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  1. Obviously I cant be 100% certain but the term is used for athletes. Especially in more extreme activities.
  2. Ive answered everything clearly. Youre refraction argument is ridiculous. And has been explaimed. Im not desperate to move on. I am trying to determine if you are a troll or not. Can you now please answer the questions that I asked.
  3. I would argue Elon Musk's inclusion on this list. He wants us all neuronlinked to increase productivity. I think from a tech view point he will create hell on Earth with his plans.
  4. Which proves a globe Earth working under the conditions we are taught. Can somebody now address my previous questions.
  5. But remember that that the angle of the North pole is the degree range you stated which is why the North star is visible from the equator. In honesty I don't really want to go over this again. The last few pages have explained all this. It seems to be going back to the beginning. Now it seems that it is always the job of non flat Earthers to justify the globe, etc. It is time for Flat Earthers to now do the same. (MOD NOTE: PROMOTION OF RELIGION IS AGAINST FORUM GUIDELINES, So please don't quote the most heavily edited, and censored book in history). Can anyone, in the interest of fairness, now answer the question about the nautical almanac? Also how do Flat Earthers explain a sextants function on a flat Earth?
  6. Its visible because of the obliquity. Ive already explaines this. Polaris has not moved, the Earths tilt has. If I knew you I could spend evenings with my telescope seeking answers together. Nothing personal but I think you need to see things through a telescope. Then when you do the maths, things become more obvious.
  7. This has already been discussed in the past few days. I posted about this with info.
  8. I hope youre right. My biggest concern is the changing demographics. The young mostly seem on board with a lot of this crap.
  9. Noticed all these dates are before it was mapped out properly. Most of these were guessing as they had never been there.
  10. This isn't one of the pieces I've read in the past but worth a look anyway @janey777 P.J. POLICE FILES: MCCANNS DELETED MOBILE CALLS (mccannpjfiles.co.uk)
  11. Bombadil


    It was a joke!
  12. I have a look when I can. If you look up the info from the Portuguese investigation it should be there otherwise.
  13. Apparently the first call they made after finding Madeline missing was to 11 Downing Street. She wiped the phones though.
  14. Annual Meeting Davos 2023 | World Economic Forum (weforum.org) This article goes into who is there.
  15. good spot. I havent seen any so was going by the article I read.
  16. https://www.planet-today.com/2023/01/klaus-schwab-george-soros-pull-out-of.html Soros and Schwab Beth pull out of WEF Davos meetings. do they know so,etching is about to happen?
  17. MOD NOTE: Grumpy is right. Here are plenty of topic about Jewish issues. Get back on topic please.
  18. This morning about 3a.m the wind tone changed completely. Was doing its usual gusty thing then became a constant level and tone for about 30 seconds. Always windy where I am but this was weird.
  19. I presume the light and dark sides on the ball are meant to represent Earth. It so it is immediately wrong because it do not go up in a straight line. It doesn't account for obliquity. Is this your own drawing or from somewhere else?
  20. Can you explain what all the different coloured lines represent. Its a bit of a mess. You're not taking into account the distances involved. Also to be clear. Polaris does move in the sky. Its just so far we cant really see it without enough magnification
  21. Bombadil


    Flicked through. This lad is why I love the North. Where's his new years honour.
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