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  1. Used to have magics growing in my garden in rural Somerset. Really helped make indoctrination tolerable
  2. The guy in the red mask above in the Pesaro video is arguing hour that restaurants in Italy have to close now by law. It’s now 6 p.m. Rightly says that only old people in Italy that early. Lived in Italy for 10 years and my Italian friends liked to take the piss out of how early I ate my evening meal at home. Italy, especially the south is not the rich country it’s alleged to be. Yes there’s wealth. Friend from Napoli spoke to me the other day and said that they have never had anything but now less.
  3. Finalmente gli Italiani hanno ancora le palle. This from my wife from a place about 12km away. Finally, the Italians still have balls.
  4. Self testing is not the same guidance. Just about inch into nose and both tonsils through mouth. Don’t know why it’s so different.
  5. In fairness where I live school meals are not nutritious. Fried crap and junk food mostly. Low quality ingredients. At My daughters school they can’t put squash in their drinks bottle but they are allowed to buy fizzy drinks from the vending machine. Do agree though that should be more like old school dinners in the respect that it was actually a meal regardless of quality.
  6. Anybody got opinions on nexus site above. Don’t know how trustworthy they are or who backs them. I tend to read article then do research separately.
  7. Can’t find much verification at the moment. Checking more now.
  8. Not an insect expert, but between my wife and myself we have many years of experience. Members of quite niche groups just for beetle, hover flies amongst many others. The bites look quite wide apart. Not many if any native bugs about with the puncture width. Seen some granddaddy spiders, look like they could have been spawn of Shelob though. I’ve had bites similar from spending a lot of time in the middle of fields and ponds. Loads of bugs have similar individual bites. Could be horse fly but like I said am no expert. Sometimes two together like this just fit the one predator scenario. If not
  9. No offence taken, seemed a little hard at first. I have a habit of responding to quickly and not considering what’s in front of me enough first. just very frustrating. Clearly so many decent people on here. We live amongst great many screwed up people through or not through fault of their own. Find when I try to do positive things they get knocked back. For 10 years where I live i gardened like a good robot. Cut the grass every week etc. One day I realised what I was doing was bollocks so I started to deliberately to help the return nature to my garden. Last year had 38 different but
  10. Find it really offensive that it’s implied that I’m supporting the problem. Seems no one wants to look for solution. Just rather complain about the problems. Was hoping to find a way the people on this forum could come together in a positive way in the real world to improve our and others as a result quality of life. In a system that is fairer. Saying capitalism is corrupted by the very people you stand against.
  11. Totally agree. Don’t want to scrap society and start over. What I am saying is that if we think our local area first and all did that. It would hopefully have a change for the better on a larger scale eventually. I was never brought up under traditional values. Thought that traditional values were the indoctrination we were all trying to be free from. Plus Im not after particular answers was hoping maybe people could suggest ideas without resorting to being pissy and rude. If I wanted that I can talk to any random cunt in the street.plus I certainly don’t advocate what your claiming. Get off y
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