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  1. 24 minutes ago, Fluke said:

    Can anyone confirm this ? Some saying it's from 3 years ago. 


    Edit apologies looks like someone hijacked that account 

    Haven't worked out Alex Bellfield yet (The Voice of Reason)...he seems to be ahead of the curve on most things...very rarely he gets it wrong...however he keeps slipping into main stream.

  2. On 9/19/2020 at 2:53 AM, FVCK BILLY G4TES said:

    What the fuck are you on about 😂

    I'm on about, what I'm on about ;-)>..this and that...put some music on here to lighten the load but also music has message as well...and sum people get all grouchy.


    US used to talk to US through music,

    Now THEM talk to US through MSM and Social Feedia.

  3. 30 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


    I'll probably be arrested for what I put in the comment section at the end.

    Well...just do what I do....the local cells provide an excellent sound studio...just shout at the top of your voice, The old Tom Jones single... "PLEASE RELEASE ME, LET ME GO, FOR I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE.

    Job done....they can't wait to.get rid of you.

  4. On 9/16/2020 at 4:16 AM, wideawake said:


    And who colonized the now villages and cities? The ones that the government is trying to get rid of.

    Yeah, we should keep voting, obviously elections are working for the people...

    Watch this... Please



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  5. On 9/16/2020 at 10:07 AM, Velma said:


    It's sweet to read the kind sentiments you “young people” have, for us “old people” but age is just a number, I've seen wise heads on young shoulders and old heads who are dumb as f*ck. I will be sixty-two years young next month and I'm not preparing to die!! On the contrary, since my kids are adults now (amen) I've got my life back. I'm having a second wave...freedom!


    However, I've been studying 'conspiracies' and the 'unexplained' since I was a teenager, so I have had plenty of time to figure it all out; knowledge which I have imparted to my children, so they have a head start and are clued up. Yet, I have older siblings who are masked-up, waiting for “the spike” and use hand-sanitiser! They have always thought I'm nuts!


    Although, I am old enough to remember the fury of the miner's strike and the devastating impact mine closures had on communities. I also remember a time when only posh folk had phones and black & white TV'S., at a time when my 'toys' were mud-pies, with no thought for 'germs.' I had measles, mumps and chickenpox, perfectly normal and lived to tell the tale.


    Vaccinated children won't tell tales, because they will probably be non-verbal.


    The moral is, once upon a time we lived without all these electronic gadgets, quite happily, or unhappily, but they weren't necessary. The consumer society has foisted the 'Internet of Things' upon us, to create a dependency, for nefarious purposes, which are unfolding now. I will gladly smash my phone, when it is used to control me, there is life beyond technology.


    It's callled nature.


    I hope your dad's okay though, he certainly won't die of covid!


    Hey....listen to this..


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  6. 6 minutes ago, FinallyAwake said:

    No problem! These forums are quite anonymous and I quite like it. My dad wasn’t a minor, but he was very working class. he was an electrician. see, this is what the stupid idiots who designed the depopulation agenda just don’t get, or maybe they do? Old people are some of the wisest people. Actually, maybe that’s why they want them all gone because they know what life was like before, They remember when community spirit was high and when people could afford to buy their own homes. Thank you, that means an awful lot to me. Every old person is worth it, they’ve raised children, they’ve paid into our system, they have a wealth of knowledge, these scum just think of the money they’re paying for their pensions. Breaks my bloody heart.

    You are so right bout what you say regarding older people...generally, the older you get the wiser you are...they are trying all ways possible to wreck society, that's why we need Arnarchy, no central government only local, no taxes except local taxes, everything run on a local basis, farming & agriculture could be national with profit going back to local community, NHS ran locally with a central purse administered by the people...no more wars, no more fiddling MP's expenses, no more bullshit.

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  7. 8 minutes ago, CitizenX said:

    They don't have us worked out, far from it.


    How do they know which individual from a crowd of thousands will stab/shoot/grenade them?


    An individual could take out several pigs.


    A thousand people can take out several thousand pigs.


    Don't be defeatist. 

