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  1. Bloody hell. You both discussed without arguments
  2. They will jump on any band wagon going. They supported all the draconian measures but now want your votes again.
  3. And it getting be “old” Nokia nowadays
  4. Through many, many altered state past times in my younger days, I came to understand that the body is a restrictive form. In respect to how we interact in this apparent version of consciousness. Whilst letting go it always felt that the spark that I perceive through was free to wonder every imaginable reality. And myriads that would normally be impossible to conceive. In many instances I would receive visions of absolute emptiness. No colour or form. It felt completely non threatening. If anything, for want of a better word, welcoming. It always felt like I needed to do something to progress beyond this nothingness. Not on a harmful way. More that I needed greater understanding to be allowed to continue. This occurred on hundreds of occasions. Same visions even whilst mates were doing normal mushroom induced activities( if there is such a thing!).
  5. My lady bought me an old style Nokia about five years ago. Still got nine quid credit out of ten. used a smart phone for first time to gain entry to principality stadium for rugby. I got help from a steward explaining to swipe not press. And how’s to connect to the internet. Reckon I’m safe
  6. Materialism is the crux of the problem. once we get away from the addiction of owning piles of crap our minds open. The saying that “ the devil makes work for idle hands” is wrong Imo. Idle hands led to free thinking and creativity.
  7. The fact that I grew up piss poor probably helped. Never had cool clothes or toys etc. I had to think for myself to make life better.
  8. He wrote a book. Most people don’t know what a book is anymore.
  9. Serious question. What do you consider to be the other side?
  10. The BBC have kindly created a fact checking system which can explain all of your concerns.
  11. It only reinforces what so many of us think. That peoples are at different levels of consciousness etc. The vast majority have access to the same information. The same tv etc. You don’t even need to go down any rabbit hole to find half of the facts out there.
  12. Perhaps you should change your name to Cassandra of Greek fame.
  13. Sad, but probably closer to the truth than I want it to be.
  14. Depends if there will be a new series of Love Island.
  15. This is how our “masters” control everything Imo. Just look when Greece was being wrung dry. Even though their own families and livelihoods were being destroyed, the Police still backed the government. A referendum that went against government hopes was arbitrarily ignored. I only socialise with people who are deeply involved with nature and it’s genuine, non politically affiliated restoration and maintenance. I find these friends to be naturally inclined to improving the Earths vibration. They also, regardless of whether they agree with me, are open to discussion to resolve problems.
  16. Luckily, I have a very rare need to see anyone not of my choosing. Some may consider my choice antisocial. I would consider it to be about surrounding myself and those I love with positive vibrations.
  17. I think your suggested solution is the logical solution. One I absolutely agree with. The issue that holds it back is the fact the the governments and their voting supporters will stop this. The police will carry out their wishes. Remember, people loving how you suggest are the most dangerous terrorists of all.
  18. W near where I am is one of the poorest areas in the U.K. I get that some would rather smoke and drink but most are working and trying to do right by their families. They haven’t got a chance imo.
  19. It’s like saying all people are the same or that all people support the same agendas. If this is the case we should just go and support msm and wef etc. logic being that the forum talks about unpleasant things, so no different to heavy metal talking about unpleasant subjects.
  20. Sorry, but I think you’re completely wrong. Learn what the songs are about. Context is everything. i.e: many Sabbath songs talk about the harm being done to the planet and it’s peoples. Read the lyrics of Peace sells by megadeth.
  21. I think the problem now is that virtually everyone in the west backs this crap. I agree it a majority though.
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