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  1. I have a similar thing when I’m ill. Have chest problems and when they flare up I get a noise in my ear. This is when I try to lie down. The sound is strange. Seems like a muffled pneumatic drill or the thing they use to dig up the roads. also on occasion I have a low frequency hum that I hear. Read somewhere that this affects a lot of people and could be natural sounds coming from the earth. Will try and find out now what I read.
  2. I don’t think necessarily don’t want to know. Most people live in a perfect storm of stress. Crap schooling, crap jobs paying bare minimum, having to make crazy choices in desperation. Ever increasing bills. Plus all the corona virus stress real or not. That only the west. If you go to third world countries there’s enough to worry about with food water and safety. If you mention the antichrist real or not the average person probably thinks, great another pile of !!! to deal with. i think king James just brought mass mind control and manipulation to the masses. In highly Catholic countries it always seems to be the poorest who give the most. For me religion is just a business and a very successful one at that. Don’t get me wrong I think there are plenty of good things within religion,Morally I would do many things the same regardless of my beliefs.Unfortunately it is controlled by states to meet their own ends, pit one against the other etc. Truly believe religious or not we all should be living free to make our own decisions and treating all with dignity, respect and understanding.
  3. Two points for me hold a need for significant consideration. I won’t lie, I’m not religious but like to consider myself open minded. Quite happy to be proven wrong when I am.( don’t tell my wife!) 1. I think the problem with the bible is that it has been edited and manipulated over the years by religious scholars and others to further their agendas. Hence different versions. Also the Vatican have admitted making changes in the past. The way things are interpreted by different people can cause confusion as well. I’m not aiming that comment at you Alexa. Can clearly see you are an intelligent person capable of independent thought. 2. In the polarised world with live in today, I think most candidates would not be able to bring on board enough consensus. Though if the plan is to sow discord there are hordes of candidates. For me being able to influence enough people on both sides and to create maximum division would point towards someone involved heavily with the internet or social media. Only have to look at yesterday when Facebook said they remove about ninety percent of “offensive material” before it’s even read. This clearly screams out on so many levels towards an agenda that could fit. Is it not possible the bible was created unbeknownst by humans to spread a false message and is really the work of the antichrist.
  4. Don’t know if the Anti Christ for me would be an individual. I get the feeling more an organisation or group of people would suit better. reason I think this is that there are too many good(or bad!) candidates. To many with agendas that fit nicely together. Plus too much ego from some would not accept Subservience to another. Plenty of candidate in EU hierarchy, same goes in Middle East and America’s. Read somewhere along time ago that many believed the second Pope after John Paul 2 would be Antichrist. Which would imply Frances. still like to know real reasons behind Ratzingers resignation.
  5. Totally understand. when going through my woods.since my experience everything has seemed normal. I remember reading something about this sort of thing in an episode of Fortean Times in the past but I never kept magazines. Can anyone recommend a good book or site for these types of experience.
  6. Didn’t realise there was a Tom Bombadil already on this forum. Never ment to annoy or offend. Don’t know if etiquette requires I request a name change for example. If not I’ll see you soon maybe by the banks of the Withywindle. Incidentally I always struggled with the chapters with Tom Bombadil early in The Felowship of the Ring In the past. Recently reread LOTR and found these chapters to be incredible and amongst my favourite Parts of All Tolkien’s works.
  7. In relation to the the first post in this thread by stride. Would like to say that for a while now before the new forum, I was trying to find ways to sign up. All I typed each time in a google search was “Join David Icke Forum.” This always led me to a link on the the old forum but no help in signing. I noticed that as soon as I created an account in the last few days, that every time I checked from interest my previous google search it was directing me to the page in Strides link. Maybe Google’s trying Trying to re-educate me
  8. Like this article A lot. Have read A lot in the past about giants. Certainly enough evidence around that has been certified. Bones etc. Photographic evidence. The frustrating thing for me is that I would like to spend time investigating these things by going to sites around the world to see for myself. Unfortunately a lot of areas are in war zones high risk countries or on inaccessible private land. I’m not a reporter or even a necessarily good researcher, but I have studied a lot of unusual things since I was in primary school. Now I feel it would be good for me to Seem things in the flesh so to speak. Found a lot of your other posts intriguing as well.
