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  1. Let's not allow ourselves to be made machines. what is happening on the streets of the World is there for everyone to see... This is the NWO people, they are moving to implement the Great Reset, if we don't stand up for ourselves this year, we will have been reset, [AI] is being utilised to do pretty much anything, the World's economy is being forced digital, basically the system needs to know everything about everything at all times... switch off your TV's and the brainwashing rate slows down significantly, be careful what you believe to be the truth, th
  2. Here's the same Scot's Guard Veteran who was assaulted in my earlier post, minutes later being arrested for err....being assaulted.
  3. There is a high percentage of them have criminal records and mental health issues and should not even have been admitted into the Po Lice FORCE, period... Yeah I watch CrimBodge a lot... This behavior and violence from the Po Lice has got to stop otherwise they gonna have a full blown riot to deal with.
  4. The Filth doing what THEY DO BEST Shocking footage of Po Lice assault on Scot's Guard Veteran. Incident Date & Location Whitehall Cenotaph Sunday 8th November 2020 Disgracefull line up of fucked up shit disguised as Public Service Officials AKA The Metropolitan Po Lice SERVICE. Note The Police SERVICE morphed into The Police FORCE after the Maggot's battering of the Miner's and the Poll Tax Riot's.
  5. pirate


    Cool...man, dig it, should've had the mic on guitar as well, IMHO...it's strange mate, but you kinda look and sound like...dare I say it...David Bowie.
  6. pirate


    Hello Gary, nice to see you on the forum, that was heavy duty what they tried to pull...you were fortunate to come through the other side...what does the future hold for this mess they've concocted for us..? PM me please.
  7. And here is the NIST version...using the same tried and tested "Computer Modeling Techniques" used in other well known Bullshit Stories such as...Climate Change and Coronavirus scaremongering. NIST National Institutionalized Silly Twats! NIST members must be a collection of right old silly twats if they think anyone believes anything that they ever say. They keep changing Newtonian Law of Physics, Engineering Principles and supposed Architechural Design Flaws every time they crawl out from under some stray pile of BULLSHIT of varying densities!
  8. It makes me so fu**i*g angry man...we will have to fight damm hard to ever get back a fraction of what we once had...FREEDOM!
  9. The Building of The Twin Towers... Building took 7 years from 1966 to 1973, Aproximately 7 Years to build Less than half a minute to DEMOLISH!
  10. The website has over 3,500 Professional Architects & Engineers who have sacrificed their careers in the pursuit of The Truth of 9/11...lots of good information on there.
  11. Well, that's good, I don't smell anything fishy in here at the moment...he must be busy annoying someone, somewhere else ;0)>
  12. yep, gore didn't have that "Wanted - Dead or Alive" attitude...gore's more of a stupid grin I can tell you any old crap kind of guy, I think that's why they saved him for the ClimateGate crap, he looks so innocent, where as GW WAS the War President and loved every minute of it.
  13. Originally, it all went over the world's head...until some of us took a closer look...these people have been a voice in the wilderness Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth
  14. Fear of the masses are their stocks & bonds.
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