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  1. Same here and as a mod sometimes I need to watch some real tosh. Not this though!!!
  2. Thanks Observations. I didn't have time for a full watch!
  3. I haven't fully watched the video. skipped through it. Doesnt discuss transhumanism just more to do with control of the chip market and manufacturing
  4. This is real danger. This is an accepted and pushed attack on innocent children
  5. Very Mike Oldfield both of the first two tracks. I could certainly chill to this
  6. I also find that there are so many new words to define things now. Things that already had words to define them. Cis, woke, weird gender names etc. The sort of words used to define individuals and groups. Now clearly it’s part of the agenda but I also believe if individuals never read ,anything except what’s on a meme etc, then their vocabulary and thought process are stunted. Effectively creating a situation wherein if you don’t know the word to describe something you invent new unnecessary words to take the place of the old unknown words. All new words coming especially from the far left but not solely the left are a result of wilful ignorance, indoctrination, Mass delusion and mob rule. We have nearly all been indoctrinated to some degree or other by our schooling. The secret in my opinion is to seek information not on the internet but through libraries and social interaction with individuals capable of debating and discussing. Clearly the internet is a great tool for people who question their reality. Unfortunately most are happy to be told what to think and do.
  7. This topic has been temporarily pinned. It’s probably good info for members to learn. For those that are unsure.
  8. These videos are available on other topics. Duplicates are not necessary. The comment above the second (now hidden) video break Forum T&C
  9. Maybe they could have a Je suis Harold Shipman tag for the majority of the NHS
  10. I wouldn’t mind at all. Immersing ourselves in nature is nectar for the soul. Real conversation happens. People relax. Some of the pressures of life ease for a while. With a clearer head solutions sometimes come easier. The Lone Gunmen are always available to discuss. Three nerds fighting the big man.
  11. It’s solidarity that got us into this covid bullshit mess. If everyone on the world minded their own business everything would be fine.
  12. Thank you for the translation! I do check as well but wont allow post solely not in English. I also will post a translated post that I have translated myself but don't always have time.
  13. My personal opinion is that you should always buy the best quality you can afford. Celestron telescopes are pretty good. I have a Nexstar 8se. There are loads of lenses, barlows etc with low, mid and high range sets. Im pretty lazy so I bought a starsense sensor. You just type date and time and it auto aligns. It makes it tonnes easier. Celestron do do other much cheaper telescopes but I have no experiense with them. Maybe there is a astronomy group near where you live. Might be worth going one night and checking out what gear they use Yes I have seen Andromeda through my telescope. Deep space object are still pretty vague. Mainly with planets you get more for your money.
  14. Its probably not the only way to go about things but for me what you're doing is the most logical and sensible way. If you have a small group who are willing to do the work you can create a good food source through growing your own stuff. Lots of trial and error but needs dictate the right direction imo. Eating in a larger group to save money on fuel and ingredients is a good idea if you can put up with it as well. We et a lot of meals using rice or legumes with fresh veg. Pretty cheap and as we all enjoy it when times become harder we don't need to adapt so much. Anyone who doesnt have one should buy an Instapot or something similar. You can literally could pretty much anything in a fraction of the time. Massive saving on water and energy. Plus all the goodness remains in the food. Not tipped away.
  15. You can see andromeda with the naked eye. Its a bit fuzzy from where I can observe it but then it is light years away. I've observed multiple galaxies, clusters etc. If you dont know about it, there is an app called starwalk 2. Its not the only reference material I use but the free version is spot on. Just point in the right direction and easily identify anything observable with the naked eye. If you ever get into buying a telescope take your time. Its an absolute nightmare choosing the right equipment. I've spent too much money in the past buying gear which doesn't suit me afterwards. Much like dslr cameras the attachments are very expensive. And buying cheap is a waste of time. I struggle sometimes to remember what is correct with things. I read so much that sources get jumbled and info skewed!
  16. I agree. Its hard sometimes to know who to trust. Especially with what is going on. Where I am in Cornwall UK there are quite a lot of people similarly minded. The issue for me is that some have become "celebrities" within the movement, convinced of their own importance. They are all very narrow minded imo. I need to be around open minded people. People willing to debate not scream. Take action not get others to do it for them. I believe some of them feel they are the future rulers. I will stand up and defend what is important to me. I just need to know that others have my back. As Im sure they need the same reassurance that I have theirs.
  17. I have all his books on audible. Really enjoyed them.
  18. No they are light. Our eyes cannot see it
  19. Yeah I wasn't thinking straight. I have UV a IR capability on my telescope
  20. Infra red is light its just not on OUR visible light spectrum. Visible Light Spectrum Overview and Chart (thoughtco.com) Your basically correct but IR is visible just not by us
  21. I get the past of the man but maybe he's woken up. Seen the other side. Im not sure. He's certainly persona non grata with the establishment now as far as I can tell. Be good to know for certain
  22. Our friend has just come over. Lovely lady but can be quite fiery when she wants. She just told me that yesterday she went to pick up her son from a local beach. As she has a disabled badge she parked on double yellow lines. An old man opposite was seen by her shaking his head. This naturally pissed her right off. So she starts waving her badge at him and giving him a mouthful. Eventually he managed to explain that he had Parkinson's. bless her the bloody idiot. Cracked me up though!
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