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  1. 30 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    The Rothschild has the same pose as in the oft-posted picture of him with Boris Johnson.


    Does he always pose like this, or is there some photoshopping at play?

    it doesnt help that modern photograpy techniques put too much separation between back and fore ground imo, Rothys outline is very solid giving the appearance of having been added go another photo. To me anyway!

  2. 1 hour ago, ArchonBeliever25421932 said:

    Interesting video from Blackbelt Barrister here;


    It seems that the government are suggesting (no, ordering) people not to post about this on social media because they may be held in contempt of court - based on the interpretation of a law which may, or may not, be outdated.




    So, yeah, I guess we're now at the point where the UK is indeed a fascist state - run by fascist rulers - with no opposition.


    Benito would be proud, as would his prodigal son, Adolf.


    As for me? I'm just glad I don't live there anymore.


    Adolf wasnt a fascist he was Nazi. Two very different belief systems. I get your point though.

  3. 50 minutes ago, Captainlove said:

    You dont know who to trust but if we go through life with distrust of everyone then we have lost already.

    Its the curse of what we discuss here. I do have a few friends I would trust with my families lives.


    I considered creating a topic to discuss meeting people etc. Though I imagine most who would consider doing so would do it through p.m's

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  4. 57 minutes ago, Velma said:

    Hundreds of people who identify as dogs gathered at the Potsamer Platz railroad station, in central Berlin, on Tuesday for a meeting organized by a group called 'Canine Beings' which advocates for the rights of people who identify as dogs.




    In the viral video of the meetup, attendees were seen communicating by barking and whistling towards each other.






    I do expect these 'canine beings' to be chipped, vaxxed, neutered, muzzled, licensed, treated for parasites and to eat raw mince, to sniff each other's butts, crap on the pavement and get someone else to pick it up for them, in a recyclable bag. Otherwise, they are full of sh*t.


    Barking doesn't make you a dog, any more than wearing a dress makes a man a woman. Period! And no, men don't have these either, ever.


    Remember women are know known as "egg donors." Post menopause, who knows?


    A while back in Truro there was a small group of Furries. They got really pissy with me for pissing myself laughing.

    In a Waterstones I commented to my kids that the anime books covers looked like child porn. I didnt hear myself but lady overheard 3 trans dressed as Goths, saying h"he must be xenophopic."


    It would all make great comedy if it was not cancelled first!

  5. 1 hour ago, Captainlove said:

    This is starting to feel like a turning point in the wrong direction. If the parasites get there way were in deep shit. When most the sheep just let it happen. I think alot of people either dont really care or still think the goverment are there to help them. As you say bomb i dont see any push back or even a little push back. It seems the population are far to destroyed to fight back.

    The problem as I see it is one of trust. How many members here would really be willing to meet to discuss legal avenues of resistence. How many of us would trust the others here in person. An awful lot would rightly presume that bad actors were amongst them imo. Then there is the putting your money wherevyour mouth is issue. I imagine it being a bit like when a child and you get in trouble with your friends. you look around and they're all half way down the road.

    There is also the issue that, just because people here think similarly on many issues, they may not be comfortable in larger groups.


    This needs to be a world wide resistence to the horrors we face. I've seen few if any I would follow. Don't know who to trust

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  6. 4 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    just remember that each printer has its own distinctive mark which it leaves on paper much like a finger print


    the white rose group sell disposable printers that are untraceable back to you

    Yeah, im aware of this. Good to be reminded though. Thanks for the info on the White rose group.

    Honestly, I live under the assumption that whomever is interested knows who I am anyway. I have no major concerns over my actions here as a mod or member, in regards to the law. When I attended rallies and protests against the issues of the last few years in my area, I just listened. Mainly because I wanted to suss out who was doing the talking and who was looking for some attention. It was always clear that even a really small protests there was a plain clothes prescence.

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  7. 17 minutes ago, Captainlove said:

    Well it dont look good. But i think your right bomb. We really have to start pushing back or its game over and digital gulags for all us peoples. but i fear it could be already to late. I hope im wrong, guess it will be pretty bad once they have there reset and NWO.

    It does feel too late. It doesnt help with the "cost of living" farce keeping the majority of people fearful of not complying. Add to that all the other planned issues holding people back and the powers that be seem to have winning hand.

    Even though I dont roam the streets asking others their views, it does upon over hearing people, that most are going along with agenda. The will to protest or strike for our futures seems non existent.

    Its finding that one thing that would convince everyone to resist. If I knew I could influence people in the real world to take stock of whats really going on, I would be out everyday. I thought at one stage to post something through every letter box in my area. Just a web address for the W.E.F. linked to the Great Reset.

    I think it may be more effective because many will check out the site,whereas if I write too much they will dismiss as a looney.

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  8. Were way past refusing to interact with corporations and those involved with abuses of power imo. A.I. becoming common is a big tell of how far they are with their plans. Imo the standard of A.I. usable to the public will be vastly inferior to the real standard. Much like the way tech for cars tricles down from Formula. 1.

    The sheer volume of incontravertible evidence, on the kinds of issues discussed here, is way beyond doubt.


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  9. 3 hours ago, Campion said:


    I don't trust minced up stuff like burgers and sausages because they can hide any old offal in there. I'd rather have a veggie burger when I have to have one we've not made ourselves. And don't get me started on halal meat that's not labelled up either. 


