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  1. Was thinking of putting leaflets signs etc where i live, but don’t reckon any of the inbreeds can read
  2. Me neither, tells me I want to see it
  3. No likes sir. You need airtime with your great acerbic wit
  4. I quote ziggy to this Bevl. Fuck the fuck off
  5. What’s in the bbc link above. Been taken down by the bbc. So must be interesting
  6. See your point about using nature as a barrier to restrict movements though. Would probably work for the vast majority as there so used to their comfort zone.
  7. For me it doesn’t take a scientist or a study to know that having nature restored is a good thing. Seems rather obvious. Plus there are so many people and cultures who live well side by side. The problem is not us. It is constant drive for profit selling shite which is destroying the planet.
  8. One thing I’ve learnt as a father is that my 7 year olds issues are as important as my own . My 13 year old is just trying to break me and doing a good job of it
  9. Penzance seemed mostly mask free today so looking positive. went in without a mask for haircut, no one said anything.
  10. My mother used to criticise all the “useless” info I knew. I read anything and everything even now. It has helped me inasmuch that now when people start to look at me strange I can point quickly to an example which is a bit more mainstream and show them a direct link to something less palatable. Just telling people about the conflict of interest our politicians and advisors have seems to be a good one, Most people think mps etc are prat’s!
  11. It so hard isn’t it. How do you convince a person who for whatever reason is suicidal, that there is beauty and decency in this world. Not all life is crud. It’s always easy to say but so many things seem overwhelming for so many if not all of us at certain periods in our lives. Maybe if schools started teaching about the wonder which is this earth and all of nature, and not just crap to get a job, people may find a real soul fulfilling purpose.
  12. Spoke to a guy outside in a queue today waiting for a haircut. He was saying that he thought there maybe more to what’s going on, but was not a conspiracy theorist. Gave him dozens of examples of vax experiments in USA, here in U.K. etc Explained about W.H.O changing their standards as well as manipulation of facts and figures. Managed to change his opinion just by showing him blatant contradictions on the bbc own site. He’d already said he wasn’t in a rush to get jabbed, he ain’t gonna do it now!
  13. Yeah, it her job to deal with kind of issues as well as others. Can’t remember her job title though.
  14. Spoke to teacher at my daughters school a couple of weeks ago. 9 attempted suicides in one week, 6 in hospital. She told me it’s pretty much the norm now.
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