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  1. Wanted to post this earlier ! Fantastic. Destroys flat earth well done Ted.
  2. So if I can see it, then I can record so obviously is not a mathematical certainty. Yes I have researched this sort of stuff since the 90,s
  3. The coastline “paradox” is not a paradox. It is the bs you make up when face with incontrovertible facts to ludicrous claims you make. It has been circumnavigated multiple times. I didn’t give any numbers or post any memes.
  4. Was just looking for detention centres etc. Reminded me that in the U.K people can be sectioned under the mental health act. Wondering if they might start using this to decrease dissent.
  5. Can’t believe there was only a small amount of new info/ research there. Tesla was way ahead of others in his fields at the time. Or at least looking into viable beneficial alternatives. Problem was Tesla wanted free energy etc for the benefit of all. Don’t think he really suited the model our masters had planned for us.
  6. It’s all preposterous to think that in the 21st century, whatever you believe that the entire coastline would not be mapped! Something done on globe model theory by the way.
  7. Just a question on flat Earth map above. Why is the so called Antartica surround us a standard circle mostly except in places to the left/ top left, where it seems to be more map like definition? Is this something implying that that the other areas have never been surveyed? i have sailed in Antartica waters to the south of South Africa. Seen Antartica etc. I saw at the time the Captain sailing based up maps And charts of the area. Coastline clearly marked but not in flat earth model above.
  8. At my daughters secondary school they have “bubbles” for each year. Tried to explain to head master they wouldn’t work because: all year groups pass between lessons in corridors. Children and parent mingle outside before and after school. Teachers as filmed by kids pass between bubbles throughout the day. Asked him how that made any sense. No response. Sent my daughters year group home for a week because of “ confirmed” case. Explained to them neither we nor she would be checking online for updates/ home learning etc because we had better things to do with our time than to be fu**ed about by imbeciles.
  9. Guys a legend, still remember the dangerous brothers
  10. Don’t worry, my artistic ability is so dire it’s almost a talent
  11. Totally agree. I think the government at the moment are trying to get a citizen army ready to resist people who see through this rubbish. Grass on your neighbour, shout about the mask. The average person will do what their told whatever.
  12. Totally agree with you Peter. If that is supposed to represent proof of a flat earth, there is one glaring error. From what I understand flat earthers claim that Antarctica is a wall around the edge. Look at the U.N table meme and you can clearly see Antartica represented at the bottom not all around. You have no chance of winning this!!!
  13. We’re all classed as looneys by the sheeple. Going by Radio 4 comments their obviously happy to give airtime to looneys as long as their the right sort that suit their agenda
  14. They do have emergency life buoyancy aids etc. Also many are required to carry life rafts. Ok not perfect seas pretty cold I know but I’d rather take chances in a life raft. Antarctica however you believe it is, is still one harsh environment. Life raft info is basic search showing FAA policy.
  15. I am and have always been capable of free thinking thank you. I dont brainwash my children and I’d rather you leave them out of your opinions. Plus she made the observation by herself. Plus your not calling me a liar , I’m just brainwashed. you only put up consistently proven wrong info. Think you should start a comedy routine. Saying this in jest don’t agree with personal insults. obviously I cannot show you any proofs of old evidence because you will just dismiss them out of hand. You won’t except any earthly proof from anyone or anything. Just realised I’ve got involved in fe rubbish.
  16. People like Galileo for example proved this in the renaissance, Ancient Egyptians proved it, Ancient Greeks proved it. People have been burnt at the stake for the globe theory. Why would anyone risk being burnt alive to make up something so ridiculous. I can take my telescope to my garage roof and point at town about 10 miles away. I can clearly see curvature. My 7 year old understands this. Don’t normally comment on FE stuff but getting too much. I have a friend who is convinced of flat earth despite all the proof against. Love her dearly but glad she’s terrified of cv so haven’t seen her since end of March.
  17. Sorry hadn’t looked at the link yet
  18. Nice filming. Love u.f.o type stuff. So often film is terrible. This may not be perfect but still miles better than usual stuff
  19. If I remember rightly he was a wife/girlfriend beating prick. Maybe her name was Alison Holloway Or something similar, worked for MSM.
  20. Big news if true from Australia. Bill being passed in Victoria to allow police to pre-emptively arrest people who they believe will break lockdown rules. One of the groups to be targeted are “ wrong thinkers.” Meeting conspiracy theorists. Read this on rt news but can’t verify it at the moment.
  21. Just posted this on another thread but probably more appropriate here. My misses just said that there won’t be another lockdown until hunting season is over. Normally wouldn’t be surprised but hunting goes on for months now. So doesn’t fit the agenda.
  22. On a momentarily lighter note! My misses just said there won’t be another lockdown until hunting season is over. Probably f ing right
  23. Link above endlessly trying to load.
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