    What's the definition of "beef" anyway, does it include anything from a cow or just the actual meat? 

    Tesco’s value burgers used to contain mechanically removed chicken.

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  10. 11 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    plus they talked about bumping off peoples cats to stop the spread of covid.....they didn't do it in the end obviously but they talked about it

    There is such an overwhelming amount of evidence of what we all discuss on this forum. Unfortunately my memory is rubbish. Doesn’t help reading so much. At a certain point it all blends together. Add to that the number of posts read here.

    I do, like most I imagine, keep records of the things that I feel most important but really need more hours in the day.

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  11. 35 minutes ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    I see your logic, and that would be great, but finding a large amount of police and military who would go up against their paymasters would be quite difficult-


    Unless the situation got so obvious and so bad that any normal person, government employed or not, would be stupid not to go against the system.


    It’d take some kind of ‘Terminator’ Skynet scenario, something overt, completely anti human and extreme where AI ruled transhumanists begin wholesale slaughtering humanity, for that to happen.


    I think we’re seeing something similar happening but it’s hidden under reality at the moment, off the radar of 90% of the population.



    I know I’m dreaming!

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  12. 4 hours ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    Just a thought-


    If there are millions, if not billions of people who are against this vaccine bullshit and all the other nefarious things going on in the world,


    why aren’t we allowed to talk about it or voice our dissent? 

    Because we are living in a global technocratic dictatorship?


    Via technology, they’ve got us by the balls so to speak.


    Take technology away and what do they have? 

    Imo, if all people who want a better and fairer society, regardless of vaccines, technocracy, ruling families etc, were to peacefully protest with military and police backing, it would all end over night.

    If I was prime minister and I genuinely wanted to "drain the swamp," the first thing I would do would be to make the top people, CEO or owner, criminally responsible for what happens in their companies. Same for Mp's lying or having invested interests. Over night most corruption would be gone. Next would be the legal system simplified so that no grey areas and all treated the same.

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  13. 1 hour ago, legion said:


    Not a bad idea. 

    Something has to be done. 

    I'm not a fan of rules, regulations and laws but people are actually dying and also being permanently harmed. 

    I don't know why 'they' are suddenly focusing on this problem. If you spend 15 minutes online looking around you'll see it's been a big issue for a while now.. 

    I vaguely remember something to do with the great reset, or something similar. It was suggested that pet ownership was harmful to the environment and so would need to be removed in future.


    Im not a fan of rules etc either. Decent people end up paying for bad behaviour of others. At minimum a massive prison sentence even if you have a dog dangerously out of control.

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  14. 13 hours ago, legion said:


    This has been building over several years. I took a look at a Wikipedia page about dog attacks in the UK last year. The stats go year by year. The Bully is bad news IMO. I'm into animals and pets but cannot condone having Bullys in society looking at their history. 

    They come from the Pitbull, the most notorious dog. Yeah, most will be docile and safe, but they are specifically bred for fighting. That's really not good DNA / genetics to have around an unsuspecting family. 

    Bring back dog licences and responsible ownership with harsh sentences for criminal use of dogs. 

    And yes - chip all dogs and keep a proper up to minute database. 

    People, especially children need protecting from thug owners and GMO dogs. 


    Nature / Nurture....? 

    A bit of both, so best to be safe. 

    Maybe it’s harsh but if all dogs were muzzled in public it would reduce all deaths. Inside is a different matter.

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  15. 2 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    there is a culture of fear in britain now where people are afraid to speak about certain topics. for example people will avoid speaking about vaccines or mass immigration because they are concerned they will be accosted by some woke nutjob


    however not speaking about these things doesn't stop them from being part of your reality


    for a longtime now some of us have had to live in two worlds simultaneously where we were learning about smart grids, chemtrails, central banking, satanic agendas and so on whilst also moving amongst normies and going about regular life but now those two worlds are colliding and merging and all of the things we are learned about are becoming part of the normies reality too....whether they want it or not

    My problem is not fear of the woke. I say exactly what I think in public regardless of how shitty they get. My feat is lady giving me a bollocking. 
    How long before the normies claim to have known all along and that they exposed you to the reality?

  16. On 9/15/2023 at 1:24 AM, Observations said:

    BBC News " If you spot anything strange in the sky NASA wants you to get in touch "


    I hadn't heard the term UAP before, however I see it comes up on a search of the forum, especially in this thread 

    The article stated nothing of worth imo. I wont tell NASA if I see a U.A.P. They would wait years before reporting to the public anything of genuine interest, if at all, so they can wait years for my sightings to be published as well.

  17. 24 minutes ago, Velma said:

    I think Pitbulls are adorable, but I've never been savaged by one.

    I agree with you on all this. It training and owners and treatment that make dogs dangerous.


    My ladies dad was savaged by a pit bull a few years ago. He was walking one for a friend and decided to throw a stick for the dog. Totally normal thing to do. The dog unfortunately had been beaten by its owners. Something my ladies dad was not aware of. Chewed right into his arm and cheek.

    If they shot the arsehole owners it might make looking after an animal a bit more important.

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  18. 2 hours ago, pete675 said:



    Blimey, pregnant women on the list too?


    From the WEF/Billy Goat perspective, I can understand the homeless, prisoners, ethnic minorities, the disabled, the mentally handicapped etc getting priority for 'treatment', but now they add the pregnant?

    Your list sounds like a Nazi solution list! 😁

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