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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/world/canadian-pastor-ordered-judge-cite-medical-experts-pulpit this on Fox News. You will preach what we tell you to preach.
  2. Horrible isn’t it. Saw the link on RT. Could barely bring myself to read it.
  3. My daughters school. Told us Wednesday night. Not exactly well in advance. Anyway perfect opportunity to go camping with the kids. Total bunch of fuckwits run that school,
  4. Your command of the English language is exemplary sir!
  5. Years ago took my little sisters there. Stood in a queue for about 3 hours. Only to be told couldn’t enter because they had bare shoulders. It was fucking hot. When I told them Jesus was born naked and then ranted blasphemy in Italian, they got quite annoyed.
  6. https://news.sky.com/story/top-military-chief-appointed-by-government-to-lead-far-reaching-review-of-nhs-leadership-12423548 Army chief in to sort out NHS. Fuck off.
  7. Another Savill imo. Can’t let the cat out of the bag whilst he’s still alive. Might put too many powerful up shit creek!
  8. In old Arthurian legend, at least in one version, the white stag symbolised the return of Arthur. Supposedly would return to save England. Nice myth, don’t believe it but just in case I’m beating out the heirloom breastplate plate and oiling the straps!
  9. Same here. Can’t imagine what their decision will be.
  10. Not likes. What a horrible montage that was. Always thought oz was a great place. Feel sorry for the decent citizens there!
  11. https://greatyorkshireradio.co.uk/news/uk/item/9778-coronavirus-mps-approve-renewal-of-emergency-powers-after-ministers-concede-to-tory-rebels found it after a tedious search. All convid emergency powers extended. Quite surprised actually
  12. First obvious shortages in Tesco’s where I am. Luckily I didn’t eat anything processed. Plus have a large network of local private growers who sell on side of road.
  13. Spot on Simon! All our current so called problems are as a direct result of recent government actions. Don’t let people out, they get ill, depressed etc. Don’t expose them to common illnesses, the world around them, people get seriously ill. in my opinion the powers that be are effectively deliberately destroying an immune system that has been in progress, and works very well considering how many humans there are, since the beginning of life on Earth. Even without the vaccines added in a lot of people would get screwed as we all know just from not going out, using masks etc. Has to be deliberate, even Forest Gump could see this!
  14. It’s crazy isn’t it. Don’t know if the article is bollocks or not. Everything is being inflated right now. I guess if you never see a wild rat, 1 or 2 would be loads. The rats are there because, as I’m sure you well know, because there is an adequate food supply. Had a small family in the garden, no harm no problem. Just enjoyed watching them be themselves!
  15. You would think removing all the crap from supermarket shelves would resolve the problem more adequately. Never let a problem stop a good profit.
  16. Read a book years ago now about the Great Depression in USA. People starved in the long run with unseen fields next Rayo them. Obviously short term is different beast all together but in fertile countries such as U.K. long term starvation is pretty much a choice. You could get enough calories and vitamins from foraging what grows on the edge of pavements for example. Not needing to go far afield at all. Sorry to derail just in my opinion every action we take is a choice. Doesn’t mean the choices aren’t shite but when you are surviving there are no grey areas.
  17. Love it Velma!!! Post of the week!
  18. I dunno, I reckon if they used live ammo/ lethal force the majority would come out and clap. How dare unvaccinated stop me going on holiday.
  19. Great words Frankie. In U.K. we have a saying, do not suffer fools gladly. I’m sure you Swiss have something similar. Words that as I get older and especially with what’s going on couldn’t be more appropriate
  20. Totally understand. Although I think nothing will scare these types. They’ll just twist it around using their enormous BBC based scientific knowledge to suit themselves. Better maybe to send them a picture or vid of yourself enjoying a break whilst their breathing their last in hospital.
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