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  1. Same here. I used audible for a few years. Then.I found some sites for audible books free. https://freeaudiobooks.top/index.php https://goldenaudiobooks.com Ive not put suggestions as there’s a lot in the trhread you read that I would recommend.
  2. Your reading this wrong. I and no other member is going to change anything here. There was never any intention to do so. The idea of the other topic is that individual members can go through their post history. Anything that they have researched which they wish to add to the new topic can be done so by a simple copy and paste. Only information done through research by members will go in the other thread
  3. Ok ill make a new thread. on a temp basis ill call it "Corona Virus evidence gathered by members" That can be changed anytime. I will put a note asking members not to post comments so as to keep the info more accessible
  4. One way to do this would be for a new thread to be created. individual members could go through their own post history and repost relevant items to the new thread. It would be logistically much easier and quicker. If members a genuinely interested I will start a new thread. Making it clear also that general comments will be removed to keep the thread decluttered. There is also the fact to consider that the CV mega thread is not the only CV thread discussing important issues.
  5. I can’t deny it would be a good idea. It could be done by mods by selecting only data based posts for example. Then making a separate thread for them. I would literally need to copy and paste to a new thread every individual post. There are other ways to move posts but they would mess up completely this thread. Not an option. If volunteers want to copy posts to a new streamlined thread go for it. Just make it clear in the new thread that members should not post comments. Otherwise you’ll just get mega thread part 2
  6. I’ve been the same. Even the last 2 days when it’s been pouring down
  7. Really interesting. I’ve never had what I consider to be an encounter. I have been involved in my regional ufo group for many years. I speak to people on rare occasions and then record for the website. It’s quite rare, from my very limited experience, to have such a detailed account. It would be great if you can post more in future. Maybe if you remember more, or go into more detail about certain events. looking forward to this threads discussions
  8. We called it cuckoo spit as well. I was just saying that the spit is probably from a Frog Hopper. I should have made myself clearer
  9. Just to let you know. David Icke does not read the forum as far as I'm aware.
  10. Lets get back on topic everyone. This is a really interesting thread. Don't spoil it
  12. Porco Dio. Ladri di merda. Italian blaspheming. Basically Pig god Thieves of shit. Doesn't translate well to English but my lady uses it all the time when talking about god or the vatican
  13. Do you have a link for the video?
  14. Also possibly relevant in relation to The Three Muskateers. Dumas supposedly didn’t right this. He allegedly employed others to do the whole thing. With little or no input of his own. Maybe the wwg1wga mantra is alluding to someone behind the scenes dictating things
  15. There is a video on youtube that shows Wogan talking to Richard and Judy. In it they comment that maybe Wogan was a little harsh as Icke clearly is in need of mental health services. All done in a lovely condescending way. I would post a link but don't want to see these vile people on my screen
  16. I won’t lie. I don’t remember hearing about him before. Though I read so much I probably forget half of it. Lots of members including yourself rate him highly. That’s good enough for me to check him out more.
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