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  1. If your enemy comes to speak bearing a sword, open your door to him and speak, but keep your own sword at hand. If he comes to you empty-handed, greet him the same way. But if he comes to you bearing gifts, stand on your walls and cast stones down on him.” ― Tad Williams, The Dragonbone Chair
  2. Don’t have it myself, but just sorted my lady’s fb. Nice heads up!
  3. Someone posted on here somewhere about how Arabs used masks to create subservience. Also used in Gitmo as part of torture, breaking resistance routine. read further down after and saw a meme
  4. Who is this guy. Watched a previous vid as well, but want to look for more.
  5. From the perspective of anyone living in St Ives or Hayle, this is going to be a complete nightmare for travel. Only one extremely busy road unless you want to come from St Just. Completely crazy choice. Locals will see no benefit only stress.
  6. Live about 5 miles from Carbis Bay. Gonna keep a good tag on this stuff. Got friends who work at Tregena as well so hopefully some juicy info as well. On another note I can imagine they might use helicopter for some. Plenty of space at the venue.
  7. Surely the arsehole filming could have beat at least one of those coppers to death by now. Time for fists not film
  8. Don’t knock Pelosi. Proper oap action
  9. https://on.rt.com/azeq Hsbc threatening to close customers accounts who don’t follow covid rules in their banks. I shit you not! Plus you forfeit your money.
  10. Just rang Devon and Cornwall police 101. General enquiry about mask exemptions in shops etc. Can’t blame the lady I spoke to because she is just repeating what she is told to say if she wants to keep her job. Said that I was exempt but concerned about confrontation because of media, videos of police etc. She told me to get exemption certificate from doctor. I politely explained that they don’t exist. Explained to her the advice on the www.gov.U.K. Site. about not having to give an exemption etc. Explained to her that anyone can download or buy a lanyard/ certificate. She told me that police are following same guidelines as public on this. Didn’t go into how the police are blatantly flaunting the guidance and acting like Stazi. Im not concerned by the way just wanted to here the polices response.
  11. Don’t know why but read some comments on bbc about this. Judging by opinion Morrison’s is about to become much busier. As you all know. On the bbc only certain articles are allowed to be commented on. This way they get support for their agenda from their hopelessly biased readers.
  12. I’m afraid Mr Storm we could be seeing the future of genius on our tiny blue dot. As my wife just said. Maybe his mother should be more concerned about his obesity than how to fix an f ing mask. you only have to see the look on the women’s face to realise this is a scientific advance on par with splitting the atom!
  13. The top article contradicts the lower.
  14. Just listened to the whole piece. What an arrogant prat of a man. Tried to do a Wogan against Icke on her. If you don’t agree with me you are a lunatic basically. Don’t normally listen to these radio shows because they just annoy me. In fairness glad I did. If I’d had any doubts about what’s going on they would have been removed just listening to that nasty piece of work.
  15. I think that you have, but that you haven’t hit the nail on the head!
  16. As soon as I said this to my lady she recorded instantly. Good thinking!
  17. Definitely wasn’t didn’t give that in Italy at the time, just checked.
  18. Just showed my misses this article. She can remember having a similar type vaccination in Italy as a child. She thinks she was probably six or seven years old. So about 33 years ago. said a pen looking injector with multiple points pressed onto body then covered with wired type plaster. Not remotely like standard. Left a circular imprint/mark on body to show vaccination had been done.
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