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  1. Elon Musk names NBCU ad chief Linda Yaccarino as Twitter CEO (msn.com) Sorry about CNN link. Literally just saw this.
  2. Read last night somewhere that they are thinking 5 main possibilities. All women. All having worked in social media apart from one who is from Musks space business. Cant remember where I read it as was 3 in the morning.
  3. Ain’t going to happen.
  4. Welcome back. Looking forward to a USA perspective.
  5. He needs to watch his back then. Can’t allow politicians to tell the truth
  6. Interesting as well Is this part of the article: It's true there has been a rise in the numbers of people dying in many countries across the world since Covid-19 emerged. But it's unlikely to be for the reason Mr Peters claims. Data, including that produced by the Office for National Statistics in the UK, suggests vaccinated people are dying at lower rates than unvaccinated people. Read correctly, the BBC state that the cause is unlikely to do with the vaccines. Hence they don’t know but publish an article of what they want you to read. Clear and obvious misleading article.
  7. Whilst I believe that a lot goes on in our realities which we still do not fully comprehend. Or perhaps are not even aware of. I think when dealing with current world events, some give too much influence to the idea that a higher power/ alien/ who knows what, is behind it all. Falling into the Ancient Aliens idea, that anything we can’t do, or explain, must be aliens. For me the shithousery at the moment is pure psychopathic arseholes playing God. Regardless if there is a non human intelligence behind this is moot. I reckon they would do it anyway Im agreeing with you.
  8. MOD NOTE: Nothing particularly bad going on. Just a request to remain civil and debate politely.
  9. It’s getting to a point where at birth we will need to remove vocal cords from babies. Plus removing any body parts that may be used to cause offence.
  10. Was it £5? I remember 50p. Maybe I got ripped off.
  11. Sad thing is that from my understanding, they do eat from bowls like cats. I was looking for some news item about this bit nothing obvious around. Friends son is in school with them. That’s my best source of info.
  12. Sabaton definitely one of my favourite bands.
  13. Two kids at Humphrey Davies school in Truro, Cornwall, identify as cats. They have cat litter trays and a scratching post. I shit you not. Friend who works at Cornwall College says there is a kid who identifies as a squirrel and only responds by doing supposedly squirrel like facial expressions.
  14. I remember getting a commemorative coin when big ears married Diana. Being young at the time, I took it to the sweet shop and had a great time. 50p in 1981 was riches indeed!
  15. Does an audible version exist? So much to do and no time to read. I try to listen whilst I work if I can.
  16. I saw this yesterday and thought it was a wind up. I cannot believe the article is serious. Proper clown world!
  17. No it’s not needed but if I got caught cheating my Lady would feed me my own balls.
  18. Soon it won’t matter. With AI coming to fruition, we won’t be able to verify anything, any more, with any true degree of accuracy. We’re are now well into the “AMR” era. (Artificially Manipulated Reality).
  19. Ok. I don’t trust the source but it gives an msm viewpoint of what “Appel” is. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/19/apeel-which-makes-coating-to-preserve-produce-signs-costco-deal.html#:~:text=Apeel uses plant-based materials like the peels of,solution into which fruits and vegetables are dipped. I didnt agree to their cookies either but read enough to get a gist of what “a peel” allegedly is. If Billy G is involved, he can stick it up his a%#e. Thos from another source: https://www.wired.com/story/apeel/
  20. Interesting. Do you have a link to this?
  21. Hi Jude. Welcome. Post what ever
  22. MOD NOTE: please stop the bullshit. Don't reply
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