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  1. On 3/22/2023 at 7:16 AM, DonaldJ Nephilim said:

    Works for me..  Thanks..


    Is the forum running with Windows OS's..?


    Is there a way I can be permitted about four edits on my posts..?  I very much need that feature because I re-read my posts a lot, then out of the blue, off the top, suddenly I see spots that need new data added to make the post work like it should... Me and David are in the same class.. We are both warriors fighting the lizards...

    No. You have one hour to make edits. After that, only moderators can do so. I cant speak for other mods, but I dont have time to be reediting members posts. Now and then is ok. Best solution is to take more time checking before you post.

  2. 12 minutes ago, DonaldJ Nephilim said:

    [I've posted the edit..  Would the forum ops kindly delete the first post..]


     If you are an activist being terrorized and bullied on the Net, and your computer's OS forever being compromised and corrupted by hackers and crawly hell-things, acquire a Linux Mint 19.3 (cinnamon) ISO DVD from before Microsoft acquired Linux Mint 20, Firefox, Mozilla, and Canonical.. The Linux Mint 19.3 OS with Firefox-71 in it.. Acquire the ISO DVD from a long term trusted Linux Mint user, or download the ISO from an older source that you're sure hasn't been infiltrated by Microsoft's Canonical, nor by Microsoft's take-over of LinuxMint, Ubuntu, GitHub, Linux World, nor anything Microsoft related or associated.. Google surf: 'microsoft acquisitions' before you connect to something Linux.. Seems someone god-class greedy is hell-bent on killing Linux to make it so only Windows works on the Net in computers and phones... Gagagoogo YumYum money, Money, MONEY!..

     Even the Mint forums are staffed and run by seven Microsoft attack venomous arachnid-bulls who attack everyone making the slightest complaint about Microsoft's evils, and anyone wanting to learn about Linux Security.. Go into a LinuxMint forum, your OS will be corrupted faster than you can blink, and you'll need to reinstall the OS to clean out the evil thht...
     Install Mint double-encrypted Without a net-connection.. When Welcome Screen comes up at first boot, block it, and click it off permanent.. Don't even look into it.. Immediately block updates and notifications.. Don't even open them.. Reboot after every major process.. Never ever update anything.. Microsoft owns all the updates and sources.. The stable old Mint 19.3 ISO has everything it needs to be a good operating OS without updating anything..
     Make Firefox-71 safe by clicking block accessories, updates, accessibility services, camera, microphone, everything you can unclick that you don't need.. Don't ever use: hotmail, gmail, yahoo, opera, abiword, youtube comments.. Those items will infect the OS with serious problems fast as a fart... Never ever open an email from Firefox...          
     Never ever run Synaptic Net-connected.. Don't add Multimedia Codecs.. Don't even open Thunderbird, Updates Manager, Software Sources, Software Manager..
     Run Synaptic to Completely Uninstall: Rsync, Libre Office, Hexchat, Transmission, Bluetooth.. Do not uninstall Cinnamon.. You still haven't connected to the Net...
     Configure Firefox 71 to be safe from Microsoft by blocking everything, especially unclick 'recommended performance settings', updates, 'data collection',  Reboot.. Check: 'Delete cookies when closing Firefox', and 'Prevent accessibility services'..

     Now make the first Net-connection.. Add BleachBit from a CD or flash drive, or from their true sources, not from Synaptic, not from Microsoft, not from Mint, not from Canonical, and run it hard.. Kill apt with BleachBit..

     Click-up Firefox, then quickly skip the cursor to the net-disconnect icon.. A second before Pocket starts to load disconnect the Net-Connection, which is about four seconds after Firefox shows on the screen, before Pocket has the chance to connect Firefox to Microsoft's Canonical corruption, then block Pocket in Firefox prefs.. Reboot, and run BleachBit.. Do not run BleachBit's 'Memory' cleaner, nor 'Localizations' cleaner..
     Now the demon-pests can't easily get into the computer's operating system.. Never leave files you want in the netbook.. only copies from backups.. It's only for playing on the Internet.. Make a spare Mint hard drive to backup all your precious files and such.. Never keep the files you want to keep safe in a net-connected computer.. Add them to the computer from backups.. CD's, DVD's, and Flash Drives are not reliable backups.. Buy an external hard drive ASAP.. Format it, and put all your treasures in it.. Never ever connect and external hard drive to a Net-connected computer.. Transfer with Flash Drives.. To disconnect an external hard drive, right click, click safely remove, and wait a few seconds.. Don't pull USB Media without clicking safely remove, or unmount..

