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  1. I watched the video this morning and immediately saw a resemblance to Mr Icke! Great minds think alike.
  2. Where I live is choc full of ancient stones, quoits and many a fogou. Luckily the majority are in more remote areas so more peaceful with stunning views.
  3. Plus in sky article that’s very similar all current temps were below historic records. One 2c higher 100+ years ago. Literally one headline with different info below in same article. Shows the level of complicity/stupidity of the masses.
  4. I think this is sleepwalking into tyranny. The way we would know we had won, or at least improved something, would be a complete collapse of the current system and msm.
  5. There wont be any rising against tyranny imo. Far too many compliant citizens. The numbers anywhere but London will be easily dealt with. Plus now Labour are in charge Starmer can sign up to the WHO agreement on control of vaccines. Universal basic income by end of 2025. Job done.
  6. Must be something more important to report. Not mentioning much about Ukraine either at the moment.
  7. Also saw on a program where the donated clothes were given. To traders to sell in those desperate countries.
  8. If they do where I live I will end them gladly.
  9. https://www.corriereadriatico.it/pesaro/studente_no_mask_tso_ultime_notizie_fano_ricorso-5947673.html Article from where I lived in Italy. A student protested against mask usage by chaining himself to a desk. Was removed by police and ambulance to psychiatric ward.
  10. Im getting a forbidden link. Not a lot going on. No problems with the posts.
  11. Having worked with boats for years one of the jobs was to create test panels to put in different weather conditions. In direct sun at about 30c the panels would register at least 65c-70c. Same as concrete etc ramps up the heat.
  12. All about conserving as much energy as possible! Leaves more to cut others down.
  13. Makes sense the way you put it. Here in my part of Cornwall its been endlessly miserable. Until the end of last week the sky has been blanket white and constant rain.
  14. Yet in 2020 and 21 I was tanning every day from end of March onwards. Especially when during lockdowns we had 100+ days in a row of 20c + from end of that March
  15. From what I remember the autism spectrum was enlarged quite a lot. Don't doubt that autism is a real thing but by expanding its meaning it puts the health services under extra strain to help. All part of going towards a private health system imo.
  16. How many cameras do they have on beaches? Doubt this was staged. Just some deranged little twat.
  17. Do your first quote then before pressing reply, highlight the next bit you want to quote. It will appear where you left your flashing cursor.
  18. His facial expressions and eyes are the same as that twat from Melbourne Dan Andrews. Seems aggressive, harsh and spiteful. Most likely because he is. Anyone cracking down on freedoms is the same if you look. Like they've come out of a lab.
  19. Don't worry I'm too stubborn to break. Just how so many can still willingly, or blindly, follow everything spoon fed to them.
  20. It's the sheer ludicrousness of some of the crap going on that gets me flabbergasted. I think the most retarded amoeba would start grasping what's going on by now.
  21. I can't cope with anymore!!!
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