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  1. The first step is establishing the levels of metal toxicity and, as far as I'm aware, the test would have to be carried out by a practitioner. Certainly the test that Genova Diagnostics offered had to be done via a professional (I used a functional medicine doctor) who will interpret it. Having said that, when it comes to children there are obviously strict rules and regulations and I don't know how that works but would exercise caution. I would be inclined to check the website of the British Society for Ecological Medicine for registered and qualified practitioners. I've used DMSA following major amalgam removal but you need to be careful with this stuff as it can be quite unpleasant!
  2. @Mitochondrial Eve curious as to how and why you were 'selected', is it simply GP practices flogging your details for a kickback? Obviously don't answer if an inappropriate q.
  3. That sounds horrible @Jaquiby but you did really well to stand up to him. Women can be an easy target for some but equally retail workers can take a lot of flack from the general public so perhaps he was 'getting in first' so to speak. Good for you for phoning the manager and sounds as though he was taking your complaint seriously. Carry on standing up to the bullies, absolutely no question.
  4. Dr Kendrick is an NHS GP who's been outspoken about statins in his blog over the years, has also written several books and can thoroughly recommend 'Doctoring Data'. He turned his attention to Covid and well worth checking out his older blog posts. This is his latest Covid blog post entitled 'Covid Fear' and what interesting reading it makes. https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/2020/07/25/covid-fear/
  5. Well said @greenheart and couldn't agree more. Had a hair appointment today and have known my hairdresser for a few years. I didn't offer any thoughts or opinions unless asked but it was clear she was struggling. Mentioned that, yes, I was concerned at first but felt something wasn't right so looked into it. As an example I asked whether she realised that the Government paid money to the BBC and mainstream newspapers for printing what they, the Government, authorised. Another example was that the virus had not been properly isolated and the usual procedures had not been followed, why was this? Just a few pointers, am definitely not in the business of lecturing, in order that it may stimulate a desire to learn more.
  6. UKColumn today featured some hilarious tweets from members of the Great British Public, the first 15 minutes are good entertainment value especially one featuring double cream! Link here: https://www.ukcolumn.org/ukcolumn-news/uk-column-news-24th-july-2020
  7. Hello everyone and thank you for letting me join ... eventually! That'll teach me for putting it off. Must confess to being taken in at first with this Corona thingy but instincts kicked in resulting in reading and learning via the non-MSM. Noticed that DI was going to be interviewed by Brian Rose at the beginning of May so signed up to that. Watched it live and felt as though I'd been run over by a truck, such powerful stuff and totally 'got it'. It's great to have somewhere to discuss this Corona nonsense and, importantly, to have a laugh about it and find some light relief.
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