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  1. Listen to my rap And maybe what i suggest F If i feel like it
  2. Thanks for mentioning this. He will be handled.
  3. I rap Very well indeed. One of the best off the top (actual freestyle) artists with also 500+ plus songs written
  4. Real estate is the best investment. It's about what is actually valuable. What we can use and replenish We moved to northern mn, with acres and abundant resources. Gold/silver? We see way better return on a good chainsaw with solar panels for charging batteries I can use across many platforms...things like that..seeds.
  5. So u are saying it was 50 degrees at max over melting point. Owned.
  6. "thermite burns at over 4,000°F (2204°C). That's enough to cut through steel, which has a melting point of 2750°F (1510°C). "
  7. Sounds like u are projecting..much like the left. What skeletons are in your closet? Jude not last ye be judged.. Trump has done more in 4 years then most of the presidents combined, ever. That's thr objective part. False prophet? More like elon musk. Or Obama..who will be arrested and not president anymore according to history..and they will appeal freedom of the press soon. Watch and see.
  8. No one said trump will save the day ...he is trying it seems from an objecrive viewpoint...u only seem subjective so no point in responding to u ...a pawn sitting back whining yet doing nothing..videos count for naught except allowing u to capitalize on fear like most rookies at life do
  9. I was spell checking you with thermite spelling haha...and thermate has barium nitrate too . no nukes. Sorry that didnt happen.
  10. Thermite* and it was activated by massive heat signature. Has to be ..usually equivalent of magnesium ribbon to ignite. Not nukes.(lol but sorry) Nano thermite. Found in most debris... Only made at that time in 3 or so contractors Mostly based out of Langley ....
  11. Or what China has done... Worst offender of human rights of all.time
  12. Thought: U just might be the one "had".. sorry... u seem to buy into ' your' bias ...and "theories" Think independently, pay attention ..watch.. And learn. Trump is with america and has done more for the people then any president in any of our lifetimes. Facts. People can hate but that's their own fallacy being projected..much like Schiff or any non Newsmax type media outlet with their slander. Actually watch his air time and not pundits. Getting rich like Obama or biden or Sanders in office?...He has lost 10% of his wealth, 300million in the past year.. People want and love to judge yet dont seek to understand yet want to be understood Its ur own collective and individual losses by doing so. :::shrugs:: people get what they get.
  13. I know people have attachments to their favorite artists and journey in life but do realize roger waters is marketing and appealing to the almighty dollar instead of sharing actual views. Most all entertainment industry does this..their point is therefore disqualified and I say they are all frauds.
  14. Please seek to understand the difference Absentee ballots are verified, scrutinized, and secure Mail in are mass mailers sent to ANYONE who has registered at any point..so often double or triple or more ballots for people who have changed addresses, even peoples cats and dogs have received ballots. Ripe for fraud. Harvesting is also probable. Stand up for your rights and do not allow your vote to be diminished by the media and unaware who use both terms interchangeably. B.s! Be well too
  15. In USA u can live in a house for 2 years then sell it with no taxes. USE the tax laws and other laws such as UCC as tools
  16. No need to be condescending or rude or "attacky" (we all do sometimes tho but awareness is key).. it only adds to problems if we cannot treat differing OPINIONs with clarity and respect.
  17. I live by an experimental forest that they say will prove climate change and heat it to the cost of 5 million dollars a year..to f our weather. I watch storms bend around us where we live. Bullshtt. Gaia is dynamic noy static and if she wanted to relive us of her, SHE would.
  18. We all could do a better job to have more knowledge here and less attachment to their opinion..or "belief" which only seeks to keep one separate If u look at the bigger picture instead of being in it..it helps
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