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  1. Great post @zarkov and really wish that there was a reason to be optimistic but, alas, both the food and agri chemical industries are so powerful. I keep dithering about taking iodine via a salt pipe but it's not necessarily straight-forward.
  2. Keep Britain Free forum has a section on local groups being formed.
  3. @Bombadil have you not been able to see your specialist then? Would A&E be able to help? As regards anxiety, please see my reply to @shadowmoon and read the link.
  4. @shadowmoon it's complicated, from what I can see. Probably the worst thing to have ever been introduced was this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quality_and_Outcomes_Framework When what's really needed is a 'reward' for getting people off meds and adopting a healthy lifestyle. It doesn't make sense that the more patients who're prescribed anti depressants (the biggest earner), statins (second biggest earner) etc the more money the surgery will 'earn'. It's outrageous and proof that the NHS has been in the pocket of Pharma for a very long time.
  5. @shadowmoon I don't believe that all GP Partners are mercenary. Will come back a bit later with more info.
  6. @Steve H am so sorry to read this, it must have been scary for you. I would speak with the practice manager and raise it as a training issue as it's clearly not acceptable to be given a wrong and dangerous instruction from someone who isn't medically qualified.
  7. @shadowmoon the surgery receive that money, not individual doctors. A surgery is a business with one or more GP Partner(s) and any 'services' they offer such as vaccinations are counted as income.
  8. @Gaia it must have been tough for both of you and that's an awfully long time to go without seeing each other. Did you have to wear full PPE? Did you have to see your mother behind a window? I think that there's Government guidelines still to be followed, the care home may not have any choice in the matter. Have you looked at the AgeUK website?
  9. @ink not sure I understand all of your post but, regardless, you're obviously enlightened and the plandemic was no surprise to you. If you're coming from a position of starting to doubt or question the whole Covid thing along with the MSM hysteria then it's not easy to find trustworthy sources of information. Added to which so many healthcare workers have effectively been silenced/threatened and there's a massive scandal with so many elderly dying yet the government have not taken any responsibility. Where's the truth? Your government won't tell you the truth so you need to find out for yourself. How? There's nothing wrong with listening to the views of others, remember this has been a massive shock to the population who'd undoubtedly be incredulous if they were told the truth. Point those who ask to various interviews, vids, documents, links etc., there's a massive amount of knowledge on here to be shared. Understand why you've used the word 'trust', that's a tricky one but you're obviously better placed than I to make that call. I'd like to apologise for calling you 'snippy', it was out of order. Peace.
  10. Not a nice way to treat a new member @ink, there's no need to be snippy.
  11. @Karol yes, there are fit and healthy people who've not recovered completely from 'Covid' even after many months. Interestingly though they can be compared with Lyme disease patients who, despite taking antibiotics or other treatment, are still debilitated with very similar symptoms. Here's a link to a British Medical Journal article published yesterday stating that post-acute Covid appears to be a multi system disease. Well, I looked at the symptoms listed and I can tick off most of those due to having long term Lyme disease, a multi systemic infection. https://www.bmj.com/content/370/bmj.m3026 Food for thought?
  12. Good work today @BlueSky and @shadowmoon and my supermarket visit saw me being almost the only rebel as on my exit noticed another 'facially naked' at the self-serve check out. Nobody said a word fortunately. Then, surprise surprise, adult daughter phoned and said she's decided it's all a hoax and won't wear a mask. Wasn't expecting that I can tell you!
  13. Glad you've posted @FinallyAwake and you're so right. Your Dad is so young to have that condition, life can be unfair but sounds as though you're doing a good job of taking care of him. Have you noticed the sheer number of (junk) food adverts on telly? Makes me want to scream but doubtless makes others feel that it's normal to eat so much stodge. Haven't a clue whether learning to cook is still on the school curriculum, I know my kids had one term in a school year (can't remember how many years) but that was a long time ago. It's weird that despite having so many cookery programmes on telly with people like the brilliant Jamie Oliver, people aren't cooking. Doesn't make sense!
  14. Great post @Michi713. Would add that we've mostly forgotten what hunger feels like due to a never-ending supply of food being available 24/7. Need to mention things like the contraceptive pill and HRT, they're not conducive to good health especially when so many are ending up with autoimmune disease(s).
  15. @eddy64 if you have a health condition that's covered by a NICE guideline then it is definitely worth reading although realise it can be a lot to plough through. Pick holes in it, write it down, print out and use as ammo when you consult with an NHS doctor.
  16. Absolutely no need for a vaccine so the ptb can jog on. Have taken too much pharma cr*p over the years (as has many other women) and we were sold a lie then.
  17. @Grumpy Owl not a million miles from there and there has been almost a complete absence of rain for some considerable time. Some fell during one night, a shower really but that's all and humidity is very high. This farm is surrounded by a fairly large area of fields with crops and trees bordering the fields. If I was a landowner right now then I would be seriously concerned about the public using any public rights of way through their land as it would resemble a tinderbox. Added to which nationally farms are experiencing valuable equipment and livestock being stolen and I think one of the other fires in the county was as a result of theft. It's not a good time to be a farmer.
  18. @BlueSky what a surprise that it's not on YT!! Thanks for the link too.
  19. UKColumn today reported that 'at the beginning of lockdown, all senior staff at a hospital in East Kilbride (Scotland) were invited to a meeting where they were told that patients aged 45 or older were to be classed as DNR. They were threatened with their jobs if they went public.' If that isn't fascism then I don't know what is.
  20. Pharma doesn't want anyone being cured, they only want repeat customers.
  21. @BlueSky meant to have said that Andrew Wakefield was on Brian Rose's platform a month or so ago, he was promoting his new film.
  22. Interesting @BlueSky. I originally found the article in 'Pulse' which is for GPs. I don't understand where they fit in with the British Medical Association who represent NHS doctors (in a union sense) and provide access to legal representation. Am not sure exactly what is compulsory apart from the annual fee to the regulator, the General Medical Council. Suspect that they have to belong to the BMA as well. It's all a bit murky isn't it. The Medical Protection Society claim on their website: We are the world’s leading member-owned, not-for-profit protection organisation for doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals. Founded in 1892, we exist to protect and support the professional interests of more than 300,000 members around the world, helping them to understand and navigate the ongoing challenges of modern practice. Today we proudly support members in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Caribbean and Bermuda. Our in-house experts can assist members with the wide range of legal and ethical problems that can arise from their professional practice. This can include assistance with clinical negligence claims, complaints, medical and dental council inquiries, legal and ethical dilemmas, disciplinary procedures, inquests and fatal accident inquiries. Our philosophy is to support safe practice in medicine and dentistry by helping to avert problems in the first place. We do this by promoting risk management through our workshops, e-learning, clinical risk assessments, publications, conferences, lectures and presentations. We also actively campaign for regulatory and legal reforms that benefit members and the wider healthcare professions. We are not an insurance company, and all benefits of MPS membership are discretionary, as set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  23. The Medical Protection Society (MPA) carried out a poll of healthcare professionals (think that means GPs) and '84% felt it should be mandatory for those attending any healthcare setting to wear a face covering'. Link here: https://www.medicalprotection.org/uk/articles/government-faces-call-to-make-face-masks-mandatory-in-healthcare-settings-as-laws-extend-to-cinemas-and-churches
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