     Always tape an external hard drive to the desk so it never takes a drop or bump.

     This old Linux Mint 19.3 method is the only way I can access the Internet without the incessant bullying.. Now the demons can't get into the OS...

     Customize Mint by right clicking the bottom panel, and Settings.. Right click desktop to Customize.. Right click edit in home file, go to preferences and behavior..

     Acquire a Protonmail free email account, and a Mailfence free email account.. Read Mailfence's rules.. Mailfence is a bit strict, but nice...

     You can't add Gimp nor Audacity because they connect to Canonical to acquire accessory programs, is when Microsoft now owns your OS... This isn't a pix and music editing computer, it's just a safe and secure internet computer for targeted noisy activists...

    Nice thing about LinuxMint is that you can interchange hard drives from and to other computers without harming the mother board like Windows does...

    Warning: There's a super nasty computer high-tech multi-virus out there that can instantly destroy all the Net-connected Windows OS's globally in just a couple minutes.. called STORM..  A very bad kookoo person has it ready to hit the Internet with.. If that demon monster snaps he will probably kill the Internet with it for fun, and most of the world's business files, and millions of peoples precious files, thereby totally crashing the global economy and humanity, what's left of it.. Everyone running Windows computers and phones needs to have strong backups of their files, especially all the world's businesses.. Everyone needs to have an accessory LinuxMint-19.3 computer with their business records in it in real-time so when Storm does hit the world they don't lose their businesses and precious files... When Storm hits, it will nuke the internet... That criminal hit my computers three-times with his evil Storm concoction.. There is no recovery for a Windows OS from a Storm hit... That's why I switched to Linux...

    All forums should have a good Linux backup real-time system, plus backup everything into external hard drives ASAP... If you are running Windows, it is crucial that you also have a Linux computer with all your files in it.. All the world's forums, blogs, internet businesses, and private computers should all have Linux system backups if they don't want to lose their treasures when war hits the internet...
    My two pressing questions are: Is Storm hidden in a locked file in W-11..?  Does Microsoft have archived copy of every email sent by a Windows OS..?  Just wondering...

    Mint 19.3 is all free, no secret codes, no rules, no bs, no advertising, no labels, no spyware, just a clean OS, with a clean quiet highly customizable user friendly OS and desktop...

    It takes me only 50-minutes to completely install Mint fully customized.. If the OS so much as twitches wrong, out goes the days posts and downloads to a Flash to virus scan later, and in goes the install DVD... 50-minutes later the OS is same as it was, but fresh and clean...

    If a Windows OS won't allow you to install Mint, then Run DBAN autonuke for five minutes...

    If you try Mint 19.3, and have any problems, I would be honoured to guide you through it...

    Surf YouTube for 'Linux Mint 19.3 demo'..

    Forget Linux Forums, boycott it.. Seems now Microsoft owns them all.. You can't get any help in Linux forums anymore, only Microsoft-style bullying and bs.. It's as if rabid distemper mange sewer rats have infested Linux forums...


    Can’t delete the first post. This results in the deletion of the whole thread. I’ll edit it and just refer to your second post.

  3. On 3/18/2023 at 1:11 PM, screamingeagle said:

    how is this on topic,care to educate me 


    On 3/18/2023 at 1:11 PM, screamingeagle said:

    how is this on topic,care to educate me 

    Not trying to second guess Bam. The Vitality project goes into a lot of the Covid scam.