  9. Personally I don’t don’t think there was an abduction or murder. Can’t say how they did it, but with the amount of evidence against the Mccanns we would be locked up for life
  10. Appreciate this thread is old, but I’ve noticed a lot about this on most major MSM sites over the last few days. Seems the BBC haven’t commented yet (as far as I can tell). Not surprising when they tried to stop the saville documentary! So much dodgy shite going on with the McCann case, it’s like a Hollywood film.
  11. I misguidedly took gcse Geography in late 80s. Thought I was going to learn and places people, cultures etc. Instead I can remember endless homework about U.K. motorways and Primary, secondary and tertiary business. Gave up pretty quick on that rubbish and continued learning about what interested me.
  12. Just googled bumped the thread up. Don’t think that is correct. I just posted a comment like anyone else about a subject that interested me. It was not my goal to bring my post to attention any more than anyone else. Sorry if I am misinterpreting what you said. Don’t have a habit of posting online so more modern jargon mystifies me. Need to as my teenage daughter most things
  13. Sorry I’m old so don’t understand what bump this thread up means. Would love to know. I am not saying I am right or wrong about Iron Maidens beliefs, motivations for their song writing. No way I could possibly know. I always got the impression Steve Harris(founder and main song writer), had a great interest in historical subject matter( Rime of the ancient mariner, Alexander the Great, Flight of Icarus for example). I appreciate some of the songs have a darker feel, but always presumed they had an interest in British Folklore and old ways. Seventh son is definitely a big change from previous albums and subject matter does seem more occult, mystical and myth based. I never felt personally anything sinister about their music although I am happy to be informed of anything. Still would love to know what bump this thread up means.
  14. Just read a small amount about jamais vu. First few searches on google. I would say this describes quite well the experience I had. The problem for me with these sites becomes that any time you experience something unusual, it must be a mental health, anxiety problem. I’m not claiming that they’re wrong on these sites but seems like really lazy and dismissive pseudo science. Refreshing to have people here who are prepared to discuss anything with an open mind, who also make an effort to do research.
  15. The brain certainly can. Will look into jamais vu. Thanks for replying
  16. Think people might be getting carried away here. Don’t think Iron Maiden are anywhere close to satanic or anything else. Hugely popular and influential metal band. I haven’t checked every track they have released, but I guarantee only a very few are violent Subject matter. Many deal with historical subjects. After being accused of being satanic by MSM, they released a tongue in cheek song, Bring your daughter to the slaughter, to stick a finger up at the MSM.Just my impression though.
  17. Just a mention is Dickinson not Dickensian. Sorry already written.
  18. Could be. If from a dream I don’t recall, but maybe will come to me one day. What do you mean by a flip through time. Sounds interesting. I have only read of things relating to this more in a U.F.O, encounter type scenario. Dog seemed the same but I don’t know how much I paid attention to him in regards to what happened. I have been looking through various books, sites to read about this sort of thing. Any recommendations welcome. Thanks for replying!
  19. Hi all. I was recently walking my dog through a nearby woods. I am very familiar with it and like to take random routes through. The reason for this Is that I love all nature, and actively seek to see something new. The reason I explained that is to highlight that I feel i know this area incredibly well. A few days ago my experience was very different. I took my normal route to the woods, went in and let my dog off to go and explore. Very quickly an uneasy feeling came upon me. The wood seem very different to the extent that the trail I was taking seemed unfamiliar. Added to this I felt an urge to look behind me as though I was being followed. I last had feelings like this as a small child afraid of the dark. My entire journey through the woods was like being in a completely new area altogether. Maybe I’m just getting old or daft. I’m not easily scared or nervous and I am happy in my own company. Has anyone else experienced a usually familiar place seeming different. Anyone have ideas what’s going on if just my mind screwing with me.
  20. Hi everyone. I have been reading from the old forum for a while, but could not sign up. Now I have! Would say I have a great interest in a lot of the subjects discussed by the people here. I have always questioned everything starting as a small child. Never quite fit in, but I couldn’t care less. I am happy the way I am. I am not an expert on anything, I just enjoy mind opening and thought provoking discussion. look forward to enjoying the new forum!
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