    It's not about the filth mate...it's about the system that controls them and everything else...I know all about how the filth operate (Miners Strike - early eighties)...they are merely a collection of narsasistic loners, most of them hate people, period...forget the filth.

  8. 9 minutes ago, zarkov said:

    @pirate Thanks for posting the link earlier

     On 9/15/2020 at 12:44 AM, pirate said:




    Made a few notes from his show below.


    The Coronavirus Act 2020 is underpinned by the updated 1984 Act which incorporated the detenton and forced vaccination (from around 1975 ?)

    *Civil Contingencies Act 2004 is the appropriate Act and should be reviewed each 28 day period and can only be renewed if there is ongoing crisis.

    There is no longer a crisis. - only Cases  - Deaths currently at or below the 5 yr average.

    The solution is in the Law!


    Current focus on masks, lockdown, vaccination is identified as the misuse of the current Coronavirus Act which is an updated version of the 1984 act

    There is no longer any deemed threat.
    The government announced on 19th March that the CV19 had been reassessed and no longer presents a threat and was accordingly downgraded from HCID status.
    *Quote "As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK"


    The civil contingencies act is the only act that should have been in place to keep the Coronavirus Act in check.

    Unless protests HIGHLIGHT these points they are worthless and play into the hands of the state.

    Incoherant unfocused protests are part of the expected response. 


    Communitarian inclusiveness is the enabler of multifaceted & divisive protests who's objective is to destroy the aims of SINGULAR focus.

    Anything that does not focus entirely on Coronavirus legislation is misdirection and will open avenues proportionally to the complete destruction of our innate freedoms.

    *Unproven Vaccines with no legal liability are also a vital point of focus of legal importance.

    Unlicensed vaccines are antithetical to any solution.

    De-focusing from these issues dilute intent.


    Protesting can often enable precisely what they protest against.

    BLM, Occupy and Extinction rebellion - Soros funded change agents.

    The media/gov will use any and all affiliations with any group or movement to discredit/misdirect.


    Non affiliated Mission Statement 
    We are an unaffiliated group concerned about the lack of democratic process. We will remain unaffiliated as individuals acting collectively and within the law towards a truly inclusive democratic process where all voices are heard. We are not affiliated with any group or organisation whatsoever. This does not mean we do or do not endorse other groups.
    We do not agree with arriving at a concensus through being steered into predetermined outcomes by trained facilitators.
    We deem this to be against to be public interest and an affront to democracy.


    Much the same said here - his video with Cieran Boyle





    Thank you very much zarkov...that is the exact detailed analysis and response that we need here, clarity of circumstances backed up by factual response... It serves no real purpose shouting about democratic process, we have no real democracy in this country except parliamentary democracy, which adds up to no democracy at all for the general public.

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  9. 41 minutes ago, FinallyAwake said:

    Omfg this is so so weird, I just asked my dad the same thing, he’s always said, I think they’re trying to kill us all off, I had always believed he was overly suspicious, paranoid or delusional, he knew this was bullshit before I did despite having cognitive impairment and not always being able to follow the news properly. So today I asked him what had made him believe that they were trying to kill us all off, he said he couldn’t tell me how many years, but it was the miners strike!! I wasn’t even thought about when this happened, so I have no experience of it. He also said when I asked him, that’s the reason why he’s always been anti-authority and never liked police. If there’s one thing that lockdown has done for me and him is it’s given us lots of bonding time and lots to talk about. When this started, I was still scared about if he got it that he wouldn’t make it, he kept insisting and as time passed I found out the information. Because of his mild dementia and suspiciousness, I tried to keep it inside me for fear that it would affect his mental health, but as his daughter, I couldn’t do that to him, he had told me the truth and I owed it to him to tell him the information that I was finding out. We’ve talked and talked and talked over the past six months or so about it all and it’s brought us closer. Sometimes I regret it, sometimes he has a bad day and just talks about how he’ll be dead soon because he’s 60.now and I think to myself, what the F have I done, but sometimes we have good times chatting about it all and I try to do my best to keep him strong.

