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  1. Has anyone done a serious scientific study on this? Because at first glance it looks like another psyop to keep dissidents distracted. Does this happen on people who had the jab? And people without the jab? There can be so many factors that lead to metallic objects sticking to the skin. I've seen people doing some field testing with magnets, on people with and without the jab, and found no difference. If there's any kind of magnetism, you can put a sheet of paper, or anything more thin, between the arm and the magnet and it should still work. If you can stick pieces of paper to the fridge with a magnet, that's the same principle. Just be cautious with this. There's a ton of videos circulating through the internet, but that proves nothing.
  2. "Viruses" don't cause disease. They are fragments of genetic material that are present in sick tissues, but they are not the cause of the disease. It's just a scam. Look at how easy it is to manipulate with germ theory. These so-called viruses are invisible, or very hard to detect. Almost none of them have really been scientifically detected, and none of them has been proven to cause disease. All of this is just labeling respiratory issues under the same name. These fake cases are not caused by an infectious pathogen, they are just a compilation of regular flu and other respiratory issues, probably derived from EMFs among other things. And that's just about the people that are actually sick, not by the bs PCR test. I think that's the most fundamental part of the scam, the vast majority of positive tests are not even sick people (if you have no symptoms you are NOT sick). It's all a scam on the most basic level.
  3. It came to me much later than all of you. This year, while doing research on the virus scam, I came across with this video fragment, by pure synchronicity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vJXMDsOmX4 It hit me quite hard when I saw it. I knew that people's minds are conditioned by education, media bs and all that, but that video made me connect the dots. That's when I wanted to know more about this Icke's work and research. Some parts blew my mind, some other helped me to have a better undestanding of topics I had some previos knowledge. I came across David by pure synchronicity. The day before, I remember hearing a sudden huge ringing in my right ear, which now I'm associating with synchronicities. Maybe it had something to do with me about to find out such a huge source of information?
  4. This topic brought to my mind a song named Psycho, by Muse. It actually describes the mind control system and how it turns people into non-thinking machines that act as they're told to act without asking questions. As you say, turning people into Drones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqLRqzTp6Rk How can this video have such many views and people not acknowledging its real meaning? I mean, I think it's pretty obvious that it's showing the mind control system, but most of the comments are just comparing the first image with a so-called virus, literally. P.S. I don't know how to embed the video into the message
  5. Of course something feels different. The amount of fear around us impacts the collective psyche, and even if we are "awake" we can feel it as well. In my case, when this madness started, I still felt OK, even optimistic that such a big lie cannot be sustained for long. But on the last few weeks and months I'm starting to get fed up of all this. My motivation for anything that has to do with minimal interaction with other people has hit rock bottom, as I can't have a normal conversation with anyone anymore. There are some mood swings for me, maybe they have to do with my personality and the moon cycles, but in general I don't feel as good as I could. Still hoping for some outside help, even though some slow general wake up is happening, I don't think it's going to be enough, something else is needed.
  6. Hi, On the last few weeks, I have been experiencing things I had not experienced before. Some night, after a meditation on the grass, as I opened my eyes, I could see some kind of glow around my hands. It was like a tiny light, white, coming out of my hands, especially from my fingers. I could only see it when I was not focusing my sight on my hands, only with my peripheral vision. It was big enough for me to think that it was not an illusion. Since then, I have been trying to see it again. I can only see it when there is little to no light (mostly at night), and the more I practise, the more clearly I can see it. When I'm in nature (on the grass, surrounded by trees and vegetation), it's more like a glowing light, it even moves, it's some kind of smoke coming out of my hands. Sometimes I think I have seen even figures come across, like ghosts. It's only at night and in nature. I've only managed to see it at home once, but again on a black background. Sitting at a table for lunch, I've seen it over a turned off TV (I've not turned it on for almost a decade now), and it was more static, but I could also see this glow around my hands. Sometimes it's not entirely white, it's closer to violet/indigo. Have you experienced something similar? Am I actually watching my aura? Or do you think it's some kind of illusion? Regards.
  7. Greetings. New user here, writing from Spain. I discovered David thanks to the worldwide scamdemic hoax. Once lockdowns started to take place, I began to do serious research on this topic as it felt wrong from the very beginning. Soon I found David's research, and it confirmed all I was thinking. This opened my consciousness to other topics I had never thought about. It is funny that the lockdown actually allowed me to step back from my work and gave me time and interest to find the truth. If this hoax didn't happen, I wouldn't have discovered so many things about the world and spirituality. The whole scam that's going on has had a huge impact in my country's society. I don't know about UK, but here muzzles are already compulsory almost everywhere you go. Most people, even some I thought to be intelligent, have fallen into this hoax. Some people are protesting, very few doctors are telling the truth, but the vast majority is under some sort of spell. I still find it unbelievable. I hope that some kind of divine intervention happens, because if we only depended on what's happening on a physical scale, we are completely screwed, because people are not thinking, even if I try to show them the facts and the evidence. Unluckily I found this forum when the attacks happened and registers had to be closed. Looking forward to share knowledge and experience with you. Best regards.
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