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  1. 7 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    yes and there is that word 'global' in there which means they intend to scale it globally


    what does it all mean for individual freedom also?


    is it some sort of part of the 'great reset'?

    I think we are now going to see an avalanche of new ways of living suggestions. So far most, if not all, seem to involve similar attitudes to resolving problems. As you said, global etc.

    I don’t think humans do well in large groups at all. Just a few in a room will eventually cause an argument. I like the idea of my cart being rode to market once a month or so. Bit of socialisation then back to my family. 

    I also believe that my idea of freedom is probably very different from the average person. I don’t need rights to ensure access to the internet or telephones. I don’t need the right of massive consumer choice. I need a safe environment, clean potable water, healthy food and a shelter I can keep warm in the winter. The luxuries I can gain by bartering goods for things I can’t create myself. The rest I can barter for if needed.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

    I don't know what to make of this one. Is this a form of communism in disguise? I'm going to post it up anyway as its an example of different ways of doing and thinking so even as an exercise is alternative thinking its an interesting read:




    Stroud Commons is a group of Stroud residents who have come together to build the ‘commons’ economy in Stroud, and to document everything so that it can be implemented in other towns too.

    The commons economy is an economy in which the essentials of life – housing, energy, land, food, water, transport, social care, the means of exchange etc. are owned in common, in communities, rather than by absentee landlords, corporations or the state. More on ‘commoning’ here.

    We’re working with Mutual Credit Services, the Credit Commons Society, Lowimpact.org, Island Power and Local Loop Lancaster & Morecambe to help build commons institutions. 


    New ideas are emerging that allow us to take infrastructure into common ownership without incurring debt – which I think is the main reason that (much as we love them) co-ops / mutuals aren’t challenging the current system, and are now being absorbed into it. Also, these ideas work well for working-class communities, which is essential for real change. 

    Below is an outline of these new ideas (just strapline and ‘elevator pitch’, with links to more info). The groups above will run co-design workshops in any town in the UK (and via zoom if overseas) and are happy to answer questions face-to-face or online. 

    1. Credit clearing

    Strapline: reducing the need for money and banks.

    It’s something the banks do, to reduce the need for money to pay debts. But we can do it too. Imagine A owes B £10; B owes C £10; C owes A £10. If everyone has all the information, it can just clear, without needing money to pay debts. For networks of trading small businesses, this can be done with algorithms, covering larger and larger areas.

    More info: https://www.lowimpact.org/categories/credit-clearing (put questions for specialists into comments).

    2. Mutual credit

    Strapline: the means of exchange in the commons economy.

    A way for small businesses to trade without needing money or banks. Members get an account, set at zero. When they sell, they get credits, when they buy, they get debits. There are limits to how far anyone can go into credit or debit. It’s a means of exchange, but not a store of value, so it can’t be extracted from communities and concentrated.

    More info: https://www.lowimpact.org/categories/mutual-credit (put questions for specialists into comments).

    3. Use-credit obligations (UCOs)

    Strapline: the means of storing value in the commons economy.

    Allows infrastructure to be brought into the commons without incurring debt, by issuing vouchers sold at a discount. Imagine a community energy group wanting to put up a wind turbine. At the moment, to get the funds, they need to go into debt or give away equity (which means the infrastructure will be in the hands of capitalists before long). Instead, they issue energy-credit obligations – vouchers denominated in kWh, not £ (which makes them inflation-proof). People will want them because they’re sold at a discount, and they provide a store of value – interest-free security for old age or sickness. UCOs can work in every sector of the economy (starting with housing commons, because everyone needs housing, and the housing market is so broken).

    More info: https://www.lowimpact.org/categories/use-credit-obligations (put questions for specialists into comments).

    4. Credit Commons

    Strapline: going global.

