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  1. Ill open the thread in a bit. Time to chill guys
  2. You guys need to find a resolution somehow . Mr H is right in saying they're not a part of it. So leave them out of it.
  3. You get a lot of scams, business and immediately abusive new members. Literally in their first post or by the nature of what is written in the accounts profile. In my short experience no new account has been removed for anything else.
  4. Welcome. I believe there are bruthas posting here. Though I’ve never personally had another member mention it in regards to themselves.
  5. Yeah Reagan had his pet Star Wars project. USA claimed it failed for some reason .I call bullshit on that. You don’t just spend billions and then chick it in the bin
  6. Fair comment. I was not experienced in how to check it properly. Read my other post
  7. I’ll explain quickly sawca dodgy thing. tried to trace it. Fucked up badly. Frazzled £2500 laptop. Luckily found insurance. Massive fucking lesson learnt
  8. I’ve been reading this thread last few days. Some real interesting stuff
  9. I will put my name down to vote for unless anyone objects. Im going under the MFGA banner. Make forum great again
  10. want to. waiting for the price to come down. Used to get carried away. Now only buy with minimum 50% off on steam
  11. O.K. ive done all of the above. The problem is now that I dont have enough internal storage for my next genetic upgrade!
  12. On another note. If we were to amass all of the info on this forum and try to work out an end date for the end of world. We will be dead by next Thursday anyway
  13. I think Lake should be given some leeway here As far as I know they had retired to their private Caribbean island. Where they spend all day fishing and having sun tan lotion applied by female Ukrainian refugees.
  14. With respect. I don’t know anyone on this forum in the real world. Or mods etc. At least as far as I know
  15. You could glue yourself to a runway in protest
  16. We’ve had 2 days in a row of sun here where I live in Cornwall. Must be something wrong. As the locals would say: bleddy ansum
  17. I resigned I died but now have risen. Worship your new lord. Really I didn’t die. That’s for the more religious members I was taken instead of Duane Barry.
  18. very true and with the way prices are rising we will need o do this!
  19. Leave then Alexa. Dandelions alone will attract on average in an urban area 7 types of bee
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