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  1. Certainly worth watching that vid (some interesting nuggets) but that document will take considerably longer!
  2. What the heck! Definitely awful @Problem child Detracts from the trees and a rather lovely looking bridge.
  3. Thanks for this @Mr H and shall watch that. Do like UKColumn and Brian Gerrish really comes across as a journalist in the true sense of the word. Currently reading through his work on Common Purpose which really is an eye-opener.
  4. Latest (Covid) blog from Dr Kendrick: https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/2020/09/13/a-way-to-control-covid-19-for-now/
  5. Thank you for your thoughts @zarkov and you're absolutely right. How did we get to this point? Yet whenever there's a scandal we tut and condone but continue with our lives, all forgotton about 5 minutes later. Yes, the word 'deceit' is appropriate and wonder if we've just become desensitised. I sincerely hope not. Perhaps we need the return of the family unit, it's certainly something to think about.
  6. Holds up hand to watching telly (currently 6 days a week glued to a 3 week bike race going on in France). Only see the odd one unmasked by the roadside, it's quite surreal. Can't answer your q though, sorry!
  7. Am edging ever closer to ditching it, just need to wait til a bike race in France ends.
  8. @BlueSky @Grumpy Owl for Android an API was installed, this apparently can help Covid tracking apps function. More here: https://fullfact.org/health/covid-19-track-and-trace-app-has-not-been-automatically-downloaded-peoples-phones/ I don't know where mine has disappeared to, hopefully deleted. Really objected to this intrusion hence my interest in a non-smart phone. That's odd about your phone making that sound, has it always done that? Oh and guess who today received a letter from Imperial College/NHS regarding Covid testing research study. Not happy about GP practice passing on my details especially as I've opted out of record sharing etc.
  9. @Haunted Universeyes, must check out Crimebodge although it will probably make me shout at the screen!
  10. @Someone2630 yes the NHS was a good idea to begin with. Your poor mother and sounds as though there was some dependency going on with her regular appointments. NHS dentists were another breed - drill and fill was their mantra meaning more fillings meant more money. That's shocking your mother having them all removed, really cruel. My complaints affects everything, when I needed surgery they deliberately made me wait even though I was in pain. Had it done privately in the end then wrote a letter of complaint to the original hospital about their waiting list. Sounds as though you receive far better treatment in Belgium, how do you pay for your health service?
  11. Thanks @BlueSky and in some ways cos there's less to go wrong meaning they should last. Surprised you've never had to replace a battery but could be worth buying a spare whilst you can. Couldn't manage without a landline although wish that I hadn't bought digital phones, would definitely use the type in ink's pic if buying again and they're still available.
  12. @Ethel have to agree with you although removed Ben Goldacre's name cos he's anything but trustworthy. Having been through the formal complaints process for long term medical negligence and criminality, absolutely nobody was interested. GP Practice got lawyered up as I proved the quacks wrong, the regulator (General Medical Council) twice dismissed my complaint, Care Quality Commission was as much use as a chocolate teapot as were Healthwatch, Patients Association and PALS. Last stop was the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman who thought it was OK to leave a patient heading for a coma. Yet I'm the one left with two further health conditions as a result of GPs' incompetence and nothing was done to stop this happening again. In my opinion it's not safe to go to any medical appointments unaccompanied and these should be covertly recorded for the patient's protection. Have spent over a decade following patient complaints, every month there's another scandal yet lessons are never learned. Also, more patients are speaking out on Twitter and/or writing blogs, some of which are gut wrenching. There are families who've been trying to get justice for decades yet at every turn they're lied to with their concerns dismissed. Better stop there.
  13. Kary Mullis also stated that this was not to be used as a diagnostic test, unfortunately he died last year I believe.
  14. Voted in your survey @BlueSky Using a PAYG smartphone which has never been used online and it really bugs me that the stupid Covid app has taken up residence without my permission. Credit has nearly run out and now mulling over buying a cheapo non-smart phone with a new sim for anonymity. Any idea as to whether these basic phones will be around for a while? Will replacement batteries go the way of the dodo? Pretty handy living somewhere with poor reception, that's my excuse for not giving out my number.
