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  1. Plus. If I'm right it would depend on which form of Islam and which country imposing the rules. Iran is fine with transgender if im correct whilst strong on other things.
  2. Listen to Mystery Babylon by Bill Cooper, if you haven't already. Check out "The Fact Hunter."
  3. It's a reasonable question though. Is it not?
  4. Thanks Eve. Saved me explaining it!
  5. It would be nice if the world could find more time for things like this nowadays. My Grandads regiment had a pet rabbit during world war 2 called supper. They never ate it apparently!
  6. Not the right place I know but best for visibility. Iran launches (allegedly) attack on Israel. Check any news page.
  7. MOD NOTE: I appreciate how much there is to discuss on the subject of Israel. Especially with the current world events taking place. What I hope you can all appreciate, even if you disagree, is the difficulty in determining by moderators what is allowed to be discussed. Or maybe more in how to word posts in a way that is acceptable. I spent a few hours going through various legal documents that give definitions of anti semitic actions. In fairness, with my limited legal understanding, it seems that it is virtually impossible to discuss anything without potentially running afoul of one thing or another. The Forum rules are clear on what is acceptable but I understand that many things can be argued not to be breaking these rules. It's not easy, but considering the situation if we ignore too much, we have to err on the side of caution. One of my best suggestions would be not to group everyone the same. By stating "The Jews" it implies everyone. This is clearly not the case. I personally know Jewish people who despise what goes on in their name. This can be said for any subject on the Forum. Hope you all understand.
  8. https://news.sky.com/story/us-considering-dropping-julian-assange-prosecution-joe-biden-says-13112352
  9. I can see the cliffs above Portreath from where I live. Yexterday in the sky above me, first real nice day this year with visible blue sky, I counted 19 trails. At the same time.
  10. Mod Note: Cut the crap and personal attacks. No replies.
  11. Remember the vast, vast majority of people will support this regardless of any push back or info exposed. They are not doubling down just progressing in a logical manner approved by the masses imo.
  12. MOD NOTE: So everyone is clear. If anyone posts anything clearly and unarguably antisemitic etc they will receive an instant ban. No debate or discussion beforehand. This is as instructions from admin. That doesn't mean nothing can be discussed it just means don't label everyone the same. There are plenty of Israelis who don't follow the party line on their government actions. So attack the actions not the people. No Replies.
  13. And every other race, religion or group with any sense. Logically anyone would support whatever suits their beliefs. In fact the only ones who don't tend to be white. Asides from nutjob groups that is.
  14. Listening to Gamma Ray and Saxon last night. Spot on as usual Eagle
  15. No excuses for any team any sport now. Fijian Drua Vs Western Force Super Rugby played in Fiji in a swimming pool. https://ok.ru/videoembed/6774839708412?autoplay=1
  16. He was working with Chester Benington and Chris Cornell to expose horrendous child abuse. Go figure! Both supposedly offed themselves.
  17. How it would be done I don't know but maybe Jerusalem needs to be a separate autonomous zone. It would resolve the issue but the problem is that regardless of consensus individuals and groups who don't approve will just carry on as usual.
  18. This is exactly Israel's goal. The Palestinians become completely stateless and Greater Israel begins.
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