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  1. London Demo - Live Feed!
  2. Here's the same Scot's Guard Veteran who was assaulted in my earlier post, minutes later being arrested for err....being assaulted.
  3. There is a high percentage of them have criminal records and mental health issues and should not even have been admitted into the Po Lice FORCE, period... Yeah I watch CrimBodge a lot... This behavior and violence from the Po Lice has got to stop otherwise they gonna have a full blown riot to deal with.
  4. The Filth doing what THEY DO BEST Shocking footage of Po Lice assault on Scot's Guard Veteran. Incident Date & Location Whitehall Cenotaph Sunday 8th November 2020 Disgracefull line up of fucked up shit disguised as Public Service Officials AKA The Metropolitan Po Lice SERVICE. Note The Police SERVICE morphed into The Police FORCE after the Maggot's battering of the Miner's and the Poll Tax Riot's.
  5. WTF UP!...its all about rising bullshit rates.
  6. This Geezer's a Lucifarian...so yeah, you're missing everything not just something...WTF
  7. You've nailed it Velma...everything you said I identity with...love ya ;-)>
  8. This Geezer's got the kinda face I would like to start my back street dentistry business with...he's the first patient, unfortunately for him the only instruments I got are 2 fists.
  9. We have to strive for "Anarchy"... It is the only real solution to the feeding frenzy of the parasites... This cov thing is just a distraction...ClimateGate, CovID_19, the Genda Dellema, Antifa, BLM, Politics, the list of distractions are endless...it's all lies and deceit to divide and conquer, and it's working.
  10. Gotta get me sen one of those then hey!
  11. Psychedelic, Esoteric, Energetic, Electronic message.....couldn't play it twice though...or is that " two times" PC.
  12. History can and will always repeat itself by way of the ignorance of the effective generation of the time in question. Manufacturing Consent...
  13. Well then, that yard should be in..err, Scotland then, or change the name to...The Southark Yardbirds...
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