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  1. "Virtual Communist" virtually growing potatoes...man, I didn't realize there are people this fucking stupid.
  2. Here Greta ThunderBrains, get your head around this, then get back to school... you might learn something! Find the Facts Greta...or is it just the fame and attention you crave, sad Greta, sad.... you're on the Dark Side of History little girl. The Dimming http://https:www.geoengineeringwatch.org
  3. Revelation 2:9 KJV — I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.
  4. There is no way back, only forward into the unknown now, I believe we are just about to enter a period spoken of in the Bible "The Great Tribulation".
  5. Violence begets violence... Unless we violently take back our freedom right now, I'm afraid we're done for, this CoronaCrap is just another tool in their arsenal to force us into submission, the writing is plastered all over the walls but without Snopes most can't read it for what it is. It's the mask wearing maggots who are going to lead the rest of us to slaughter, if people can't see by now what is happening right in front of their noses that's not our fault...the police have used violence from day one to enforce an imaginary pandemic and I for one refuse right now to prepare to live in the new, new, new, new, new whatever fucking stage of the new "normal" this monster have us thinking we're in.
  6. It's what they've been "told" to do, but that's the problem, most have lost or given up the ability to think rationally and just go along with the madness of the crowd without giving it a second thought... There used to be a saying... "If they told you to jump off a cliff would you do it"... and the answer to that question now for most people would be...which cliff.
  7. Hi Dazzer, nothing makes any sense any more mate... We have been invaded by "people" who look like us, walk like us, talk like us...but they're sure as hell not human... The hospital looked to me to be operating below average capacity, I hate going anywhere near hospitals now, it is a really threatening environment.
  8. I've just been to a well known London Hospital this morning to have a Cataract removed and my experience was reminiscent of a B-rated Sci-Fi Comedy/Horror Film. First of all, they are processing patients in the "Lobby of the main lifts", then when you are eventually allowed into the actual eye clinic you are surrounded by Cov propaganda plastered all over the walls, there is also a 42" monitor spewing more propaganda. So, after having sat there for some 45 mins trying to ignore this crap, I got up out of my "designated chair" and wandered over to the window to watch what was happening on the famous river, I leant against an empty chair to support myself while I stood there. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until I walked back to my " designated chair", then 2 of the nurses rushed to the chair I had been leaning on and proceeded to carry out what can only be described as an "Emergency Sterilization" of the chair...this triggered my hidden anger at this absolutely fucking idiotic act of stupidity, this is how they are keeping the shit show going in the Neanderthal Health Show that the NHS has turned into. This led me into an heated argument with 2 "Doctors" who didn't know what the PCR even is let alone what it was designed for, neither did they understand anything regarding the CT of the PCR...after I tried to explain that the fall in "Infections" was due to the simple fact the CT of the PCR had been reduced, they looked at each other and agreed between themselves that the dwindling "Infections" are obviously the result of the outstanding success of...the miracle vaccines"...it was at this point I was staring out of an 8th floor window wondering how long it would take me to hit the concrete below...I suffer from PTSD for which I'm prescribed anti-epilepsy drugs, the result of a brain injury in a near fatal RTA some years, this fucking shit show has my nerves on end all the time, I fear going out now cos I can't fucking handle this utter fucking madness of a nightmare we are stuck in...I'm starting to look at people with utter contempt every time I go out now. Sorry if this upsets anyone, but, I just had to get this off my chest.
  9. There will never be any change from the UK "government" as long as you have people like Lord RedRags in the House of Turds.
  10. Let's not allow ourselves to be made machines. what is happening on the streets of the World is there for everyone to see... This is the NWO people, they are moving to implement the Great Reset, if we don't stand up for ourselves this year, we will have been reset, [AI] is being utilised to do pretty much anything, the World's economy is being forced digital, basically the system needs to know everything about everything at all times... switch off your TV's and the brainwashing rate slows down significantly, be careful what you believe to be the truth, the only absolute truth these days is, nobody knows the truth anymore... I mean, WTF happened, a fake Plandemic, that's wot happened... Wots happening now, the Great Reset, that's wot... If we don't fight now, we will become victims of the great class purge...you see, working class people are surplus to requirements now, we have built and engineered the world but now they have machines... Let's not allow ourselves to be made machines...dawning of a fresh path, or, as we choose, the beginning of the final path.
  11. Here's the same Scot's Guard Veteran who was assaulted in my earlier post, minutes later being arrested for err....being assaulted.
  12. There is a high percentage of them have criminal records and mental health issues and should not even have been admitted into the Po Lice FORCE, period... Yeah I watch CrimBodge a lot... This behavior and violence from the Po Lice has got to stop otherwise they gonna have a full blown riot to deal with.
  13. The Filth doing what THEY DO BEST Shocking footage of Po Lice assault on Scot's Guard Veteran. Incident Date & Location Whitehall Cenotaph Sunday 8th November 2020 Disgracefull line up of fucked up shit disguised as Public Service Officials AKA The Metropolitan Po Lice SERVICE. Note The Police SERVICE morphed into The Police FORCE after the Maggot's battering of the Miner's and the Poll Tax Riot's.
  14. WTF UP!...its all about rising bullshit rates.
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