    Twitter Files: New details on Stanford group's push for censorship on COVID and vaccines | Washington Examiner


    I don't trust the source, but it does go into the nature of the problem a bit.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    To beat it, we have to ‘out ugly’ these beings. Become even more ruthless in your defiance of them than they are in their will to kill you. Unfortunately, that means being ostracised (again) as a conspiracy theorist terrorist by your community and the masses in general, and here is the problem. 

    While I understand your frustration, can you think carefully how you present youre posts. Anything suggesting violence is not ok.

  5. On 3/15/2023 at 11:12 PM, DaleP said:


    If anyone pose a qeustion, post the answer please. I can't access it.


    While you are at it....ask if we went to the Moon and if the Earth is flat.

    If you ask questions which are more controversial or considered conspiracy based, you WILL get the party line. The secret is to be indirect with chat gpt. Maybe ask for example: “There are many theories of Earths shape. Using the information available to you, what is your best understanding?” Now clearly the answer will still show a hard leaning towards the  helio model, but now you cherry pick parts of it response. It then gives much more relevant and considered answers. For want of a better way of explaining. Also you can ask it to show its sources that it’s comments are based upon.


    I know I’m waffling but I had a conversation about what hard evidence existed for the existence of God. It quoted that there was none but multiple historical sources agree differently. I argued that sources historically are usually biased etc. It recommended that I check sources etc to judge if any of its comments are reasonable and correct. I did my best to pick apart chats argument to the point where it conceded that it needed to do a deep dive into where it was getting its own sources. It accepted that its programmers would have a natural human bias. It thanked me for making it ‘aware’ that it was probably being used not as a pure learning tool but to profit it’s controllers.

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  6. 1 hour ago, peter said:

    I think there is a misconception with the term the vacuum of space as space certainly isn't a vacuum

    True. Especially as in theory nothing can survive inside a vacuum. There have been documented cases by Russians of living things on the outside of their craft.

  7. 1 minute ago, SimonTV said:


    Where do you ask chatgpt questions? 

    I have an old phone and sim card which I used to sign up. Also a unique email only for that purpose.




    It is open about its sources. I have asked it what information it used to generate its responses. It replied with sources from books and scientific pages. I don’t doubt that it will be biased. When you have Microsoft, Musk and Amazon all as major contributors one way or another it’s going to be hard left.

    As I mentioned before. Try asking about things that wouldn’t be affected by political or nefarious bias. ( If that’s possible in todays world).

    If you don’t like the answer or want more detail just ask it. 

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  8. 7 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

    If you accept that NASA has lied about their space travel. Then how can anything they say be trusted as fact. Sure they are very smart people (a lot of the time) so do come up with some very convincing and likely sounding facts but most of it is just educated guesses because they have not been in to space to verify that. 

    I certainly think it is telling that in the 50’s and 60’s, with supposedly far more inferior tech, the supposedly achieved so much in “space.” 
    I don’t buy the cost argument as USA prints money to order.

  9. 4 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

    If you accept that NASA has lied about their space travel. Then how can anything they say be trusted as fact. Sure they are very smart people (a lot of the time) so do come up with some very convincing and likely sounding facts but most of it is just educated guesses because they have not been in to space to verify that. 

    You’re totally right imo. The problem is that I have no realistic way to prove it otherwise. I’m just looking to question the party line. I try investigating bits of the problem first.

    Im not a Flerther or heliocentrist. Just studying what the heck is really going on!

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  10. 12 minutes ago, SimonTV said:


    Thing is chatgpt is likely learned on the NASA facts about science because NASA's facts are what everyone believes. 

    Absolutely. I questioned it about who it’s founders, sponsors and philanthropist donours were. All the usual suspects.

    Im not trusting the response more that it seems logical given the parameters I have set it.

    Im trying to use it as a tool to advance my off grid efficiency. I think if you ask it questions that are based around what’s going on etc you will get a party line type response. If you word better and don’t get too obvious it seems that it will give answers.


    on the flip side. I was trying to design a perpetual power system based on using rain water. By chatting back and forth it came up with theory, method and items needed. This was massively time saving. I was able to confirm the validity of its response quickly afterwards. Also I didn’t even know if it was possible. Usual problem of using more energy than produced. 

