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  1. Latest excellent blog post from outspoken NHS GP Dr Malcolm Kendrick where he pulls apart the words uttered by Fauci and others, along with statistics. When wrong, shout louder, get angry, double-down, attack your critics in any way possible. Accuse them of being anti-vaxx, or something of the sort. Dig for the dirt ... https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/2020/09/04/covid-why-terminology-really-matters/ Did read somewhere that he's due to appear at a rally being held in Edinburgh, that'll go down well with tptb!
  2. Such a shame but do hope that he'll find another home for himself and his chair. He really has become a National Treasure.
  3. @Woodsman lovely pic there of your gentle giant and it looks very scenic there. Guessing in some respects you feel quite removed from all this Covid nonsense as you're unlikely to encounter the muzzled when working, presumably logging?
  4. @Grumpy Owl watched this first time round but watched again and it really was lightweight stuff. That was a pretty creepy experience you had but a good job that you had your wits about you. Have been reading more about CP (thanks for providing so much info and links) and had no idea that it had permeated to such an extent. Sinister frankly. Do you think that CP and freemasonry work together on occasion?
  5. @Someone2630 wouldn't say that the medical profession suppresses hypothyroidism, the main issue is that the ranges are far too wide in the UK meaning many have a poor quality of life. The professional association responsible for determining 'best practice' has consistently wilfully ignored protests from patient charities cos they're in the pocket of pharma. You can count on one hand the number of competent endocrinologists in the UK who know anything about hormones. We're in the world of tick box medicine and NICE guidelines, God help us.
  6. @Someone2630 regarding herbal remedies, the public simply aren't awake that there are other ways of treating illness. Am under a medical herbalist for Lyme disease, it's really quite amazing what herbs can do in the hands of someone experienced. Exercise definitely helps but the public won't reduce their dependency on motor vehicles although must say it's been encouraging to see so many newbies on bikes. Really hope that continues but am not holding my breath!
  7. Yep, agree with you there @Someone2630 it's disgraceful. I self-medicate for a health condition as state healthcare, or rather pharma, has decided that only one pharmaceutical should be given to patients. In other words, no choice and neglecting the fact that our bodies are all different. Many patients worldwide will not take this, instead preferring a product that mimics an organ of the human body. Pharma has now been shutting down the factories in the Far East that make this product meaning there are now shortages along with the inevitable price increase, thus forcing many on to the state/pharma offering. Pharma were losing business with people self-medicating, with their offering it meant that people would be taking many different pharmaceuticals yet still felt poorly so inevitably the "you're depressed" nonsense would be trotted out with another pharmaceutical being added to the toxic mix. So true @Mr H and in fact the product I've talked about was used from the 1800's until the 1970's when a pharmaceutical replaced it. And yet in the NICE guidelines for this condition they claimed that no clinical trails have been done and it is not recommended. Go figure!
  8. @Someone2630 thanks for those links although the last one doesn't work. You've made some good points but am sorry to hear about how your daughter was treated. I'm afraid that anti depressants are touted by doctors as the cure all except they don't mention the money the practice receives for each new diagnosis, followed by more money at every medication review thanks to the Quality and Outcomes Framework. If only everyone read the Patient Information Leaflet that comes with all pharmaceuticals! You may be interested to read the blog by Professor David Healy who's a Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacologist. He's a lone voice and is highly critical of the psyche industry. www.davidhealy.org What a time to be a pharma shareholder!!
  9. Thanks for this @sickofallthebollocks. Haven't been able to find out this doctor's name but would be interested to know whether he's been subjected to the same treatment as Dr Adil, ie suspension by the regulator for speaking out.
  10. You're right @Velma it really is criminal. How do these people sleep at night?
  11. Jeez, take a look at this. Utterly disgraceful. Retweeted by KeepBritainFree, "this is an unedited anonymous account from a member of staff of a large London GP Surgery, who feels compelled to expose the deterioration of patient care since Covid-19 broke. They simply wish that normal and full service can resume, because patients (and staff) are suffering, in spite of no Covid pressure. Individual or GP details are not provided, as the individual can not afford to lose their job/career." https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ry29p3ivon3iq0/Post-Lockdown GP Significant Service Decline .pdf?dl=0
  12. Dr Malcolm Kendrick (outspoken, straight-talking NHS GP) has written another Covid blog post entitled 'Covid - what have we learned?' Worth reading his other Covid blog posts too. https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/2020/08/25/covid-what-have-we-learned/
  13. Good to see such a wide range of ages, that is very telling and mirrors my own experience.
  14. I noticed over the weekend an Irish newspaper reporting that Van Morrison had spoke of "pseudo-science" and that "we need to be playing to full capacity audiences". He called on fellow singers, musicians and others in the industry to "come forward, stand up, fight the pseudo-science and speak up". This morning in the Guardian was a similar story that was open for comments. Just checked and all the comments (many hundreds) had disappeared. He's getting flack on his Facebook page too. Apparently the only other person standing up for this is Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber. Go Van The Man!
