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  1. Could easily be correct. Only takes a surviving new born with non species characteristics to set of a new branch of evolution.
  2. I know I’m a miserable old sod, so try to let things run their course. If I leave things too long, it becomes difficult to stop without being a miserable old old.
  3. I didn’t know if all the Rachel Stevens stuff was deliberate derailing of the topic. By all, not just you.
  4. I’m not getting uptight. Just wondered the significance. Out of interest, what does calm your ham even mean?
  5. Why is it important with the lgbt community. Why does it matter?
  7. I acknowledge your faith but not was I was asking!
  8. I think we are now going to see an avalanche of new ways of living suggestions. So far most, if not all, seem to involve similar attitudes to resolving problems. As you said, global etc. I don’t think humans do well in large groups at all. Just a few in a room will eventually cause an argument. I like the idea of my cart being rode to market once a month or so. Bit of socialisation then back to my family. I also believe that my idea of freedom is probably very different from the average person. I don’t need rights to ensure access to the internet or telephones. I don’t need the right of massive consumer choice. I need a safe environment, clean potable water, healthy food and a shelter I can keep warm in the winter. The luxuries I can gain by bartering goods for things I can’t create myself.
  9. Number 2 seems very similar to the systems currently being “tested.” Social credit score lines.
  10. What does this have to do with the topic? Maybe I a bit slow
  11. Not being argumentative. Just creating discussion. So, does God (for example)have a creator? If so what is it. My thought is that, if there was nothing, how did it create something. If there is a simulation then could not God be a creation of the simulation not the creator?
  12. Running Boatyards I found virtually everyone expected a higher wage. Or overvalued their contribution and skill set. They would get pissy because I earned more. (Not that I ever discussed my wages. A really tacky thing to do imo). They quickly forgot that, I was the one who dictated the current work plan and what we needed to do to achieve it. I taught them the necessary skills to accomplish their tasks. I came behind to inspect and correct. Its not about me, just an example that to achieve anything you need a practical understanding of the task set before you. Young people forget as well, that usually, better paid staff get more grief when things go wrong. Most just turn up, do as little as possible and go home and forget about it. Managers and foremen take their work home with them. Hence the stress.
  13. I learnt from my grandparents, world war 2 era. My pop was a head gardener at a small stately home after the war. He taught me all I needed to know about recycling and maintaining what we have. Nothing wasted. All natural waste can be repurposed. Not a piece of plastic in sight. On the note of affordability. I envision a day when the only retail shops are owned by Amazon. Or a similar company. I always argue that we are blamed for the excess of multinationals etc. Just look at Amazon packaging.
  14. A bit Qesque. Law should now explain their reason. Quite clear their covering their arses.
  15. Unfortunately that accounts for the 99%. I glance at msm in the morning, but only to see what I need to question.
  16. I’ve read about 20 pages so far. Try to when I have time. Seems really interesting so I’ve been learning more about the base idea so that this becomes easier to understand.
  17. Loads including Patriarch Kirill of Moscow. He officiated a ceremony at the Russian Orthodox Church there.
  18. But does “God” still exist if there is no one to perceive them.
  19. Bloody hell. You both discussed without arguments
  20. They will jump on any band wagon going. They supported all the draconian measures but now want your votes again.
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