    All these monetary projects can be connected together via a protocol – a ‘language’ that they can all speak that allows them to trade between each other – but in a federation, with no centre. Each local group retains full autonomy, but in a way that can form the basis of a new global commons economy. Everything is interoperable – so people can pay their rent, energy bills etc. (and get paid) in mutual credit.

    More info: https://creditcommonssociety.org/about-the-credit-commons/

    5. Global commons economy

    Doesn’t require money, banks, interest, debt, corporations or the state. The essentials of life, including housing, energy, food, broadband, transport, employment, credit, care and governance can be owned and controlled in common.

    The ‘rock’ on which all this can be built may well be the housing commons – everyone needs a home, houses are relatively non-technical and the housing market is in a mess. 

    Number 2 seems very similar to the systems currently being “tested.” Social credit score lines.

  3. 1 hour ago, Mr H said:

    That, that perceives is created by God (universe, creator, simulation - whatever word you use). So yes.🙂

    Not being argumentative. Just creating discussion.


    So, does God (for example)have a creator? If so what is it. My thought is that, if there was nothing, how did it create something. If there is a simulation then could not God be a creation of the simulation not the creator? 

  4. On 4/9/2023 at 5:49 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

    I've become convinced in recent years that many kids now expect to leave school and walk straight into highly-paid £100k a year jobs

    Running Boatyards I found virtually everyone expected a higher wage. Or overvalued their contribution and skill set. They would get pissy because I earned more. (Not that I ever discussed my wages. A really tacky thing to do imo). 
    They quickly forgot that, I was the one who dictated the current work plan and what we needed to do to achieve it. I taught them the necessary skills to accomplish their tasks. I came behind to inspect and correct.

    Its not about me, just an example that to achieve anything you need a practical understanding of the task set before you. 

    Young people forget as well, that usually, better paid staff get more grief when things go wrong. Most just turn up, do as little as possible and go home and forget about it. Managers and foremen take their work home with them. Hence the stress.

  5. 25 minutes ago, Velma said:

    Plastic, rapidly becoming the bane of our existence. Who remembers requesting that practically all of our resources and requisites were made from plastic? Your shoes, handbag and wallet, plastic, whereas it was once leather. The shopping bag, plastic, which was previously woven from wicker. Foodstuffs, wrapped in plastic which ordinarily came in paper, made from biodegradable and sustainable hemp. Garden pots, plastic, which were once clay. Children’s toys, plastic, when they used to be fashioned from wood. The interior of your car? I learned to drive in a Rover100, which had leather seats, a wooden dashboard and shiny chrome. A thing of the past… Tupperware, which is stuffed into the back of a cupboard and never used, or is that just me? They even give us water, in plastic bottles. And vapes!


    Original alternatives are still available, such as leather shoes, but how many working class people can stretch their budget for that, when they depend on Primark for clothing and Food Banks to eat? Plastic is affordable, because it is simply a by-product of the petrochemical industry, which they sought to exploit for profit. It was foisted upon us, without consultation, until we became dependant on it, for multiple reasons. However, they claim the ‘plastic island’ floating in the Pacific, the microplastics contained in everything and the plastic carrier bag in the belly of a whale is our fault? Let’s focus on the manufacturer and not the consumer. It’s the same as ‘health,’ they offer the ‘cure’ but never address the cause. The companies that created this plastic ‘apocalypse’ ought to take responsibility.




    I learnt from my grandparents, world war 2 era. My pop was a head gardener at a small stately home after the war. He taught me all I needed to know about recycling and maintaining what we have. Nothing wasted. All natural waste can be repurposed.

    Not a piece of plastic in sight. 

    On the note of affordability. I envision a day when the only retail shops are owned by Amazon. Or a similar company. 

    I always argue that we are blamed for the excess of multinationals etc. Just look at Amazon packaging.

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  6. 11 hours ago, alexa said:


    I Know the Pope did & Buzz Aldrin did but No I didn't know that Trump had :classic_ohmy:

    Loads including Patriarch Kirill of Moscow. He officiated a ceremony at the Russian Orthodox Church there.

