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  1. @Grumpy Owl any recommendations please of where to look for trustworthy info on Common Purpose? Thanks.
  2. @Magnificmags yes, certainly know what you mean. Loads of choice these days but it's knowing what brands to trust. Have been making basic cleaning and personal care products for myself for a few years now, really easy to do and love the essential oils.
  3. CyprusAvenue


    @rideforever liking the sound of linseed mix and mixed seeds, shall check out Aldi. Thanks again.
  4. CyprusAvenue


    @rideforever thanks for this, porridge tasted delicious!
  5. @Chef do report back on making your own oat milk. Mine wasn't successful despite adding cashews for flavour, perhaps it needed less water and/or gentle straining through the nut bag.
  6. @Michi713 what do you make with baking soda, known as bicarbonate of soda in the UK. @sickofallthebollocks last week there was a newspaper report (sorry) of a bloke who hadn't used soap for years, claimed it was unnecessary. A step too far me thinks!
  7. @shadowmoon currently GP Practices receive £10.06 for each routine and annual vaccine. Remember, each Practice is a business.
  8. @donotbend thank you for this. Please be very careful and watch your back at all times. Having been through the state healthcare complaints system I can testify that they employ some morally reprehensible and vile individuals who are teflon-coated. And don't they know it. Am definitely not the only one to experience this. Never underestimate what they can do, for example I've been effectively blacklisted by this organisation and left to rot. Yet the public used to clap on a Thursday evening, oh please.
  9. @callmenuts well done that man and lady! Had to laugh at your mention of 'testosterone pumping' though and you were both clearly determined so a result. Not sure about the shouting, don't want to give the mask wearers any ammunition. Yesterday I wrote about my supermarket visit without a stupid mask. I confidently walked in with a trolley, had decided to ignore any abuse if it came my way (it didn't) and nobody questioned me despite being the only dissenter. Held my head high the whole time and actually felt rather sorry for the sheeple. Haven't told my adult kids yet, they most definitely wouldn't approve!
  10. Wow, that's impressive @Mr H and especially receiving positive responses. Several years ago I had an appointment with my MP which went reasonably well but she stepped down at the last election so need to get in touch with the replacement. Need to get organised.
  11. @Mr H that's a pretty positive response from your MP and worth thanking him for his well-reasoned comments. This is something I need to do but it may well turn into an essay!
  12. @2020member many many people are fearful and can not see beyond that. We have to take whatever steps we're comfortable with, it's different for everyone and that's OK.
  13. @shadowmoon worth reading the Quality and Outcomes Framework in conjunction with the latest GP contract, it will answer your questions.
  14. @Golden Retriever wow, he carried that off fabulously!
  15. Yesterday saw a trial run to my local store where I have a weekly order. I put on my mask but it only covered my mouth meaning my nose was exposed, nobody said anything so reckon I got away with it! This morning saw me visit a large supermarket, facially naked (love that expression). Held my head high whilst shuffling along, pushing a trolley and was definitely the only customer from what I could see who wasn't wearing a muzzle. For authenticity my mouth was open at all times. Nobody said a word, not even the staff. When it came to checkout time I noticed an operator facially naked so headed over. Oh my goodness, I was told where I had to put the trolley. No no, move it along further. You must stand on the blue whatever it was. When I came out there was a bloke walking in front of me pushing his trolley, still wearing a mask and talking gibberish into his phone. Goodness only knows how anyone could understand what he was saying. To be fair, I'm from DI's generation and look rough due to rubbish health so perhaps people are less inclined to engage. Who knows. Go on, give it a go!
  16. You're welcome @ItsTheTruthThough. It's hard knowing what to do for the best but as regards tap water your water supplier should have info on their website as to whether it contains fluoride. In an ideal world I'd buy a Berkey water filter that probably works out no dearer than all the water filter cartridges purchased over the years.
  17. DMSA is a chelating material that binds tighter to the mercury than your body tissues therefore enabling the chelated (bound) mercury out into the urine. It's this same process that can test other materials such as lead, aluminium, cadmium etc. So for the first test you take DMSA and put aside a certain quantity of your urine over a 12 hour period which then gets forwarded to the lab. The effect of this unfortunately is very pungent urine. There's another product called DMPS which I believe is as strong as the DMSA. Don't think DMSA is available in the UK, can't remember where I bought it from though but likely Europe. Am guessing you're concerned about Thimerosol? Have you looked at Dr Sarah Myhill's website? She's a private UK GP and there's loads of info on her website, it's a good resource.
  18. Thanks @Mitochondrial Eve for starting this important thread. Haven't yet fully digested this but would be very interested in knowing if there are to be any financial incentives within the UK state healthcare system for diagnosing and managing this 'virus'. Thought I saw something about the amount per vaccine that's paid to surgeries was being increased, will try and find the source.
  19. Thank you @Baws and was sorry to hear about your grandmother. It seems especially cruel to deny a ferry journey that was being taken in order to check on the well-being of an elderly person, a member of a generation who've been treated exceptionally badly by this Government. Some time ago, before signing up, I'd seen a post whereby someone had said that they didn't know anyone who'd actually had this 'virus' and others had agreed. Unfortunately I have another family member who apparently had the 'virus' but survived. The information given to their nearest and dearest was frankly preposterous, a web of deceit. Yes, agree re the suicide deaths. Some time ago I heard that the numbers weren't available from the ONS, although they usually are. Hmmmm.
  20. No lie is too big for the NHS and this Government. My family has been affected by this 'virus' including the loss of a formally healthy relative with no co-morbidities. His fate was decided by his age I believe but of course there's no way to prove this which is rather convenient.
  21. Hmmmm. Bet the Behavioural Insights Team is behind this! Yes, I see what you mean about the red writing and it's definitely pushy. Ugh.
  22. The first step is establishing the levels of metal toxicity and, as far as I'm aware, the test would have to be carried out by a practitioner. Certainly the test that Genova Diagnostics offered had to be done via a professional (I used a functional medicine doctor) who will interpret it. Having said that, when it comes to children there are obviously strict rules and regulations and I don't know how that works but would exercise caution. I would be inclined to check the website of the British Society for Ecological Medicine for registered and qualified practitioners. I've used DMSA following major amalgam removal but you need to be careful with this stuff as it can be quite unpleasant!
  23. @Mitochondrial Eve curious as to how and why you were 'selected', is it simply GP practices flogging your details for a kickback? Obviously don't answer if an inappropriate q.
  24. That sounds horrible @Jaquiby but you did really well to stand up to him. Women can be an easy target for some but equally retail workers can take a lot of flack from the general public so perhaps he was 'getting in first' so to speak. Good for you for phoning the manager and sounds as though he was taking your complaint seriously. Carry on standing up to the bullies, absolutely no question.
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