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  1. What are you on about? Its just an interesting photo.
  2. Not so sure with Exmoor. It’s been a few years since I’ve been. Cornwall is obsessed with the beast of Bodmin. A large cat of some sort in theory.
  3. MOD NOTE: Can all the bitching stop now please. In theory, regardless of our difference of opinion, we are all here for a good debate. Cut the personal stuff. DO NOT REPLY.
  4. Don’t think it was to do with me. Some dodgy stuff in Truro allegedly. It then expanded elsewhere. Of they are after me they can knock and come in for a chat. I’m not going anywhere.
  5. That’s bad. A real Vic Reeves big Night out tumbleweed moment!
  6. Would have been nice to be informed of their presence. It’s private land with over a 100 metre driveway to where they parked. I suppose I should be grateful it wasn't travellers!
  7. Whether you accept it or not, if you don’t use it you won’t get ANYTHING. 99.9% of resisters will buckle under that pressure.
  8. Now it’s Foot and mouth in USA https://www.foxnews.com/media/ranchers-warn-disease-would-decimate-cattle-industry-cross-southern-border
  9. If I lose my land, all of my efforts to be as free from the system as possible are finished. Nowhere else to go and I aint leaving.
  10. If they wont listen, I say fuck em. Why should your family suffer.
  11. I dearly hope the Q thing amounts to something pivotal. There does seem to be a lot of minor players in USA taken from the board. With the big/ger/est players now apparently in the frame. How that affects the strugle for normal people is yet to be seen. If I worked high up for the BBC I could tell you what we are going to be told in advance!
  12. Had armed police in the village nearby, yesterday. Drone directly above my house with unmarked car on my land. Two plain clothed coppers. I actually thought I might be moderating from Broadmoor in future. Had a chat with them but not given any info. A bit of light entertainment anyway.
  13. Same here. Probably more than a few months ago. Couple of nutters nearish by, who would wear one alone on a deserted island. Probably more but my mind now has an automatic filter for this idiocy.
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