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  1. Okay I’m starting a new movement to respond to people spewing the government bullshit. When anyone states the party line, say C**T
  2. Bloody hell, a conservative thinking like that, I’d almost like him if he didn’t look like the spider taking dead’s clothing in the Muppets Christmas Carol.
  3. The only reason they would slag off Mr Icke is probably because he’s eating into their revenue stream.
  4. Great article on BBC news for a change. Story tells of contact tracing employees having little or nothing to do. Maybe because it’s all bullshit!
  5. And meanwhile, after copious amounts of posts arguing about on this women, we forget to look at the bigger picture. Lockdowns increasing in Wales, soldiers to help in streets etc. I’m not saying this has not been mentioned before, but while we argue about one persons motivations, the real agenda is continuing to be rolled out. Personally I think we need to be helping each other more positively to try and finds solutions to these problems.
  6. Read an interview once where she said she uses an A Mexican accent in US and a British accent in U.K. Said it was to make people more comfortable or some such thing.
  7. Think I’ve seen it but bought it anyway. Love the xfiles so know it will be good with her in it
  8. Yes. Seems to me first someone is loosely holding her back, then she goes into help young person in front of her. Police officer seems to punch with left fist to her abdomen then shoves her down. At least that the way it appeared when I looked before. Sorry on review seems to be right fist.
  9. Looks like copper punched in stomach first
  10. Was just looking for detention centres etc. Reminded me that in the U.K people can be sectioned under the mental health act. Wondering if they might start using this to decrease dissent.
  11. Can’t believe there was only a small amount of new info/ research there. Tesla was way ahead of others in his fields at the time. Or at least looking into viable beneficial alternatives. Problem was Tesla wanted free energy etc for the benefit of all. Don’t think he really suited the model our masters had planned for us.
  12. At my daughters secondary school they have “bubbles” for each year. Tried to explain to head master they wouldn’t work because: all year groups pass between lessons in corridors. Children and parent mingle outside before and after school. Teachers as filmed by kids pass between bubbles throughout the day. Asked him how that made any sense. No response. Sent my daughters year group home for a week because of “ confirmed” case. Explained to them neither we nor she would be checking online for updates/ home learning etc because we had better things to do with our time than to be fu**ed about by imbeciles.
  13. Guys a legend, still remember the dangerous brothers
  14. Don’t worry, my artistic ability is so dire it’s almost a talent
  15. Totally agree. I think the government at the moment are trying to get a citizen army ready to resist people who see through this rubbish. Grass on your neighbour, shout about the mask. The average person will do what their told whatever.
  16. Totally agree with you Peter. If that is supposed to represent proof of a flat earth, there is one glaring error. From what I understand flat earthers claim that Antarctica is a wall around the edge. Look at the U.N table meme and you can clearly see Antartica represented at the bottom not all around. You have no chance of winning this!!!
  17. We’re all classed as looneys by the sheeple. Going by Radio 4 comments their obviously happy to give airtime to looneys as long as their the right sort that suit their agenda
  18. They do have emergency life buoyancy aids etc. Also many are required to carry life rafts. Ok not perfect seas pretty cold I know but I’d rather take chances in a life raft. Antarctica however you believe it is, is still one harsh environment. Life raft info is basic search showing FAA policy.
  19. Sorry hadn’t looked at the link yet
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