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  1. Maybe if we can get Mr Icke a full time position on love Island etc, it might help
  2. Honestly, if they do lock down, I think it will mirror the first time round. Unless enough people protest (non violently) in the right places, nothing will be different. Imo furlough guarantees the vast majority will take their medicine and blame on all the non vaxxed.
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/media/belgian-boy-beaten-tears-forced-him-kiss-feet-suspected-migrants-video-sparking-outcry
  4. See,s on line with @rebornsteve post above, mentioning position needed.
  5. All the compliant fools demanding there daily punishment and our removal from society.
  6. I really appreciate this topic. Thank you @Fluke
  7. Out of interest, where did they mri scan. My lady has an enormously high rheumatoid factor but other numbers low. In Italy She would be diagnosed as having RA bit here they don’t acknowledge this.
  8. Totally. Fake toys and crappy garden furniture. Ok if you want to use a chair once then re buy.
  9. Why dont you create the content that you want to discuss. If you make you’re own topic, as long as it is within forum rules you steer the discussion.
  10. Just remember if your child is a lazy, rude idiot, you have to take them in days out. If they are impeccably behaved and doing really well, you must not reward them. This is why I plan to homeschool soon. The worse the pupil is the more they reward them.
  11. B & M most likely because it’s pilled high with cheap crap to eat and drink.
  12. Read some of the comments. Seems the majority want forced vaccinations, especially for anti vax idiots. Nothings changed. Plus lockdowns and furlough immediately.
  13. I agree alot doesnt seem credible, though there are many seperate sources alluding to the same things. By the sounds of it you are happy to go the extra mile and investigate. Always a great habit, especially in todays world where the waters are continualy muddied. My attitude to the whole Reptillian and other discussions is that regardless of what is really going on in this perceived reality, we can all agree something is not right. I guess its a Wizard of Oz thing. Whats really behind the curtain.
  14. Hi and welcome to the Forum. I really enjoy reading about these subjects as well. I tend to read books that, even if they are not directly linked to this, complement them. Any ancient accounts of the middle east. As I am sure you are aware these overlap motre often than not. Book wise is not always easy as many are very superficial or lazy in their research. Project Avalon has an enormous library which, if you are happy reading e books, should satiate your appetite. There is also a recommended reading topic here.
  15. What has running a Jewish summer camp got to do with it?
  16. Time to assassinate Trump? Only way to stop the disclosure. That or courts decide to go closed doors because of sensitive info.
  17. I would imagine that both you, and your wife, are equally thrilled at her being lucky enough to be fully disabled. Think of all those wonderful places you cant visit because of no access for disabled. Then there is the wonderful opportunity to be in too much pain and discomfort to do anything most days. Added to that she has been, I presume, given a splendid cocktail of pharmaceuticals to be experimented on by her G.P. Most of which will barely reduce the issues she faces every second of every day. And most likely cause significant other effects. I think your neighbour is a complete prick. I remember mates years ago who commented on benefits scrounges. Not realising one day it could be them. I bet your neighbour took all the handouts offered during lockdowns and energy increases. At least you are full of humour. Whether a blessing or nightmare for your good lady, I don’t know.
  18. The group that became the new ruling party were not liked by the west. As a result they were removed and replaced by something more liked. I think the initial revolution worked well but then was taken apart.
  19. If I knew that we would all be free. I find myself musing a lot about what can be done. I think back to when Egypt had their revolution a few years ago. They claimed about one million were protesting in Tahir square. That was 1 60th of the population and it worked. Plus if I remember rightly it was virtually free of any violence.
  20. I find the new age movement to be very hypocritical. Always know more than you. A lot have delussions of granduer. At least here many are open minded to all possibilities and not following a rigid stance. Unfortunately, and im not depressed or giving in, I believe the 99% will line up for their Winston Smith lifestyle
  21. Sums it up. I remember on many occassions thinking about random stuff. I often wandered if it was just me thinking this way and how nice it was when someone else talked of similar thoughts. I think the one paycheck away from homelessness plays a big part as well. So many have, in their minds, so much to lose. To big a risk.
  22. Problem, reaction, solution big Pharma style
  23. This is what i meant by the moral compass. If there is a God, in the Biblical sense and we have free will, then many people clearly see taking advantage of others as a good outcome. So many with bad intentions have contribted to creating a world where the innocent and uninterested are forced to suffer under their designs. There is so much good content on the forum and elsewhere discussing this but most dont seem to care. Most are only interested in themselves and their immediate gratification or the pursuit of the next. This is why I tend to keep to myself. At minimum, because of my interests, when I go out I tend to only meet like minded people.
  24. I have adopted the logic of a man I met only a few times before he passed. He was in his eightes and had the attitude that he would not waste a single second of his time with idiots. It serves me well. The real issue, as you say, is how to defend yourself against the retarded decisions of others. Even though I live a very secluded life it doesnt stop whats going on around me. I know that if the council decided they wanted my land, there would be noting I could do about it. If your a parent it makes it many magnitudes harder, as im sure you are aware. My biggest issue is the same old problem. If I were to decide to try and change the system in non violent means. Lobbying or getting elected to some group or another. I think that all those who supported would disappear when the real changes needed to be fought for. Much like when you are with your mates as a kid and when shit hits the fan theyre all halfway up the road. I think we are in a very similar position in respect to how to resolve these issues. Living my current lifestyle iswonderful but feels like putting my head in the sand. Added to that is when I have tried to involve others in the pursuit of a better life, they almost certainly look to take advantage of me and my family. Ok, I have obviously chosen badly, but sometimes a persons true nature doesnt appear until they believe they are in a position to take advantage.
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