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  1. Nothing worse than knowing you know but realising maybe you’re just mental and no one will believe you. Only to confirm you knew what you knew!
  2. I apologise as I cannot read the info on the sides of the x and y axis. I’m sure the info is good but the two lines represented are the same just represented differently. Should that be so. Brain not working properly right now, still waiting for my windows latest update
  3. Every real disease, illness has symptoms however hard to spot! No such thing as a symptomatic spread. I need a larger dictionary to be able to describe adequately the bullshit so called experts are feeding us. Totally agree on what your saying Odds unfortunately it’s like a fly banging it’s head on the window.
  4. This could probably go on the strange things happening thread as well. Everything at the moment is pushing towards more specific targeted attacks etc. Certain postcodes, areas etc. Would be interesting to research if there is anything underhand(apart from covid bs) going on to forward the agenda. good post
  5. Maybe that with the opening of schools again can perpetuate the lie. Fake spread and variants me thinks. An open letter to Boris Johnson. If I can’t get my haircut soon, I’m going to castrate you, you dribbling Buffon cunt. Words to fear Mr Johnson from my misses
  6. Just got my post delivered and started musing. Supposedly we’re in the middle of an horrific pandemic. So how many people from start to finish have touched my parcel before I receive it? Now I’m fully aware that this pandemic is a load of toss and bollocks but in the interest of making the lie more believable, why would you continue a postal service which means any goods I recieve come into more human contact than if I had gone down the shop and bought it myself. The flagrant Fuckery knows no ends.
  7. Don’t think you are. Read loads years ago about affects of agent orange on new borns etc same with Chernobyl. They had horrendous birth defects, not cleft lips for example, but things that Clive Barker couldn’t invent. These images are freely available anywhere. Just a warning if you do look they’re pretty horrific.
  8. Makes you think that the truth will out!
  9. Thought if you substituted the name Goldstein for Icke or any number of credible decent trethern this would sum up what’s going on now.
  10. Good post Velma, no likes. This gentleman actually on the covid issue seemed like one of the ones!
  11. Got email this morning saying they had discussed vaccine passports with link to video on YouTube. Like usual at six o’clock I automatically deleted it. Seemed they were against passports so you can be sure they’ll roll them out sooner or later.
  12. So that’s Phillip on the right, who’s the Hammer House of Horror character on the left
  13. Talk of delays with vaccine availability now, for about 4 weeks. Another reason given in advance to delay getting “ back to normal.” I personally haven’t been back to normal since eating the magic mushrooms that grew in my garden as a teenager. Eating those got me to be normal and think for myself.
  14. Nothing you can do. Choices made. Whatever will be will be. I do hope though that one day the people we nag about this in our families realise we do it out of love for them. For now we have to except that in their eyes we are loonies.
  15. My misses filled out census the other day. Only now I find out she put me down as a gender fluid Jehovah’s Witness.
  16. My lady got a letter a few days ago. Her dad in Italy was ill in hospital and she panicked and booked for jab. Luckily managed to talk her onrto cancelling. Don’t think there was a decline option as she had to call and book.
  17. Biopharmaceutical Purification interesting read on the 3m website discussing all the things their upto in their tireless efforts to fuck you up good and proper. useless at making links so just type this into their search on home page.
  18. Definitely hammer house of horror material
  19. Quick search of a common type of mask I’ve seen people using. States that it is comfortable and breathable. Now whether that means though the material itself or from the numerous areas around the edge which are not sealed, I don’t know, but either way it makes it about as useful as a inflatable dart board.
  20. 3M™ Splash Resistant Surgical Mask Type IIR 1820S 3M ID 7000066434 Overview Specifications Product Details View Images Ear-loop fastening splash/fluid resistant Comfortable and breathable View all details CONTACT US Specifications Brand 3M™ Product Type Personal Protective Equipment Product Details Ear-loop fastening splash/fluid resistant Comfortable and breathable 3M™ Splash Resistant Surgical Mask 50EA/BX 6BXS/CS 3M™ Splash Resistant Surgical Mask 50EA/BX 6BXS/CS Type IIR under EN14683:2005 classification OUR
  21. The info for masks etc would generally be available anywhere from different manufacturers as I’m sure you are aware. Would need to breakdown what how low a micron level the mask protects against. Problem arises in respect to how you can test the mask yourself to be able to compare with manufacturers info. I know for sure they would stretch the data as much as they can get away with.
  22. Worked in boatyards all my life. Trust me any mask that isn’t sealed with extra filters and full face at least ain’t doing shit. When spraying you’re exposed to overspray which is much like a cloud of mist. Extraction if sufficient would remove most. But look at the filters designed for job afterwards. Lagged. These covid masks could not stop anything other than your breathing process. when putting on a full face or half face mask, 3m for example, you can feel immediately a change in pressure much like when you go deeper in a swimming pool etc. Obviously a covid mask is not same standard but will cause some interference. A child knows this, but the idiots will never believe. excuse the waffle!
  23. Next door have carried on doing what they like for the last year, as though no lock downs exist.( so have I) Should be a big thumbs up apart from the fact their children are both coppers. That really pisses me off, especially when they give me the evil eye whilst passing. Gestapo ****. Was trying to think of an insult that doesn’t involve genitalia. Unfortunately I’m not articulate enough.
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