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  1. It certainly has the hallmarks of ending in disaster. Isaac Asimov could have wrote it.
  2. Whilst I agree in one sense because of the symbolism. I reckon more likely they will try to achieve something where control of the plebeians is easier to do. Manipulating reality for their own ends.
  3. Ok. If there is a problem with a post or another member, please report it to moderators. Making claims without evidence is not acceptable.
  4. OK. The simple solution @sock muppet can create a Mcfee Topic. I could do this myself but the problem is that some replys wont make sense because of missing moved posts. Can you please create a thread for Mcafee. I wont move anything already posted. You can repost the old stuff again in the new topic yourself
  5. Fair comment Consultant. Ive been busy, so havent checked every post.
  6. Can we keep on topic please. leave out the personal digs as well.
  7. I don't think it matters what we feel is behind all the evils in our reality. We can all agree this monster is a vile excuse for a biological life form.
  8. I consider myself very open minded. Certainly not afraid of the unknown. I also believe that I cant force things to happen. I could well be wrong. I think I was probably born questioning my reality and no amount of indoctrination has changed that. If anything it made me believe something was different even more.
  9. Went to B and Q yesterday. The masks were back. Vast majority using them again.
  10. I get this. Even though I've read vast amounts, I have no first hand experience. I've seen strange things with my telescope but no confirmation either way. As a result I try to be open minded.
  11. Bombadil


    I compost everything which can be. luckily I have quite a few trees. This way I get a large amount of leaf compost, which is really nutritious. I have a friend nearby who has been growing veg for years as well. Like the Gentleman at your allotments this guy knows so much. Plus he love passing on his knowledge.
  12. Bombadil


    Only just read these posts. Sounds like you're doing real well!. I've been doing this for a few years now myself. Im certainly more confidant in my planting etc now. One thing I've learned is to use everything except hygiene waste to aid me somehow or save me money. The other thing I enjoy is the storing of seeds and harvested food. Nothing like a meal which is straight from your own garden
  13. Trusting a GP would mean getting an appointment in the first place. At the moment I trust my GP only because they are not prescribing me any poisons
  14. Shows what hardy stock the Incas were though.
  15. That was stunning. literally humbling when you consider how far we have regressed
  16. Can you go into more detail without revealing your location?
  17. Hi and welcome. The link above should be useful. You should also read the Terms and Conditions. obviously trolling and flaming aren’t cool. If a previously banned member makes a new account they would be removed regardless of quality of content. The main thing is, post with links where necessary and be polite and reasonable. I am one of the mods. Pm if you have questions.
  18. Doing covid vax at daughters school tomorrow. She doesn’t want it. I don’t trust the bastards not to try and do it anyway. As a result she can have a day off
  19. This bits always been there for me.
  20. I've just saved the rest of the links I haven't watched. About one third left. I liked every post. This topic deserves much more attention
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