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  1. Do your first quote then before pressing reply, highlight the next bit you want to quote. It will appear where you left your flashing cursor.
  2. His facial expressions and eyes are the same as that twat from Melbourne Dan Andrews. Seems aggressive, harsh and spiteful. Most likely because he is. Anyone cracking down on freedoms is the same if you look. Like they've come out of a lab.
  3. Don't worry I'm too stubborn to break. Just how so many can still willingly, or blindly, follow everything spoon fed to them.
  4. It's the sheer ludicrousness of some of the crap going on that gets me flabbergasted. I think the most retarded amoeba would start grasping what's going on by now.
  5. I can't cope with anymore!!!
  6. I chose not to vote for a commissioner in Cornwall because I resent the idea that a police commissioner is based on political parties. Surely the police commissioner should be entirely neutral. Not political agenda based.
  7. I don't have enough first hand knowledge of Islam Read lots of books but not spoken in depth to any Muslims or Iman's. Though I do imagine that what you state is true.
  8. Is it reasonable to suggest that all religious texts, much like Nostradamus Quatrains, are translated and perverted to suit the agendas of whoever is trying to gain influence or power. The biblical Old Testament is full of hate, manipulation and fear mongering to keep the believers in line. Many today still live life by the teachings of this book. The Biblical New Testament is so different in its teachings to the Old Testament that they seem completely unrelated. The point I guess is that virtually anything can be understood in many ways. Not all with good intentions.
  9. https://www.crocus.co.uk/features/_/articleid.1240/#:~:text=By late March the buds,find purples and whites too. Mine have already flowered. I think it depends on the particular species. Where I am in Cornwall U.K. There are thousands of micro climates etc which probably play a big role in this.
  10. Welcome to the Forum. Enjoy.
  11. Gair comment. I was thinking more the illegal settlements etc of more recent years. The issue for me is that if no one enforces the so called agreements both sides will try it on. Not just in Palestine but anywhere. It doesn't make what happened justifiable. Unfortunately the average person who just wants to live a good life free from major stresses is forced to take a side. No government is helping in the middle east.
  12. Government consultation on reforming disability payments in the U.K. No more cash payments intended. Only vouchers or refunds by receipt for all things considered essential only because of disability. Read the full report in the link within this link. Intention to have six levels of eligibility for help amongst other things. The sort of policy that will win the Conservatives a lot of votes imo.
  13. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/disability-benefits-system-to-be-overhauled-as-consultation-launched-on-personal-independence-payment--2
  14. Government consultation on removing cash payments for disabilities. Intention to provide services only.
  15. Because the land has been taken illegally by the Israeli government.
  16. Plus. If I'm right it would depend on which form of Islam and which country imposing the rules. Iran is fine with transgender if im correct whilst strong on other things.
  17. Listen to Mystery Babylon by Bill Cooper, if you haven't already. Check out "The Fact Hunter."
  18. MOD NOTE: Keep it civil please.
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