  15. Well well, have a read of this article by Paul Baldwin and especially the comments. Check out the 'conversation survey' beneath the comments, don't forget to vote obviously. https://www.express.co.uk/comment/expresscomment/1325790/Coronavirus-covid-19-economic-recovery-coronavirus-lies-how-many-deaths-statistics
  16. @allymisfit such a sad post and the only way to change things is to take control of both your health and your life. First step is to get hold of a copy of any blood test results, you may have online access via your surgery or you can make a request in writing, you're legally entitled to these. Are you living in Scotland? Bound to need vitamin D3 all year round although you may be able to reduce the dose in Summer if you're getting sufficient exposure to the sun. As a woman you may be low in ferritin, also possibly vitamin B12. Private tests needn't be hugely expensive if you shop wisely. NHS ranges are very wide cos treating costs money so you'll be told "everything's fine" when the reality is that that NHS doctors don't have a clue about this stuff. These are building blocks to good health. Any prescribed meds may not necessarily be helping especially anything like anti depressants and their ilk. Don't know if you're aware of Dr Sarah Myhill, a private British GP who thinks outside the box. Her website is a mine of information. https://www.drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/Main_Page https://www.drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/Vitamin_D_-_most_of_us_do_not_get_enough https://www.drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/Vitamin_D_and_Sunshine:_an_essential_vitamin!_Protects_against_cancer,_heart_and_bone_disease Would also strongly recommend this book, it's by an American doctor called Neil Nathan and it covers chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, persistent pain and other chronic illnesses right through to how the environment is making us sick. It's written in an easy to understand way and includes real life patient experiences. I find myself referring to it on a regular basis. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Healing-Possible-Fibromyalgia-Persistent-Illnesses/dp/1681627280/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1598007602&sr=1-2 Do hope that you're receiving support from your partner but it could be that professional talking therapy is needed. Haven't a clue how it works with regard to confidentiality and the NHS, personally if you can afford to go private then go for that. In my experience, the less that the NHS can throw back in your face the better. Hang in there girl and we're here for you. Shout out if you have any q's.
  17. YT are continuing to ban some of Dr C's excellent vids but fortunately a transcript of every vid is available on his website. Just before the vid that Basket Case posted was another banned vid entitled "Forbidden Truths" and the transcript is available. It's another goody. Go to www.vernoncoleman.com and click 'Health' then select from the list.
  18. @rideforever absolutely this in spades, well said. The rest of your post was good too.
  19. The inimitable Neil Young with "Lookin' for a leader 2020": https://neilyoungarchives.com/video?id=44YY9EIndKphg7fxVmP9hw In case anyone doesn't know the Neil Young Archives is open access for all his material, going back as far as 1968. He's always been political. Enjoy.
  20. Definitely worth a watch - Dr Adil who was dismissed by the General Medical Council for speaking out and, my goodness, he has a few words to say about them.
  21. Terrific info there @zarkov thank you very much. Will need to re-read that a few times and digest. Am using transdermal magnesium chloride, is this OK? Will look at making my own when this runs out. Am a bit confused with iodine, took some yonks ago but apparently you need co-factors such as sodium selenite and something else. Does that sound right to you? Also been thinking about supplementing boron. The Borax that you take - that's not available in the UK so guessing you mean Borax substitute? Am using 'sunshine salt' which was developed by Dr Sarah Myhill. It contains the top 12 essential minerals, recommendation is to take one rounded teaspoon daily. It's playing hell with my grinder though, ended up buying a cheapo one and that doesn't work very well either! Suspect it's to do with it being all different shapes, sizes and textures. Agree with your final paragraph, we're deliberately being left in an unhealthy state.
  22. @BlueSky yes, I think all you can do is study carefully the wording from the Government. Sounds as though you're damned if you do yet damned if you don't but the only 'consolation' is that there will be others in a similar position to yourself meaning some power which is better than none at all. Still cr*p though.
  23. @BlueSky is there a reason why all the details were not shown? Guessing you don't have a union? Could be worth asking the question on here: http://www.laworfiction.com/ Or take a look here: https://www.keepbritainfree.com/forum/help-support-q-a/independent-sources-and-links Citizens Advice Bureau?
  24. Saw this on Simon Dolan's Twitter feed:
  25. @shadowmoon that has to be a GP responding and absolutely know that they trawl the DM to 'correct' the readership.
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