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  1. The Hoaxy Covid Song (bitchute.com) Worth a look / listen /share - States it ALL.
  2. The Hoaxy Covid Song (bitchute.com) Worth a look /listen / share - States it all
  3. PART of the SPEECH from Andrew Bridgen is on this chaps channel (yes, I know some have comments to make about the nurse / doctor Campbell but at least part of the speech is here and you can see the rats scurrying away at the start!). The fact that those rats scurry actually should alert "doubters" more than the very lengthy detail given by Andrew - I am guessing many sheeple would not have the patience to listen / take in the extent of the detail. Existence doubt of the so called C thing is my belief, and of course I await (along with MANY others) the day that the Midazolam Murder Matt Handypenis is put away.
  4. As David Icke states on his video about this ruling - he did not expect any other decision than the one that he got. My take on this, and David Icke in his video also says something to the same effect, the ruling just adds to the fact that David is so close to the truth that there is a fear that he will spread it to others. This case has actually brought MORE attention to David Icke than perhaps if he had gone out there to speak. In addition the actual banning of "one man" must surely make one or two more sit up and question the situation. Having said that, on the basis of the last couple of "sheeple" that I have encountered when I tried to begin to outline why the "key" thing in this "covid" scam was the FRAUDULENT pcr test they did not want to know. They had been "triple jabbed" now and what could they do about it. They did NOT want to hear my explanation about the situation. It had happened and they repeated what could they now do? I was not quite sure how to deal with that answer. Any helpful suggestions appreciated. note: my reference "so close" to the truth just gives a small element where David could have got a very minor point wrong. I know of one but it it is so small and insignificant now. In fact a 0.01% less than the danger of that so called thing that was supposed to be deadly to people! Some of you might be familiar with the 99% reference during marches in London.
  5. I share your disgust about the FACE NAPPIES - that is what I openly refer to them as. Usually, the wearer hates hearing that term. I play table tennis a couple of times each week and on both occasions, STILL there are a couple of people that turn up wearing their nappies. We play in a sports hall and have half the hall available with the other half being used by Badminton Players no nappies there!). So, these players with their FACE NAPPIES enter the Sports Hall with their NAPPIES on. I will not speak to them until they remove them. They do not wear them to play but did at first - I refused to play (it is mostly doubles) with them when they tried to wear them for a game. How senseless it is that in an enclosed space they play table tennis for a couple of hours without the NAPPIES, then put them back on to walk OUTSIDE in FRESH AIR!!! Oh, yes, the table tennis group only agreed to allow me to continue playing as long as I kept my views to myself. Suffice to say I have bite my lip on many occasions when for example someone says that were away the previous week because of "covid"!, or they start discussing the fact that they are due for their "booster". I do play devil's advocate by saying that booster glue is not allowed on table tennis bats! For those that do not know booster glue has been outlawed in the table tennis regulations. Apologies for ramble but it just highlights that SOME are JUST NOT going to get it.
  6. I have already posted this a few hours ago although my link was for rumble - GOOD to see it posted again with an alternative link. Interestingly (and not surprisingly) when I posted it on face_book (yes, I know!) it was not accepted with the "feedback" that political content was not accepted! I am not sure where / why the "political reference" was the deciding factor! Just again with the other link for sharing - Crime Reference Number 5222236390 Irrefutable evidence was given to Avon and Somerset police of the harms and dangers of these injections When we arrived this morning there were over 300 people here booked in and the majority were children Citizens Shut Down Vax Center - rumble.com
  7. Not sure which thread to put this info (link) BUT it seems to be a little bit of good news (for a change). Crime Reference Number 5222236390 Irrefutable evidence was given to Avon and Somerset police of the harms and dangers of these injections When we arrived this morning there were over 300 people here booked in and the majority were children Citizens Shut Down Vax Center - rumble.com
  8. Have to say that those thoughts have been with me for some time now. I know one should not really think that way but heh there is / has been so much info out there. Is it a case of when you have been conned then it is hard for them to admit it? +, and no disrespect to the intellect of people, but some will just not be able to comprehend what is going on.
  9. HAVE been using the above as a quote on some other forums / vid / you-tube comments sections, albeit may have altered it slightly - Hope Macnamara is ok with that. In fact using that as the basis as my quote is a compliment to Macnamara's way with words.
  10. It was not just that or whatever may have been attached to the swabs - At the start those swabs were being PUSHED EXTREMELY FAR up the nose and possibly (probably) causing damage. They certainly were painful according to at least two people / sheeple I spoke to about them back in 2020.
  11. No need to be sarcastic just because I may have mis-read / misinterpreted - I am trying to do my bit at getting the truth out to others and entitled to express my thoughts. NO need to respond to this - I will not waste further comments on here as there are more important issues to get across on here than you trying to get one up.
  12. So getting a "government poison injection" is a necessity?!!! I cannot agree with that. Those that have done so will have to face the consequences - they may be lucky that their "shot" was / will not be lethal.
  13. No I have NOT - THEY sent me this gadget that I can / could use - well two separate gadgets really - to access an account + purchase stuff using the account. They sent it to me as I stated that I did not possess a mobile phone. I have NOT worn a NAPPY( confronted the "Karens" (+male equivalents) at the entrance to shops to tell them that I was not going to wear one. NOT accepted the poison DONE my bit at getting the truth out there - locally handing out leaflets (some produced / designed by me). lost friends (well not friends in the true sense) because of my viewpoint SO I HAVE CERTAINLY NOT ACQUIESCED (note spelling - that is one thing I do try to acquiesce to, the spell check!)
  14. I shouldn't really bother to reply to this but I will - I do have a bank account that allows me to key in a code with a device they supply. Why would I have that much in a bank to bother about?!!!! Have transferred my wealth away from the bank. I do not need them.
  15. Getting a phone (I DO NOT HAVE ONE!) just to "comply" is like acquiescing to the demands like those who 1. just wear the nappy to get into the shop / cafe / or travel 2. took the "poison" so that they could travel
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