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  1. You know, that a cool coincidence. Was looking for cheaper steam games etc. Found a link for humblebundle. Never heard of them before about an hour ago. Drawn straight to the survival bundle and bought the lot.
  2. This is the type of speech needed at protests. Felt pride surge just listening. Yet again it takes a Scot, like the Irish to remind us what freedom is. We English have never lived in recent years under tyranny where unfortunately the above have lived and breathed it for centuries. “The troubles” is such an insulting term used to describe events in Ireland, deliberately used by British media to belittle the sacrifice of all the men and women of Ireland,
  3. Six cases? Should have locked down earlier. Apocalyptic scenes ahead
  4. Same here with the tv choice. Adverts really piss me off, always have. Plus they have the unintended consequence of guaranteeing that I will never buy their crap!
  5. Nearly August. Pissing down. Feels more like an April day. Still, took the dog out earlier. Shorts and t-shirt. Logic being less to get wet and to dry afterwards. Still saw two twats with masks on walking the dog. Plus one with a windscreen on as well. And it really was chucking it down.
  6. No family but many friends there. Filipinos will get hammered hard. Bbc will probably use it as an example to those filthy ignorant anti vaxers
  7. And Duerte won’t hesitate to get police/army to shoot anyone who doesn’t comply
  8. Interesting paragraph from the linked article. He said the coronavirus pandemic had shown that governments could act quickly when needed. “It’s interesting how quickly we can close borders, and how quickly governments can make decisions to change things Obviously when governments pass laws retrospectively and with little or no parliamentary scrutiny it’s possible to act quickly.
  9. Part of an article on France 24 debunking covid conspiracies True or false: ‘If you have a healthy lifestyle, your immune system can defend itself on its own and doesn’t need a vaccine’ If there was a healthy lifestyle that allowed you to fight against such aggressive viruses, we would have known, we would have experienced or observed it. I, personally, haven’t seen it. Being in good health allows you to resist the attacks of the virus longer and more strongly: If you end up in intensive care, it’s better not to be too thin or in poor health. But that, unfortunately, is all that can be achieved by having led a healthy lifestyle before contracting the virus. Of course, if you believe a healthy lifestyle means not being in close contact with anybody, that might be a way to protect yourself – not ever being in a situation where you might contract the virus. But other than this plan, which is quite rare and extreme, the immune system cannot be sufficiently boosted to be able to spontaneously resist the virus.
  10. Fibre weed van if I remember from years ago!
  11. Totally agree! Problem is Love Islands on. 2 for 1 on six packs and sweets. Job done
  12. What a vile alleged human. Psychopathy 101.
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