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  1. I think the Yale University club includes "322" in their emblem as a reference to the Sun passing above the 0° latitude on March 22 each year. During the spring/vernal equinox (~ March 19) the Sun appears to align with the equator for three days, after which, the Sun travels north and eventually reaches the 23.5°N latitude (highest point) on what we call the summer solstice (~ June 20). The Sun then makes it way back south, hitting the 0° latitude again for the autumn equinox (~ September 21) and then residing in the southern hemisphere until the next spring equinox. (See image below.) Remarkably, the mid-point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice - known as Walpurgisnacht (~ April 30 - May 1) - is a holiday for various occult traditions (e.g. The Church of Satan was founded by Anton LaVey on 30 April 1966). Many researchers believe the 40 days between March 22 and May 1 is a period of ritual sacrifice (known as "The Season of Sacrifice") in which clandestine sacrifices are made world-wide to aid in the manifestation of their dark magic. As we know, many of the elite technocrats are engaged in Sun worship and are therefore extremely invested in these periods of time determined by the Sun. Hence, I feel the "322" appearing on the Skull and Bones emblem is a reference to March 22, the dawn of the Season of Sacrifice.
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