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  1. I think “being awake” is a really broad subject. It’s easy to be aware of some things and not others. I.e: taking a non conformist attitude to health and well being, Spirituality etc, but still not being aware of the conspiracies going on around you. Though it’s probably a bit like drug use. Just because you take one drug doesn’t mean you will try others, though certainly the likelihood of exposure to others is likely. One part of being “awake” I think is to be able to sieve quicker through the inundation of misinformation, deliberate or not. My earliest memories are of resisting any type of indoctrination, regardless of the source. I chose music and books for really odd reasons. I would pick library books which had few or no stamps. (Remember those days!). Wondered why they were not borrowed. Turns out most was more alternate thinking. Same with choices in direction whilst walking. I always choose the least inviting looking path. Needed to see that it was fine, just imagination. Were all born to question, 100%. Just need to avoid time spent in places, or with people, who drain us.
  2. Bombadil


    An animal backed into a corner is the most dangerous imo. I was speaking to an ex squaddie yesterday about how Russia seems so crap. His response was to put their attempts at war to one side and look at the bigger picture. He stated that all the war zones he went to were political wars not wars. Something we are all aware of. Plus remember if the west wasn’t arming Ukraine and we didn’t have forces inside Ukraine, Ukraine war would have ended in Ukrainian surrender months ago.
  3. This is crazy stuff. Never heard of it before your post.
  4. So I’ve watched the video above. Really interesting. Won’t lie, the inner workings of how this field works are mostly an over my Luddite head. Would appreciate more posts from you about this. Seems I need to get my head deliberately out of the sand and learn more.
  5. IRS in US have removed the team investigating Bidens son. The article is on Fox News if anyone interested. Can’t post the link. Pad playing up.
  6. I don’t think it is junk at all. Just because we don’t know what it does doesn’t mean it’s not doing something. Just lazy science labelling anything they can’t explain.
  7. A new forum isn’t needed. It needs all members to post decent content. That’s all. Too much Far right content being removed. Plus the anti semitism starting again. So all members understand clearly. Any racist or anti semitic bullshit will be given an immediate ban.
  8. I know. Just commenting on the absurdity of it all. In fairness where I am in Cornwall, everyday is different. Can get hot but unlike Brum we have a sea breeze to cool things off.
  9. My arse is UK hotter than Australia. Every Super Rugby match I watch in Australia it warmer than a comparable Autumn day in UK.
  10. Really sorry to hear about this Ally. It is more common than you realise. Luckily new posters generally aim their bile at mods, so members don't see it. Unfortunately if a new member doesn't have any obvious red flags, Mods can only deal with the aftermath.
  11. Crack on. Seems like an interesting subject to me. Video a bit long though!
  12. Personally I don’t think we need a new Forum. Just about 9000 dead end pointless topics need removing. So much shite created that great topics get buried.
  13. He wrote a book called, The sign and the seal, about this. Good read. Very relaxed style. Reads like an adventure story/documentary.
  14. Russia allegedly said there will be military repercussions against the UK. Clearly the UK is not content with the speed the world is being screwed.
  15. Been listening to Graham Hancock, Visionary on audible whilst doing jobs today. Fantastic discussion relating to ancient cave paintings showing altered state visions. modern studies show the visions as the same now as then. Worth a read, if you haven't already.
  16. Quick search on her. Seems she a is well established media type. Imagine she tows the masters line at first impression.
  17. Elon Musk names NBCU ad chief Linda Yaccarino as Twitter CEO (msn.com) Sorry about CNN link. Literally just saw this.
  18. Read last night somewhere that they are thinking 5 main possibilities. All women. All having worked in social media apart from one who is from Musks space business. Cant remember where I read it as was 3 in the morning.
  19. Ain’t going to happen.
  20. Welcome back. Looking forward to a USA perspective.
  21. He needs to watch his back then. Can’t allow politicians to tell the truth
  22. Interesting as well Is this part of the article: It's true there has been a rise in the numbers of people dying in many countries across the world since Covid-19 emerged. But it's unlikely to be for the reason Mr Peters claims. Data, including that produced by the Office for National Statistics in the UK, suggests vaccinated people are dying at lower rates than unvaccinated people. Read correctly, the BBC state that the cause is unlikely to do with the vaccines. Hence they don’t know but publish an article of what they want you to read. Clear and obvious misleading article.
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