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  1. The Euthanasia clinic in Switzerland has bought his entire back catalogue. To help make the assisted suicide process easier
  2. Brand has always come across as slimy to me. Sort of bloke who'd try it on with your wife at the party when your out of the room. Watched a few of his interviews where he tries to be the voice of reason, cutting edge and in the know. For me Russell Brand is just a Brand trying to sell itself by jumping on any band wagon available.
  3. Just finished reading the original Cosmos book by Carl Sagan. Cool to see how things have changed in 40 years or so since it was published!
  4. Sums up my weather today as well. Luckily I got loads done before the rain
  5. The mind has some great defence mechanisms, fortunately. I think subconsciously and consciously as far as childhood hell goes. The only positive is that I know exactly how not to treat my children
  6. My step father was a right heavy handed bastard to me. Might explain the trauma!
  7. Yeah really pissed of here in Kernow. Pissing down with rain all night. Gutted
  8. I don’t understand. I moved @sammyboy72 posts here from a different thread @peter. Have I changed your posts or something?
  9. Hope you don’t mind I’m going to have to move our music posts to a music thread. As a mod I’m setting a bad example otherwise
  10. A true stargazer. Saw Dio a few times . monsters of rock that sort of thing. Never Rainbow. I know they’re still around but Ronnie wouldn’t be right
  11. I love Rainbow and Dio have all of there stuff on original vinyl
  12. The atmosphere of Venus is made up almost completely of carbon dioxide. It also includes small doses of nitrogen and clouds of sulfuric acid. The air of Venus is so dense that by mass, the small traces of nitrogen are four times the amount found on Earth, although nitrogen makes up more than three-fourths of the terrestrial atmosphere. Venus' Atmosphere: Composition, Climate and Weather www.space.com/18527-venus-atmosphere.html
  13. Somethings defo going on here. All the recent Putin photos show a puffy faced person This is from 11th May 2022. Looks like the old Putin
  14. Deserves more trophies. I've worked in some pretty remote areas. Places where access to pharmaceuticals are not always available immediately. The doctors/nurses are fantastic. They need to deal with reality so as a result they need to FIX heath issues. I had a bad back for years. NHS just write prescriptions. Doctor in Tunisia told me to lie down. Poked around a bit. Did some pushing, great big pop and never had the same issue again. As the saying goes. Necessity is the mother of invention.
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