middle east.

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  7. Government consultation on reforming disability payments in the U.K. No more cash payments intended. Only vouchers or refunds by receipt for all things considered essential only because of disability. Read the full report in the link within this link. Intention to have six levels of eligibility for help amongst other things. The sort of policy that will win the Conservatives a lot of votes imo.



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  8. 2 hours ago, pi3141 said:


    Yes, I skirted around that because to say it started with the 1920 uprising that the British put down, would be pointing the finger at the Palestinians for starting the hostilities.


    I didn't want to do that.


    But if you like we can call it that way.


    Palestinian's started the war in 1920's, then again in 1936 with the Arab revolt and then again in 1946 with the Arab league and then again in 1960s 


    So yeah, the Palestinians and the Arab nations surrounding Israel started these hostilities and refuse peace deals.


    Alrighty then.

    Because the land has been taken illegally by the Israeli government.

  9. 1 hour ago, shabbirss said:

    no the same thing, you are referring to political issues here.

    engage in crime --> get punished

    steal? lose your fingers or entire arm
    murder/rape? lose your head


    this is why places like saudi arabia is one of the safest places in the world.
    - you can drop your cash filled wallet on the pavement and return the next day to find it still lying there.


    Plus. If I'm right it would depend on which form of Islam and which country imposing the rules. Iran is fine with transgender if im correct whilst strong on other things.

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  10. 10 hours ago, Campion said:


    David Icke covers this in chapters 3 and 4 of The Biggest Secret (and probably elsewhere too, but that's the book I'm reading just now). He calls them The Babylonian Brotherhood who are part of the reptilian agenda and their human/reptile cross-breeds, and they linked to the Jews via the Levites who were the scribes that wrote the scriptures.  Mystery religion is right, and the brotherhood continued to spread out around the world in what became the secret society networks. 


    So I see it like a compartmentalised hierarchy with reptilians at the top, then reptile/human hybrids serving them, then the Babylonian Brotherhood (mystery schools / secret societies), religious priesthoods like the Levites lower down and finally the regular folks like us at the bottom.  


    Listen to Mystery Babylon by Bill Cooper, if you haven't already. Check out "The Fact Hunter."

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  11. 1 hour ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:


    No worries. Here is how it works.


    1) Find the first post you want to quote and select the "quote" option to the bottom left of the post which will bring up the text for you which can be edited down if you only want to quote some and not all of the content (see example above).

    2) Type your response to the quoted text beneath the quote box.

    3) Press return once or twice to start a new paragraph.

    4) Find the next post you want to quote from and select "quote" as per point 1) - this can be the same or different quote from that used first time - for example, you may want to re-quote the same post but respond to a different sentence or paragraph. This will bring up the quoted text in line with where you started your new paragraph.

    5) Type your response to the quoted text beneath the quote box.

    6) If more quotes are needed, repeat steps 3) to 5).


    Alternatively, you can use the + button next to 'Quote' which is a multi-quote function. This stores the quotes you select with the + and they should all appear in your reply box. You can then insert your responses where you want around the quote boxes.



    Are we not source energy and, as DI explains it, just here having an experience as Mr H or Eve? We may be programmed to believe the experience as Mr H or Eve is limited - that matter comes with boundaries in order to be defined and definable - but DI may say this is part of the illusion and that we are still infinite and expanded awareness.


    Do we forget who we are out of choice and is this material existence source choosing to experience all evolving possibilities for good or bad? Or are we at the behest of Archontic entities and trapped within an illusory matrix as some traditions, including the Gnostics, would have us believe? I don't know the answer to this - I am agnostic about most things - and so only see my way forward as trying to make the most of my own sphere and achieve wellbeing.


    If we are infinite source energy, albeit with perceptually imposed limitations in terms of amnesia and conditioning, surely we still possess original creative potential and, with it, agency and choice? How can we be, on the one hand, infinite source energy which entails all possibility but on the other not possessing personal responsibility?


    Granted, our material existence appears to be highly paradoxical. It reminds me of the Hermetic principle of polarity, which The Kybalion expounds upon, where everything is considered dual whereby opposites are simply different degrees of the same thing - e.g. cold is the same thing as hot but just at a different degree of temperature and good and evil are also opposing poles of the same thing. This suggests there is no separation and through this "it is possible to change the vibrations of hate to the vibrations of love, in one's mind, and in the minds of others". Applying this to your dilemma, lack of agency must surely, to exist, also have its opposing energy of free will.


    Regarding changing thoughts, my personal experience is that it is possible to think up (create) a substitute thought in place of one that feels misaligned with where I want to be. This is not a thought I feel has just popped into my mind but is self directed. Perhaps an example would help, albeit this won't be an example personal to me.


    Imagine a scenario where somebody has ended up in debt and is beating up on themselves for their predicament and in a low emotional and vibrational state.

    • To move into a better feeling state, they could instead choose to feel angry with the company that is chasing them for their debt - anger feels better than guilt and despair and is incrementally not too much of a leap to get to.
    • After feeling angry for a while, they could look for someone to blame - maybe their accountant has made a mistake that has caused their situation or they followed the advice of some "guru" who turned out to be a con artist.
    • From blame, perhaps some hope can be found if thoughts are directed that way. They could hope to find a better accountant or other professionals that can help with the situation such as debt or financial advisors.
    • Above hope could come feeling of empowerment in bringing the situation back under control. Learning has come from the experience and budgets are better managed.
    • This may be stretching it now for some, but perhaps this individual could reach a state of joy in repaying their debt in that it now represents empowerment to them and trusting that the finances are flowing.

    Thanks Eve. Saved me explaining it!

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  12. 50 minutes ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    Herman the Cat was an expert mouser who served in the US Coast Guard in the 1940s and was even given his own identification card complete with pawprint.




    The original New York Times article (Jan 15th 1943) can be seen here and his appointment was also captured on film.



    I have tried suggesting that my mum's two Norwegian forest cats follow in Herman's footsteps but they cannot be persuaded away from their life of luxury...

    It would be nice if the world could find more time for things like this nowadays. My Grandads regiment had a pet rabbit during world war 2 called supper. They never ate it apparently!

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  13. MOD NOTE: I appreciate how much there is to discuss on the subject of Israel. Especially with the current world events taking place. What I hope you can all appreciate, even if you disagree, is the difficulty in determining by moderators what is allowed to be discussed. Or maybe more in how to word posts in a way that is acceptable. I spent a few hours going through various legal documents that give definitions of anti semitic actions. In fairness, with my limited legal understanding, it seems that it is virtually impossible to discuss anything without potentially running afoul of one thing or another. The Forum rules are clear on what is acceptable but I understand that many things can be argued not to be breaking these rules. It's not easy, but considering the situation if we ignore too much, we have to err on the side of caution.


    One of my best suggestions would be not to group everyone the same. By stating "The Jews" it implies everyone. This is clearly not the case. I personally know Jewish people who despise what goes on in their name. This can be said for any subject on the Forum.


    Hope you all understand.

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  14. 35 minutes ago, jack121 said:



    So many chemtrails in the sky, i don't know  where to look. Brought to you by your unelected dictator sellout sunak



    I can see the cliffs above Portreath from where I live. Yexterday in the sky above me, first real nice day this year with visible blue sky, I counted 19 trails. At the same time.

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