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  1. The art of a clinical examination has gone the way of the dodo so really not actually looking at the patient, or watching them walk through the door, can be deemed unimportant. We have NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) guidelines that are used for many health conditions. This is effectively tick box medicine meaning a doctor doesn't need to think, he's told what to do by the guidelines. However, this can actually be quite useful depending on the health condition. On the other hand though, don't assume that these guidelines are necessarily well-written from a patient perspective and can actually leave a patient with a reduced quality of life. Highly likely these have been done with Pharma involvement, after all the NHS is well and truly in their pocket.
  2. @Peacegiver listen to DI's latest broadcast as he talks about this. Apathy rules.
  3. @Jason greeves mmm, it probably didn't help by you telling everyone in the cafe that there wasn't a virus! Did the owner tell you not to come back??!! Sorry, your post made me laugh and no offence meant.
  4. So true @FinallyAwake and the Government could properly deal with obesity if they really wanted to except they're only interested in lining their pockets. This must be the most corrupt Government ever. Shall look forward to reading your post in the Health section.
  5. @Mr H goodness, so awful for your poor father as well as yourself and your family. Can appreciate that you want to know more detail that perhaps will go some way to helping you grieve but, in my experience, if you start asking questions of the NHS then they will shut you down and not help you. Was your father in a state care home? https://www.nhs.uk/common-health-questions/nhs-services-and-treatments/can-i-access-the-medical-records-health-records-of-someone-who-has-died/
  6. @MR-E I can only speak from my experience some years ago where I became consumed by both injustice and toxic individuals employed by the state. It didn't do me any good but the only 'positive' that came out of it was that my eyes became opened to how organisations work and how there is a never-ending number of employees paid to lie/sneer/roll eyes at the little man aka me. And it continues to this day. Importantly though I've found my voice and will stand up for myself which does anger some individuals who believe they shouldn't be questioned. No, you don't bury your head in the sand. Rather, you walk tall without a mask (if appropriate situation) and, importantly, showing no shame for doing so. Pick your battles by deciding whether or not to engage so obviously anyone shouty is best ignored. Some (most) people are terrified, they've been brainwashed but have found that asking them questions can potentially offer an opportunity to raise a couple of simple points. It's getting them to think for themselves cos there's bound to be something that they're a little puzzled or confused by, likely they'll not want to do this within their own circle. The last thing this Government (and others throughout the world) want is for the little people to come together in order to stop this madness. We outnumber this cabal and worldwide we can be a force to be reckoned with although obviously many more little people would be welcomed. Did you see the pics in Berlin? Police first stated officially that there were 1.3 million people around the Brandenburg Gate, this was then considerably reduced to a couple of hundred thousand I think (can't remember exact figure). That was very encouraging to put it mildly, imagine if that was replicated elsewhere!
  7. @MR-E you have to step away and not concern yourself with others, you are not responsible for them. Hold your head high and be thankful your eyes are wide open.
  8. @Messenger yes, agree with you re the wording. Also agree that proper nutrition is needed but that's deemed unimportant these days. One thing I have noticed is the massive volume of tv ads for fast food establishments at the moment, we've never had this many before.
  9. Dr Malcolm Kendrick is a British GP who writes a blog that mostly covers his particular interest, cardiac matters and statins. He's also been writing about Covid but his latest blog post is about a Swedish doctor (emergency care physician) who recently contacted him. More here: https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/2020/08/07/how-bad-is-covid-really-a-swedish-doctors-perspective/ Don't forget to check out Dr Kendrick's other Covid posts, he sails very close to the wind!
  10. Just bumping this @Mitochondrial Eve as it's a really important issue. I watched UKColumn live yesterday and don't mind admitting that a shiver went down my spine upon hearing of this organisation Newsguard. This is essential viewing and here's the link to catchup: https://www.ukcolumn.org/ukcolumn-news/uk-column-news-5th-august-2020
  11. Harrowing. This lack of accountability from the state has to end as should the employing of psychopaths.
  12. Just to add that poor people will be unable to afford decent quality food, much cheaper to buy (nutritionless) cr*p.
  13. Found it very hard keeping to my usual calm disposition this morning. In the petrol station saw a mum with two little ones who were around 4 and 6 years old, all masked up. Child cruelty imo.
  14. @Messenger not fair to make assumptions about his weight. Polypharmacy, undiagnosed condition(s), badly managed condition(s) could all play their part.
  15. I should think most people would be terrified at someone like that getting in your face. Has he been identified and spoken with, does anyone know?
  16. Just twice weekly from this week onwards - Wednesdays and I think Sundays, both in the evening.
  17. Yes, too easy to get consumed by negative information. I have to step back sometimes otherwise my head will explode from all the reading and digesting, this is particularly important for being able to get to sleep at night thus not having an over-stimulated mind. Enjoy other different interests that don't make any demands of you.
  18. Yes, that's it. I did have a log in there but unfortunately they wouldn't let me have a new password. Can't think why!
  19. @kj35 great post there and you're absolutely right that it is imperative that he keeps repeating the message. Kind of you to want to help others, that's very generous and undoubtedly will be rewarding for all. Am now seeing dots being joined up with other stuff I've read about and indeed experienced. It's empowering.
  20. Agree that it was the best one yet. DI covered a lot of ground yet it seemed to be more in depth, more eloquent and perfectly accessible for the newly curious.
  21. @sickofallthebollocks you're a right dirty beggar aren't you??!! Disagree with your saying that 'not washing is a male trait', have known the odd woman to be like this. No need for lots of water to be used, if you have a shower then don't leave it running whilst washing. Turn it back on for a quick rinse, naturally adjusting the shower head to one that sprays minimal water.
  22. Hot off the press - NHS England has said that GPs can't refuse patients who will not wear a face covering. Source: Pulse (daily rag for GPs).
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