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  1. It’s not difficult to moderate. It’s not allowed end of.
  2. Better drainage and more reservoirs would help. Scotland could probably provide for the whole of the U.K. Imo.
  3. It’s poured down from January to April where I am in Cornwall. Still hose pipe bans in place. Seems to me where I am thst reservoirs are redistributing the water between themselves to give the appearance of scarcity.
  4. MOD NOTE: Can we get Bach on topic please.
  5. MOD NOTE: Best not to do this, because any member who votes will most likely be banned because of Forum rules.
  6. Going further back. Wasn’t Horus the rewrite from Sumerian myths, as well?
  7. https://www.france24.com/en/europe/20230528-french-researchers-slam-former-hospital-director-for-unauthorised-covid-trial
  8. I reckon my Lady is behind chatgpt. She makes no sense either and she is always right.
  9. On another note. I think the isles have always faced invasion of some sort. Foreign or domestic. Not always by country’s but by ideologies or groups. Most likely the same in any country really. It’s not a good thing but to raise awareness makes you a nutter or bigot. My idea of country is a group of people working towards shared goals and values. I don’t care what personal beliefs a person may have as long as they support the whole. Maybe because I am from a pre internet generation I can see the harm the internet has done at all levels of society. Read an article a few minutes ago about younger people feeling more lonely. The net has eroded at an incredible speed people confidence, social awareness and ability to interact person to person imo. How many people interact with others and laugh and joke nowadays? All humour is not allowed by the left and woke brigade.
  10. What do you mean by “your country?” Depending how far you go back the demographic changes a lot. Not digging just wonder what time period you consider the base standard. I can trace direct family ties to all U.K. countries. Pretty sure there’s some Germanic and Scandinavian as well. To be expected considering how many invasions our fair isles have seen.
  11. Exactly. I do my best thinking surrounded by nature. Plus the healing power of trees is now well documented and proven. They release chemicals which interact with us at a genetic level. When we feel good surrounded by trees, we really do feel good.
  12. On another note. I think we can awaken ourselves to a myriad of things just by slowing down and being in the moment. Today I was at a place called St Gothans nature reserve. Saw Canada Geese fledglings. Just starting out on their own journey. Moments like this put a lot of things into perspective for me. The universe carries on regardless of me, but if I take the time it will share beautiful moments always. It also teaches me how little it needs me as well. Nature always humbles me and is a great way to reduce the ego.
  13. Rush did this for me. Lyrics always thought provoking. Smoking weed and listening to them opened up many lines of thinking.
  14. I think “being awake” is a really broad subject. It’s easy to be aware of some things and not others. I.e: taking a non conformist attitude to health and well being, Spirituality etc, but still not being aware of the conspiracies going on around you. Though it’s probably a bit like drug use. Just because you take one drug doesn’t mean you will try others, though certainly the likelihood of exposure to others is likely. One part of being “awake” I think is to be able to sieve quicker through the inundation of misinformation, deliberate or not. My earliest memories are of resisting any type of indoctrination, regardless of the source. I chose music and books for really odd reasons. I would pick library books which had few or no stamps. (Remember those days!). Wondered why they were not borrowed. Turns out most was more alternate thinking. Same with choices in direction whilst walking. I always choose the least inviting looking path. Needed to see that it was fine, just imagination. Were all born to question, 100%. Just need to avoid time spent in places, or with people, who drain us.
  15. Bombadil


    An animal backed into a corner is the most dangerous imo. I was speaking to an ex squaddie yesterday about how Russia seems so crap. His response was to put their attempts at war to one side and look at the bigger picture. He stated that all the war zones he went to were political wars not wars. Something we are all aware of. Plus remember if the west wasn’t arming Ukraine and we didn’t have forces inside Ukraine, Ukraine war would have ended in Ukrainian surrender months ago.
  16. This is crazy stuff. Never heard of it before your post.
  17. So I’ve watched the video above. Really interesting. Won’t lie, the inner workings of how this field works are mostly an over my Luddite head. Would appreciate more posts from you about this. Seems I need to get my head deliberately out of the sand and learn more.
  18. IRS in US have removed the team investigating Bidens son. The article is on Fox News if anyone interested. Can’t post the link. Pad playing up.
  19. I don’t think it is junk at all. Just because we don’t know what it does doesn’t mean it’s not doing something. Just lazy science labelling anything they can’t explain.
  20. A new forum isn’t needed. It needs all members to post decent content. That’s all. Too much Far right content being removed. Plus the anti semitism starting again. So all members understand clearly. Any racist or anti semitic bullshit will be given an immediate ban.
  21. I know. Just commenting on the absurdity of it all. In fairness where I am in Cornwall, everyday is different. Can get hot but unlike Brum we have a sea breeze to cool things off.
  22. My arse is UK hotter than Australia. Every Super Rugby match I watch in Australia it warmer than a comparable Autumn day in UK.
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