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  1. ill look into it. Sometimes merged topics become disjointed because of the dates posts were made
  2. Im sure they'll pass it off by saying with such a high percentage of vaccinated its logical that 74% of miscarriages would be in vaccinated mothers to be
  3. Water shortages are mostly bullshit anyway. I mentioned on another topic how they were saying a reservoir about 2 miles from me was running dry. They forgot to mention the bit about opening the dam to release water to two other connected reservoirs. Effectively they can move the water around creating a false scarcity in any given location
  4. Trump says Mar-a-Lago home in Florida 'under siege' by FBI agents | Fox News Mar a Lago raided by FBI
  5. Is this a joke? You're really going to post from Snopes something where they don't even justify their reasoning. Next thing you'll be telling me the BBC or CNN confirmed it.
  6. I remember seeing one of the mothers in a news items from another school shooting in a different state. Her child had been killed there as well! Going back a good while now so cant remember where I saw it. Ill have a search but if anyone knows what Im referring to it would be a great help.
  7. Thank my Lady. She gave me the links. I cant stand reading msm shite
  8. I've seen this crap. I went a little while ago with the kids I have a deep seated loathing of humans who feel they can do nature better than Mother nature. A really bizarre creation with no "logical" purpose.
  9. Archie Battersbee, boy at heart of U.K. court battle, dies after life support ends - CBS News Archie Battersbee: What is the dangerous social media ‘blackout’ challenge? | The Independent He was doing a tik tok challenge. Found unconscious with a ligature over his head.
  10. https://www.foxnews.com/health/spain-reports-first-deaths-acute-hepatitis-children Spain records first deaths from acute hepatitis on children
  11. Didn’t need the is that good enough Question. Was literally asking as I stated because I haven’t been following the trial
  12. Not taking one side over the other. I didnt follow the trial. Is the accusers account of harassment etc 100% proven? After all it is America.
  13. Fair enough. Im just trying to get a fuller picture of what's going on
  14. As I said the records exist. Doesn't mean he was as mentioned in the Bible. If you go to the Museums of Rome. The Museo Nazionale Romano. They have records on display. I can read Latin quite well and the the documents I read seemed to be saying what they claimed. Are they faked I don't know obviously. Remember for the Romans Jesus was just a pain in the arse. Plus Romans kept records that would shame most countries today The same could be said for Mark Thomas's account in the link. There are so many versions of what went on.
  15. With respect, and Im a total atheist, Jesus is not a fictional character. There are records in both Israel and Rome. There are also records from Pontius Pilate. Now whether that Jesus is like the Bible portrays him is another matter. Clearly the Bible has been doctored by so many that it holds no real significsnce but the records do exist for Jesus the man
  16. Any ideas to who the 7 people in the meeting were?
  17. Finally a politician with balls. Hope he’s on the level.
  18. Does anyone have evidence they are reptilians? The video states that they have an undiagnosed condition. Just remember to keep the post appropriate. I removed my previous post for this reason
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