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  7. 5 hours ago, Observations said:

    BbC Question Time


    Will the Covid inquiry result in anything substantial?


    Jonathan Ashworth MP - "Why was my home town of Leicester locked down for longer?"


    Lord Sumption is on the panel tonight. I appreciated his input during 2020 / 2021

    They will jump on any band wagon going. They supported all the draconian measures but now want your votes again.

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  8. 1 minute ago, Origin said:

    You are inseparable from the other side, which means that a certain aspect is still there. The question is where are you in the first place and why. And what is the dream and why does this dream have to end...Maybe we are all here to let go. 

    Through many, many altered state past times in my younger days, I came to understand that the body is a restrictive form. In respect to how we interact in this apparent version of consciousness. Whilst letting go it always felt that the spark that I perceive through was free to wonder every imaginable reality. And myriads that would normally be impossible to conceive. 
    In many instances I would receive visions of absolute emptiness. No colour or form. It felt completely non threatening. If anything, for want of a better word, welcoming. 
    It always felt like I needed to do something to progress beyond this nothingness. Not on a harmful way. More that I needed greater understanding to be allowed to continue.


    This occurred on hundreds of occasions. Same visions even whilst mates were doing normal mushroom induced activities( if there is such a thing!).

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  9. 2 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    They were dazzled by the pretty phones, then mentally disarmed by them, before having the jabs attack their bodies. Fecking useless for most things now.


    Straight out of the Triffids playbook.


    My lady bought me an old style Nokia about five years ago. Still got nine  quid credit out of ten.

    used a smart phone for first time to gain entry to principality stadium for rugby. I got help from a steward explaining to swipe not press. And how’s to connect to the internet.

    Reckon I’m safe😂

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  10. 4 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

    The fact that I grew up piss poor probably helped. Never had cool clothes or toys etc. I had to think for myself to make life better.

    Materialism is the crux of the problem. once we get away from the addiction of owning piles of crap our minds open.

    The saying that “ the devil makes work for idle hands” is wrong Imo. Idle hands led to free thinking and creativity.

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  11. 2 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    what it is is that the cabal are experts on human psychology. They know that most people are desperate to 'fit in' so as long as they can control the perception of what the in-thing is to be doing, they can control the masses


    that's why TV, radio and smart phones are so dangerous: they are creating the perception in the minds of the masses of what it is that must be conformed to in order to 'fit in'

    The fact that I grew up piss poor probably helped. Never had cool clothes or toys etc. I had to think for myself to make life better.

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  12. 3 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    most of the conspiracy is now totally out in the open! klaus schwab even wrote a book called 'the great reset'!


    what the feck is wrong with people?

    He wrote a book. Most people don’t know what a book is anymore.

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  13. 3 minutes ago, Origin said:

    Start to determine whether the human word, the sum of all experiences, equals the truth. Unfiltered experience? No human knowledge can help you with this. This is only possible with direct assistance from the other side. Before that, you have to evaluate everything that comes from Humans. It could be that everything is based on incorrect information.

    Serious question. What do you consider to be the other side?

  14. Just now, Macnamara said:

    yet despite this people still opted to take a jab that was still in phase 3 trials which had been rushed to market in 8 months.......

    The BBC have kindly created a fact checking system which can explain all of your concerns. 

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  15. 6 minutes ago, Mr H said:



    I think today people are just being bombarded with multiple agendas, and they are increasingly absurd (e.g that a man can be a women)


    I think because of the increasing absurdity, their is an increasing defensiveness or deflection to help keep the absurdity intact. That plus where normies get their info and feedback from - social media, MSM, is all carefully controlled, they're in a neverending reinforcing, feedback loop.

    It only reinforces what so many of us think. That peoples are at different levels of consciousness etc. The vast majority have access to the same information. The same tv etc. You don’t even need to go down any rabbit hole to find half of the facts out there.

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