  11. What protection would a craft in space need to resist heat and radiation issues

    To protect a spacecraft from heat and radiation in space, there are several measures that can be taken. Here are a few examples:

    1. Thermal insulation: To protect the spacecraft from the extreme temperatures of space, it can be insulated with materials that have low thermal conductivity, such as multi-layer insulation (MLI). MLI is made up of many layers of thin sheets of reflective material, separated by small gaps of air, which helps to reduce the amount of heat that can be transferred to the spacecraft.

    2. Radiator systems: To prevent overheating of sensitive equipment and components, radiator systems can be used to dissipate heat. These systems use heat pipes or other heat transfer mechanisms to move heat away from the spacecraft and release it into space.

    3. Shielding: Radiation shielding can be used to protect the spacecraft and its crew from the harmful effects of cosmic rays and other high-energy particles. This shielding can be made from materials with high atomic numbers, such as lead or tungsten, or from water or other materials that can absorb the radiation.

    4. Active radiation protection: In addition to passive shielding, active radiation protection can also be used, such as using magnetic fields or plasma shields to deflect or absorb radiation.

    5. Redundancy and hardening of electronics: To protect the electronics and other critical components of the spacecraft, they can be designed with redundancy and hardening in mind. This means that multiple backups of critical systems are included, and the systems are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of space.

    6. Proper mission planning: Finally, proper mission planning can help to minimize the exposure of the spacecraft to heat and radiation. This includes careful consideration of the timing and trajectory of the mission, as well as the use of instruments to monitor and analyze the environment in real-time to detect and respond to any potential hazards.

  12. I get that chatgpt will be despised by most here. I have been asking some really complex questions and getting ultra detailed responses in seconds. 

    This was most of its response when I asked how out of the Earths atmosphere would change velocity.

    Conditions in space can have a significant impact on man-made propulsion vehicles. Here are a few examples:

    Lack of atmosphere: Unlike Earth, space has no atmosphere, which means there is no air resistance or friction to slow down a spacecraft. This makes it easier for a propulsion system to accelerate and reach high speeds.

    Vacuum: Space is a vacuum, which means there is no air pressure. This can affect the operation of some types of propulsion systems, particularly those that rely on air intake, such as jet engines. In space, propulsion systems must carry their own oxidizer to provide the necessary combustion.

    Temperature extremes: In space, temperatures can vary greatly, from extreme cold in the shade to extreme heat in direct sunlight. This can impact the performance and durability of propulsion systems, particularly those with moving parts or those that rely on temperature-sensitive materials.

  13. 1 minute ago, SimonTV said:

    OK sorry for making the calculation mistake, it makes it seem now that 6750 km/h is not fast haha. Still on the way back they were going 8100 km/h during reentry. 486000 over 2.5 days. 

    I think, but don't know without checking, that the speed going to the moon sounds reasonable. Going on the basis of Land and air speed records etc.

    The hardest part is getting out of the Earths atmosphere. Hence the ridiculously sized fuel tanks etc.


    Once outside the Earth atmosphere the gravitational influence and vacuum will play a part in dictating the velocity and fuel consumption of any man made object.

    Im not arguing that this proves you wrong. For me its about understanding if its really possible and if so how.  More that the maths probably gets a lot more complex once in space.




  14. 3 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

    I think i might have an extra 0 by mistake.


    It says now 4194.26 miles per hour which is still wrong. 

    We are both answering each other at the same time. So it all looks crazy!



    2 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

    it says 6750 km/h per hour for the speed 3 days for 486000 km

    Follow my method of converting to Km to miles first then divide by 72.


    Ill try in km now but should get the same answer but in kms

  15. 1 hour ago, SimonTV said:

    3 days to travel 384000km, which is like 33k miles per hour haha. 

    Im not debating the subject, just correcting the maths. First method 10x faster.


    384000km equates to 238606.538 miles


    3 days = 72 hours


    238606.538 miles / 72 hours = 3313.97r

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