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  1. I have to say that Alex Belfield is being hounded by the police - HIS DOOR WAS SMASHED DOWN!! and he has been arrested a number of times + a "back-passage" search! He has to tread carefully in what he says - that enables him to keep on the you-tube channel. I do not like the you-tube channel and tend now to disregard much of what is on there as being to "the NARRATIVE". Hence tend to look for the alternatives BRAND NEW / Bit Chute / Rumble. The fact that he is outspoken and states what a lot of us would say if we were out for a chat with mates at the pub for
  2. SAVE and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE - along with the out of date (i.e. May 2020) images of bodies on the ground because of a GAS leak!!!
  3. CHRIS SKY - Our Government Is Losing Control Of Its Law Enforcement - YouTube Not sure if this posting is in the correct topic area BUT it is a Chris Sky video - it is on you tube (not sure how long it will be on there, under a 1000 views so far as I post this message). He is a bold warrior in this SCAM DEMIC hoax, and in this vid he details some valuable ways that he is suggesting the people respond in unison. On a different note I have attended a "Stand in the Park" on two successive Sundays - 50 people there on first one and around 30 on the second. A big
  4. Here is a link to uk column news - item on there 00:27 - NHS Whistleblower Exposes Vaccine Policy The item on there that I am referring to is a NHS vaccine specialist. She is stating a lot that you will know. You may already be aware of the posting. UK Column News - 14th April 2021: Fixed audio - YouTube UK Column News - 14th April 2021 - YouTube I have given the link TWICE as I understand that uk column news had a problem with you-tube messing up the synchronisation of the program. First link is the one where the audio has been adjusted correctly. It seems
  5. Link below is NHS protocol document (UK). It is a 20 page pdf document and on page 16 the reference for 45 cycles is found. Guidance-and-SOP-COVID-19-Testing-NHS-Laboratories.pdf (rcpath.org) As an extra here is a link to a WHO (World Health Organization) document, page 2 of 3 shows a reference to 50 cycles. (x 50 Amplification) is indicated on page 2. WHO PCR protocol_nCoV_IP200227_Final
  6. LATE NIGHT. well early morning thought!!! ALL THESE "sheeple" that have received the "poison" so far ( and later) will be more susceptible to the "flu" virus that arrives in the winter. So next Oct / Nov (2021) there will be MORE testing and of course the "flu" virus will be identified as "covid". There may well be many more deaths occurring as the weakened immune systems (a result of the vaccines!) begin to result in people falling ill. HENCE another "worse" so called 2nd Pandemic that Gates referred to, and another one hinted at by Hancock. Anyone have a though
  7. YES, AGREE with this about the SOUND level from DAVID ICKE on his videocasts. I have computer volume up to max AND my "hearing aids" on FULL!!!! and he is still very low on volume. PLEASE PLEASE UP THE VOLUME as there is no facility for sub-titles!!!!
  8. Others PLEASE do as Alex suggests - SAVE the vid. I think that he may well be set up with something planted. It is clear that what he does is too near the truth for some and hence the "VENDETTA" against him. You may not always agree with his "chats" BUT this is a CLEAR SET UP trying to SILENCE him.
  9. Guidance-and-SOP-COVID-19-Testing-NHS-Laboratories.pdf (rcpath.org) Here is a link to a 20 page pdf document from NHS - see page 16 for reference to 45 cycles.
  10. SO GOOD to see ALL THOSE PEOPLE WITHOUT the FACE NAPPIES - A REALLY BIG THANK YOU to THEM ALL, London, Australia. EVERYWHERE. This event today 20th March has given me a big lift - I am sure there are many more feeling the same. Could not make it to London, myself, BUT like others I am sure that are MANY people, like me, unable to venture far BUT are so thankful for the turn outs.
  11. I had a similar letter i.e addressed to "the householder". Unfortunately it fell into the shredder!!
  12. This vid needs to be saved - it probably will not last very long on you-tube - it mentions TOO MANY TRUTHS.
  13. Just a passing thought (late at night / early morning, finding it difficult to sleep these days!). WITH the vaccine (poison) inserted into these bodies WILL the organs be wanted so readily? .i.e. Will they be "contaminated" with the RNA / DNA + from the vaccine that has been received?
  14. What about the uncertainty (sometimes referred to, incorrectly, as error) inherent in the device for measuring the temperature? All measuring instruments have a +/- value of "uncertainty or "accuracy? Just something to be aware of perhaps!! Just a "guess" but I reckon for IR measurement device it will be + / - 0.2 degrees, so that could mean actual temperature was ONLY 37.3 degrees for example!!!
  15. Thanks for putting that link - REALLY IMPORTANT FACTS highlighted in this latest part (part 10) especially for those that are up to speed / following the Epstein / Maxwell case along with ALL the IMPLICATIONS this EXTREMELY VITAL EXPOSURE needs in order to WAKE UP some more sheeple.
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