    Oh...sorry for being so ignorant and sexist and referring to you as "dude" :-0...I'm so pleased to hear you and your Dad have made stronger bonds over this stressing time and you learned that he's not crazy and deluded but rather a wise man who's seen and learned a lot about the truth of the corrupt system...was your Dad a Miner..?

    You appear to be doing a very good job of looking after him...he's worth it...he's your Dad.

  10. 1 minute ago, peter said:

    A mate of mine got a nasty shock when you get auto updates on your I phone,He discovered the governments track and trace ap embedded in the updates, he spent an hour trying to remove it , his misses said she didn't have it ,so she checked and surprise surprise she did . he can't turn it off and can't delete it. , I have an old phone and don't get  updates so he is rightly pissed, so I said do what I do I run my phone on 3G no internet no email just text and talk

    I'm de-stooging mine...want the fuckers off my property.

  11. 21 minutes ago, FinallyAwake said:

    Agenda 21 is one of the most vile plans I’ve ever heard of. They are using the old divide and rule tactics. If we are fighting among ourselves, we are too busy to look further ahead and look at what’s going on. They can’t see the wood for the trees.  BLM and “the stinkies” are doing a rather good job at distracting the sheep. My niceness, has been the reason or partially the reason why it took me till I was 30 years old to wake the F up.  I have been a carer for my dad since I was 15 years old, so I am very used to bowing down to authority. If the MSM had told me in Jan 2020 to wear a hazmat suit to stop corona I probably would have.  My awakening has been a brutal one and it has made me a little less nice and I’ve started to grow a backbone for the first time in my life.  I’m now developing thoughts, ideas and opinions of my own. I know, by the time this crap is over I’ll have lost a shit ton of friends, but I’d rather lose friends that end up a slave To tyranny.

    Rock on dude... I'm with you all the way.

    Respect mate for looking after your Dad for so long..

    my awakening was the Miners Strike in the early eighties...I witnessed first hand the weaponizing of the filth...they came from all corners of the country and removed their insignia so to hide all identification, no badges to identify which force they were from, no numbers to personally ID an individual turd, they would wave the Miners past into a particular area, kettle them in, then send in mounted turds on horses to beat the Miners senseless... This to my mind, was the first time the filth was weaponized against members of the public enmass...the filth were getting paid triple time 24/7 to intimidate and beat the Miners into submission...they would wave £50 notes in starving Miners faces... They literally starved and beat the Miners into submission... That's why I'm saying, at the end of the day, demos ultimately don't work, they will tolerate demos...until they become a threat, then out come the mounted riot police.

  12. 3 minutes ago, CitizenX said:


    I politely disagree with this sentiment for the following reasons, most of which I concluded after my last protest in Sheffield (where I was assaulted by the police).


    1) Attending protests gives us first-hand experience of how the police operate in such situations, and reveals their strengths and weaknesses.


    From what I learned, the police are generally afraid of large crowds, so make a lot of noise and act decisively in taking out those they perceive as "troublemakers" in an attempt to scare the other protestors into submission.


    If we can isolate pockets of police, surround them, and subdue them, their power is greatly diminished.


    2) At the Sheffield protest when the police started acting violently, ordinary members of the public who were not part of the protest started joining in, including attacking the police.This was unexpected from both the police and the protestors, but it shows that people will join in to repel the police if the


    This was unexpected from both the police and the protestors, but it shows that people will join in to repel the police if they see the police acting unlawfully (or if they think they can get a sly boot or two in).


    3) Protests with police involvement are a great real-life testing ground of our own tactics, and provide excellent feedback for future plans.


    4) Visible protests polarise the public, some were for it, some against. From what I saw, most people supported it, and very few said anything negative.


    I think protests help spread awareness and encourage people. Even if only 1 extra person joins our side, we will soon have many more.


    The alternative of not actively protesting just doesn't bear thinking about.

    So after all you've just said...now what..?

