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  1. Sorry didn’t comment to learn more about the subject, just to be invited to donate.
  2. Sounds really interesting. Would love to hear more
  3. Thought it would be interesting to see if any of you have experienced things that seem just a little to convenient. Noticed recently when mention David Icke by name Siri wakes up on my iPad. Earlier tonight when discussing cv with my lady, Siri woke on her iPad after the mention of his name. Maybe I’m a nutter but seems to obvious. Also find when I search for non mainstream info on the sort of subjects discussed on this forum, my pad/ internet regularity goes haywire. Endlessly loading/shuts down etc. On a cool note though went into a cafe by the beach near where I live. Found a copy of Human race get off your knees left on a table. Never read it so now in my collection! For mods, if this is better in another thread then go for it.
  4. Hope it’s not rude to comment on this. I’d never heard of gang stalking until reading this thread now. This is some seriously bad stuff. The more I think about it, it doesn't surprise me at all. Some Humans never cease to exceed my expectations for vileness. Wish you all the best though I can imagine the no easy way to resolve this
  5. Found this about conflict of interest in U.K. https://ukreloaded.com/69160-2
  6. Totally agree. Had a mate stay with me for a while. Dirty git. Asked him one day why he never washed his hands after going to the toilet. he looked at me and sarcastically said, I had a shower this morning you prick. Kicked him out after that.
  7. That lad needs an award for restraint. Goes to to show what vile people some are. Personally think people like her were always a holes just been amplified by recent events. Now any excuse is ok.
  8. Totally agree, the problem apart from all the obvious ones are when they roll out their “expert” to explain the propaganda to you.
  9. Love your one liners Sir! Think you might enjoy Hap and Leonard books by Joe Lonsdale. Full of great lines and laughs.
  10. Read this earlier on BBC. Totally agree. They need destroying for this.
  11. She hasn’t done the test yet. No intention of giving it to her. Only problem can’t send her back to school until proven negative. Like the idea of home schooling but not possible. Plus if I refuse her the test sooner or later I will have social services at my door. People are under the illusion of control. We don’t have any. Yes we can resist, as I do, but authorities can ultimately do what they want. Imagine trying to get your daughter back after social services involved.
  12. Took my daughter to doctors last night said she needs to self isolate do a test etc. So having no choice but to do it I looked into swab test. At test centres they are shoving the thing very far into nose etc. Wife say s in Italy people are terrified of it. problem being if you do the test yourself at home the government advise is different. The swab you do is nowhere near as invasive. I know it’s a bull, just wondered why the heavy handed ness at test centres.
  13. Just got off the phone with my doctors after waiting all day for a call back.my daughter has a recurring illness so I just wanted a bit of advice from the doctor. Got told by receptionist to call 111 for cv issues. Patiently explained nothing to do with that. She constantly drivelled on about I’m sure I can appreciate how busy they are whilst doing nothing to resolve the problem. Explained to her that I could not appreciate how busy she was, as she was at work being paid to do her job and that everybody is busy at work. My problem is that if they say my daughter needs a cv test I will not be able to take her to a and e for her real problem because I need to self isolate her. scuse the rant it’s just f into crazy.
  14. I agree that the climate change/ not climate change and it’s part in the current world we live in is very important. Maybe starting a new thread would be a good idea. This cv thread is really useful for people to help them keep up to date on what is going on, so that they can make more informed choices. Info on protest, latest research, bs etc. Getting drowned out now.
  15. This is about two miles from where i live. Thought they could have used the local pissheads as gestapo instead.
  16. I’m not sure, can’t get good answer online, but I think in situations like the moment the government can ignore usual protocols. Only the mandatory general election is allowed. Plus if this is wrong, and could well be, I don’t believe for a minute they would do more than dismiss any outside interference in their agenda.
  17. Went into CEX game shop about a week ago. Was asked about my not wearing a mask. Just said I didn’t want to wear one. Cashier took theirs off. Shook hands when we left. Not all are idiots, they just have to tow the company line to survive financially.
  18. Just read a great article on the BBC. All about gas lighting. Said the signs were as follows: 1. Made to constantly doubt yourself. 2. made to constantly doubt your actions. 3. Made to doubt your perception of reality. Considering the MSM including the BBC constant coverage of every facet of Corona Virus, from how to do your hair to not going to hospital until your on deaths door, I think they are demonstrating a text book example of gas lighting.
  19. Live not that far from there. Personally didn’t notice anything
  20. Also hope your sister gets into a better place. Difficult with the constant bombardment from MSM. Also when you can’t go to the places that keep you in balance without constant varying restrictions. Perfect storm to keep you down.
  21. Have a tv but not watched mainstream tv in years. Use it to watch things of my choice.
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