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  1. I actually believe in the simulation hypothesis. Have for about twenty years. A power behind a simulation does not necessary need to be divine by default. Not all sceptics are unreachable and believe I am NOT a sceptic. The people who are unreachable are in my opinion generally the most religiously devout. If years of exposed pedophilia, profiteering and hypocrisy won’t sway people nothing will.

    I also have the belief in the possibility that we are a.i robots. In my mind the ultimate robot would be indistinguishable from their makers. Unless intentionally different for control purposes. Stands to reason that eventually robots will receive more and more biological parts. The machine as humans are, would be capable of thought, decision making and developmental skills. Could explain early humans as just earlier models. Human being v1.1 etc. Just a rambling though!

  2. There might not be evidence that there is not a higher power, agreed. But if there is no evidence you can’t just make stuff up to fill lack of knowledge or understanding. There has to be a minimum amount of study on any subject, otherwise you end up with people believing the earth is flat, even when every method of research available to mankind, Plus new methods developed daily, are dismissed out of hand.

    Ignorance is based upon lack of education and closed mindedness. For me religion was invented by opportunistic people profiting out of others fear and misery. Just like corona virus.

  3. Got a message from primary teacher today sent to all parents at my daughters school.she praised what a great job last years  teachers had done considering cv. Quite rightly my wife messaged back about how she had forgotten what a great job all parents and family have done with home schooling etc.
    Annoys me greatly on MSM the constant articles about how parents have suffered schooling their children and the stress of having them home so much. Personally to have my children out of indoctrination for so long was a pleasure. One that I would happily do again.

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  4. That crazy. Downloading child porn means that you’re in the market for photos, film etc of abuse  being carried out by others. Hence you are responsible just as much as the physical abuser.  There is no such thing as acceptable “ nice guy pedos” I think what your stating here is one of the few things that could unite the world in agreement, against what your saying. What you are saying is dangerous, scary  stuff. Pedophiles are also not just male.  Plus generalising that nice people must be deviants is pretty pathetic. Maybe best if Doctor Robert Glover is struck off and lobotomised.


  5. Conspiracy’s only exist because their have been so many documented proven examples of governments or groups acting in a way that goes against their official position. Doesn’t mean everything is a conspiracy, but when you  understand how so many question so little, it clear what a good job our masters have done.

  6. Might seem a bit off topic but maybe a bit of an indication of how bad things are at every level now. In my daughters stool they are being given after school detentions for every and any minor infraction. Such as a forgotten pencil or a untucked shirt. I thought they were harsh when I was a kid in the 80’s but would have been told don’t do it again. It seems to me that if they make my child live in constant fear of punishment for every pointless thing, they are going into overdrive to make sure they question nothing. Plus I’m pretty sure that you can’t stop them giving after school punishments. Their authority outranks your rights as a parent.

    Have always taught my children to be free thinkers, which believe me backfires On me a lot.

    The problem for me is how to resist realistically. You just know when you protest or complain in a group that when shit hits the fan, the people behind you have gone.

  7. Imagine if you put a (for the point of this post) completely uninfluenced by anything person into a room.  You then showed them videos of old Soviet Union, Nazi Germany or the sorts of videos coming out of Australia amongst others at the moment. If you were to ask their opinion I imagine they would think they were all the same place at different times under the same rule of law.
    The more these videos are ignored by the MSM the more obvious their insidious bias is becoming apparent even to some of the most closed minded people I know.

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  8. Was aware of the previous petition, but don’t think 110,000 is anywhere close to getting up any pressure on the government to debate this seriously. BBC charter runs out in 2027, when it is up for renewal.

  9. Great point possibly. Read the other day that the slimiest rat of all JacobRees Moggs son had shown signs of cv. As a result entire family need to self isolate. Rees moggs job in Parliament is to set out the agendas for discussion by mps. By conveniently not being there I’m sure any discussion of above posts will be lost in the chaos of using a temp in his place.  

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  10. First let me make it clear that I think cv is total bs.

    ok. So today my wife dropped off child at school and bumped into friend who happens to work at main hospital in Cornwall U.K. She stated that it was empty throughout lockdown. The only ones who died could Mostly have been saved if they’d come in earlier.

    Food for thought: if(let’s pretend) cv is real,  then by telling people to self isolate, don’t go to the doctors etc and come to the hospital only when cant cope anymore would clearly seem to a premeditated plan of action by authorities to achieve maximum effect.

    Government policy and advice, stay the f**k away unless you’re nearly dead.Great one Boris and you’re slimy mates👏👏👏
    That was a clap for our fantastic government our most important essential service.

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  11. Like to think I’m open minded but that’s some screwed up s**t. Don’t know where you find these cartoons oddsnsods but glad you’re on the ball bringing attention to this creepy stuff. Those involved in these productions need some serious scrutiny so that they can be exposed for what they are.

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