    It's no good studying the filth...they've already got you worked out...that's the whole point, the demos at the end of the day are just a massive waste of energy...you have to ask yourself, what you ultimately want to achieve as an individual, and go from there...the system is rigged, we have to bring it down...then we can hold the filth to account and clean them up.

  13. 29 minutes ago, Fluke said:

    I feel you mate the anger is getting to a lot of us. I've been lucky I haven't had an encounter with someone complaining about not wearing mask yet but my patience is 0 and I worry about how I would react if confronted. 


    Also out of work from last week and I'm dreading getting another job (that's if I even can under this climate) what protocols I will have to undertake under "new rules". 



    Don't mention climate please ;-)>...

    If anyone confronts you on the mask... Just tell them you got asma and you've got breathing difficulties... End of!

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  14. 15 minutes ago, FinallyAwake said:

    I really really feel your pain. I have never ever ever in my life being an angry person but I’m starting to become more angry, nowhere near the point you are right now, but I feel the anger building sometimes. The one thing that I find really de stresses me, like when I see the dog walking muzzled people, is to sing that song shove the NWO up your arse! Obviously only in my head of course! I have no idea, literally no idea why it makes me feel so freaking good just singing that either in my head or out loud when I’m at home, but it does. You have to find a way to cool off, whatever that is for you, going for a walk or listening to music or gaming.  I’m absolutely dreading another lockdown, I honestly don’t know what I’ll do.

    You seem like a nice person mate...the secret is to try your best to stay that way...

    The only real way out of this is full on revolution... The whole system needs bringing down, starting at the top with the monarchy, abolish the shithouse of lords, and then Anarchy...and don't be afraid of Arnarchy...it is simply local government, run by locally elected people with the absence of national government...only trouble is, in the only time in the history of the World when we might have a chance for Arnarchy, they got us fighting among ourselves, with brexit, climate change bullshit, antifa, extinction rebellion, cov 19, the gender issues and all the rest of the distractions, and it's happening on a Global scale...there is a tremendous amount of energy Worldwide going to waste here fighting ourselves...and that is by design... AGENDA21.

  15. 18 minutes ago, Fluke said:

    @piratethought i had today what if all of us signed up to blm and antifa and then went after the real enemies. I wonder if the scum msm would still be on the side of antifa and blm then?


    Anyways it was a childish idealistic thought. Perhaps we will need to learn the art of warfare pretty soon but i think there will have to be an awakening on mass. 


    The end of october i here furlough ends. I wonder if a surge in unemployment will wake some more up. 

    Sorry mate, all out of energy at moment, please see my answer to FinallyAwake's post above, I don't know a realistic way out of this, but I do know if people don't wake up soon and join us, we're done for mate...it's no good going on rallies/demos and shouting the toss, it just gives the gutter press more room for shit stains on next days bog roll.

  16. 12 minutes ago, FinallyAwake said:

    Exactly, I’m so tired of holding my tongue. I think the Facebook friends posts was the last straw. I am passionate about helping disabled people as I have a visual impairment myself and my dad has had strokes, so that’s why it just really fires me up. The organisation I volunteer for are all lovely people but they are so keen on listening to the WHO and public-health England. I can only do what I can to help them slowly wake up and question things. The lovely sheep in our zoom meeting today were on about how they shouldn’t have opened up businesses yet as we can rebuild the economy but not bring people back, I mean, talk about deluded. 

    I don't know what the answer is right now mate...I get so fucking angry I actually smash things to vent my anger, but that's no good behaving like that at rallies, cos they'll have your arse in jail before you catch your breath... We gotta think this through...even rallies are ineffective, even maybe counter productive as we just give the bastards more ammunition... Really angry and confused at the moment...sorry.

  17. 30 minutes ago, FinallyAwake said:

    Something I shared today

    It's down to us now...every decent, freedom loving, normal loving person to take the reins and flush this fucking system out...antifa, blm, extinction rebellion and every other twat that stands in our way, get the fuck out the way or you're going down with the rest of the shit pile...enough is enough, we gotta fight now or forever hold your mouth and your actions...

    And anyone who don't understand "Normal"... it's what we fucking had...hear.

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