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  1. On Twitter there's been a report of Kate Shemirani being arrested, along with another woman called Fiona, but since released with bail conditions. Apparently Fiona claimed that some of the officers were telling her she will be going to prison, they also withheld her medication. No words.
  2. @Jaquiby not surprised at his reaction to the mention of a ventilator, perfectly normal. Could any alternative treatments help with the pain and discomfort ie osteopathy, herbalism etc ? Good that the hospital have contacted him, they must realise that so many elderly will be terrified of going into hospital so hopefully it's meant with kindness.
  3. The latest rally was for medical professionals, that's what Kate Shemirani, the MC, stated although she wasn't the organiser. There definitely seemed to be some there who had other ideas.
  4. @Jaquiby a shame that your dad is missing out on an op and feels the way he does about hospitals. It is hard to argue with that but would he be willing to compromise a little just until the op was done? Really, it's not as if hospital staff would be able to check on patients every 5 minutes so he'd just need to play the game with a muzzle half on, half off when they're around. Must be a worry for you too.
  5. Pretty disturbing huh @Newbiebrbr where you have to tick the right box to further yourself, all at the taxpayers' expense naturally. Totally ridiculous.
  6. Gosh @rideforever that's quite a post! 'Soulless humans' - that's a pretty accurate description which can be applied to far too many these days. I reckon a lot of this behaviour stems from the 70's where for some money gave them power leading to some pretty selfish attitudes and a sense of entitlement. Your comment "It's hard to find people who even want to be normal anymore" - well, won't disagree with that but how sad is it that people can feel so negatively about themselves.
  7. @Golden Retriever you may be interested to watch an item on today's UKColumn program. Starts at 28 minutes and runs for no longer than several minutes. https://www.ukcolumn.org/ukcolumn-news/uk-column-news-21st-september-2020
  8. Jeez, poor poor man. That footage will be invaluable and hope precautions are being taken cos you can bet that some most definitely will not want this made public. "Are the police being reframed?" a question that's been asked by Brian Gerrish of UKColumn. No doubt imo. Be afraid.
  9. @Bast What did you make of Dr K's latest blog centering around Foxy-Loxy? There's certainly been plenty of his readership who question the whole Covid thing and wonder if this was an attempt to dampen down the flames.
  10. I posted the above earlier, in the Chat thread on the demo. @Grumpy Owl this is worrying. It will put a stop to our right to peaceful protest and also what the implications will be for next week's rally. Doesn't help at all.
  11. The Mail did a hatchet job on Kate Shemirani, the headline was shocking and the content was nasty. Have no doubt these newspapers are under orders as they've received Government money.
  12. Hmmm, certainly looked as though a few attendees had a calendar malfunction. 77th brigade? Disproportionate plod presence, deliberate or accidental?
  13. @Jack Had seen this earlier and chuckled, after all not long ago he was moaning about the 'pseudo-science' and fighting for the entertainment industry to be allowed back to work. This resulted in frothing on his fb page where fans have become ex-fans. Meanwhile, a muppet from the 'BBC Monitoring disinformation team' sees fit to criticise his actions. Quelle surprise. Message to all you musicians - keep speaking out on this madness and attend the rallies taking place around the UK, we need many more of you to do this. Oh yes, and a message for the BBC, this weekend I'm giving up my tv license. Can not stomach any more of your lies and propaganda, enough is enough. *blows a raspberry*
  14. Wonderful pic @Woodsman and look forward to many more.
  15. Am sorry to read that @Beaujangles did you make a complaint? Shocking that a doctor believes it's his place to decide on a DNR and it's not right to bully his patient's offspring either. Makes you wonder who else has been on the receiving end of this cruel behaviour.
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