  15. Hurrah, Dr C is back with a new vid via brandnewtube: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/i-039-m-back-september-6th-2020_ZREIFY8auhMpzzQ.html Great news!
  16. @Grumpy Owl Yes, was rather hoping to see a politician or two being challenged about this. Interesting, thanks for your thoughts. Although this is from 2007 it's still worth watching and must confess to being shocked at the manner in which Brian Gerrish of UKColumn was "warned off".
  17. Here's a link to a very recent article written by Brian Gerrish of UKColumn. *WARNING* audio interviews are distressing and you may wish to avoid https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/feet-clay-and-clapping-nhs
  18. Just about to start reading this and wondered/hoped there would be objections forthcoming from not only Joe Public, is anyone aware of 'official' responses? Just had a look at Liberty's website where they have been involved in a number of campaigns such as winning a legal challenge against police use of oppressive facial recognition technology, unfortunately I don't see anything about this consultation. Have to agree with @Basket Case that the Government will be going through the motions but what's needed is some Big Hitters to take this on, perhaps legally or as human rights abuse.
  19. @Someone2630 that is one horrible pic!! Can imagine that in Africa you would have seen quite a collection of these creatures and don't they pick some interesting places to burrow. Years ago my dog had an engorged tick, I'd never seen one before and certainly hadn't heard of such a thing and it was many years after she'd passed that I realised what it had been. Extraordinary what happened to your dog and that it was eventually able to recover. Tick season in the UK has been getting longer and too many public places fail to put up warning signs. In fact I've heard of one area where the local council didn't want to scare off the tourists so refused to put up signs.
  20. @Someone2630 have to say, this Covid section of the Forum is very fast-moving meaning it's easy to overlook posts. I deliberately started a new thread rather than including it in the mega thread and appreciate that one can suffer from information overload. Nevertheless, I think it's very brave of Dr K to be so outspoken on this particular topic knowing full well what's happened to other healthcare dissenters. Thank you for reading it though!
  21. @Woodsman my goodness, what size was the foal when born cos it looks huge! Looks like either the Lake District or Scotland, regardless it looks wonderful and calm and an ideal place for relaxation breaks. Looking forward to more pics!
  22. @Someone2630 yes, doxy is currently used but it's most effective immediately after a bite or appearance of an EM rash. The danger with taking it much later on is that it pushes the spirochetes into cyst form which you really don't want. You can get bitten again and again and people do, doxy offers no immunity.
  23. @sb123 am so sorry that you've been put through this ordeal but you're absolutely right in that the NHS do not want to know about Lyme disease. In 2018 NICE produced new guidelines which stated that an EM rash was diagnostic of Lyme and no testing needed, in any case it takes time for antibodies to form although not everyone produces them or sufficient enough to show. You would have been given 3 weeks of Doxy and, if still symptomatic, a further 3 weeks of a different antibiotic. That is all you'll get from the NHS. Unfortunately for you, at the time you had the EM rash then the guidelines were less comprehensive with only one course of antibiotics being offered. Would be interested to hear how you are doing now and whether the NHS has actually done anything since especially as it will now be termed as Chronic Lyme disease. I don't know whether you're aware but the NICE guideline committee acknowledged that some people still feel unwell after 2 courses of antibiotics and that more research is needed. Well, when is that going to happen cos there sure ain't no sign of any research despite the millionaire John Caudwell offering up to £1M towards it so long as the Government played their part. The silence is deafening. I have no faith either in the NHS having experienced doctors and consultants rolling their eyes at the mention of Lyme. Now completely blacklisted from any hospital referrals by a psycho GP who stopped learning and listening the day he finished med school. It really is insulting and hurtful to see vast amounts of money being splashed around and wasted on this Covid nonsense whilst those with Lyme are either left to rot or get fleeced for private treatment.
  24. @Grumpy Owl you may be interested to hear that today, Friday 4th September, UKColumn had a snippet on CP. It starts at around 50 minutes in and was followed by a snippet on City Mayors which is also worth a watch. Actually the whole programme was worth watching although it's left me feeling rather nervous, to put it mildly. https://www.ukcolumn.org/ukcolumn-news/uk-column-news-4th-september-2020
  25. @sb123 *shakes head*. It's an effing disgrace. Will reply further when I've calmed down (I also have Lyme).
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