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  1. Hi ally. Have you been tested or do you have a good idea of what the culprit/s is? There are other methods such as using various clays, coffee enemas etc. This company sell good quality products although they're not able to make any claims. Take a look at diatomaceous earth or deactivated charcoal: https://www.theclaycure.co.uk/ Disclaimer, haven't personally used them for that specific purpose. Coffee enema kits, reasonably priced, are available from Amzn. Again, haven't used this personally and it sounds like a right faff anyway! A Lyme disease pract
  2. @Woodsman great pics again, thank you. Do keep them coming!
  3. @rhydra amazed that her blog was up for that long considering the sheer number of names mentioned. Is she writing anywhere else do you know? Shall check out those links.
  4. @Basket Case certainly Dr C came across as disappointed, there definitely has to be more to it.
  5. @Basket Case this all seems rather odd though and wasn't it bnt who were hacked a little while ago? Is there something else going on?
  6. @Odie Hatzcats it's not possible to link but you need to select "Health" from the sidebar then second from the top you'll find "why I stopped making videos". It really is a great shame but am assuming and hope he'll continue to write on his website.
  7. Please see www.vernoncoleman.com for an explanation. He posted 2 days ago.
  8. You need to be careful here so maintain that you have an medical exemption, do not discuss your personal views at work or give them any ammunition. There is a website with legal advice relating to Covid but can't remember what it's called.
  9. Announced today that GPs will receive £12.58 per vaccine administered provided both doses have been given.
  10. I cancelled mine in September, yes yes it took a long time! Get this, the confirmatory letter stated that if I move then I have to let them know my new address. FFS. Don't get me started on every 2 years having to sign a declaration that I don't have a TV, they can jog on. More info here: https://www.defundbbc.uk/ Incidentally, have mentioned this to a few people which of course has been a good opportunity to inform folk that the BBC is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as the EU. Can your news therefore be independent, I ask them.
  11. Haven't a clue whether this is the right place ... I really shouldn't laugh but it is funny: "The NHSE primary care director joins outpouring of support for vandalised GP practice". Well, that's good to know then.
  12. Mumsnet currently have a thread running about a person being verbally attacked for not wearing a mask, last time I looked it was at over 600 posts. Never have I seen such nasty, cruel, vicious, ill-informed comments coming from, presumably, mainly women. Moderators have clearly been deleting lots too. Shoot me if I ever sink that low.
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