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  1. It just so happens that I was watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last night, and the following words of Dumbledore stood out to me: What do you think?
  2. It is a bit misleading to write "Occultists/satanists" as this suggests they are one in the same. In the words of John Baines: Many practitioners of the ancient religion/ideology known as satanism use occult knowledge as a means toward their desired end(s). I do agree that occultists know and utilize the power of words and symbols. You may find in your studies that there are individuals who could be considered de-occultists that are working to bring aspects of the occult to light for all to see. Information is not inherently good or evil. Much like a blade, information is a tool to be used. Just as a blade can be used to prepare dinner or to draw blood, information can lead to greater knowledge or to greater deception. I disagree with your claim that Passio's use of language and/or images in that clip are reinforcing evil or promoting a victim mentality. I do agree that "controlled opposition" exists. One example of a "New-Age Deception" that comes to mind is the infamous "power of positive thinking" school of thought. In my opinion, the role of positive thought is to serve as a catalyst for positive ACTION. There is nothing wrong with (in fact, I support) having a positive outlook as to whether or not it will sufficiently rain this season; I call this TRUST. However, you must still - through your own labor - tend to the fields and plant your crops so that they may be prepared for the rain that you trust will appear. Thank you for sharing your reaction and perspective on that clip I shared. I will take into consideration your warning about him reinforcing evil.
  3. Here is a Facebook post she made that just says: It is extremely alarming to see that she has such a huge following, and many of them are teenagers. There are a lot of individuals who are worshiping celebrities such as this. Sick and twisted satanic society.
  4. Reapse


    Look at all these free-thinking renegades, defying the (anti-)social distancing and face-mask guidelines - ..... wait a second !?
  5. I feel the need to mention that the quote I placed on the image above is a lyric from the song Outlaw Torn by Metallica on their 1996 album Load.
  6. I have absolute and whole-hearted TRUST in humanity.
  7. Can we use this thread to discuss our favorite/recommended DI books? I'll admit that I have not yet read all of them. I have finished I Am Me; I Am Free and Human Race Get Off Your Knees. Meanwhile, I am slowly working my way through The Trigger and Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told. What about you?
  8. Fauci is also continuing to insist that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is not a safe and effective method of treatment for COVID-19, whilst doctors around the world claim they have been using HCQ to treat their patients symptoms with tremendous success - of course, they have been censored for spreading "harmful misinformation." The link I have provided about the doctors claims is a MSM article that is supposedly debunking them (I am certain we all know how to read between the lines here), yet chooses to make ad hominem attacks rather than offer scientific counter-argument. Here is a study from 2005 published in Virology Journal that shows chloroquine is effective for treating coronaviruses. You may not buy the theory that viruses cause disease. You may also be sick and tired (pun intended?) of the pharmacological craze and the pleas for a drug to treat each and every symptom of the human experience. Regardless, people get sick and seek treatment for their symptoms; doctors offer treatments and record the results, and sometimes these findings are published for the sake of accumulating knowledge. My point is not to convince anyone to take HCQ. I am simply helping to point out more cracks in the Trojan Horse that has appeared at our gates.
  9. Here is a nice (~ 9 minute) snippet of Passio speaking on MSM's reporting of the 'pandemic' and pedophilia taken from WOEIH Show #231. This clip was uploaded by Mark Devlin.
  10. I would also like to recommend The End of All Evil by Jeremy Locke. This is a concise treatise on freedom and liberty, teaching the equally infinite value of each expression of life. It is a short (~ 98 pages) read and I find it to be superbly written. Here are the opening words of the text: I hope the opening passage above entices you to read more of what Locke has to say in these brief notes. Here is a direct link to the PDF, courtesy of Mark Passio from his website What On Earth Is Happening: (http://www.whatonearthishappening.com/images/stories/woeih/podcast/073/End-Of-All-Evil.pdf)
  11. I'd like to recommend the works of Richard W. Wetherill. He wrote several books concerning objective morality and the dangers of dishonesty. In the present day we know all-too-well how little truth and objective reality are valued by society. Many individuals chose to label 'true' that which is comfortable to them and fits their world-view, thus attempting to alter and manipulate truth as it suits them. On the contrary, I contend that truth is immutable and objective - something we must align ourselves with. In his books you will find that Wetherill shares this ideology and makes clear arguments against dishonesty, deception, and obfuscation of truth and reality. Here are a couple of his books, with direct links to PDF's courtesy of Mark Passio from his website What On Earth Is Happening: Tower of Babel (http://www.whatonearthishappening.com/images/stories/woeih/podcast/073/Tower-Of-Babel.pdf) Right is Might (http://www.whatonearthishappening.com/images/stories/woeih/podcast/073/Right-Is-Might.pdf) And here is a short companion piece that summarizes his work, written by one of his students: Be Right or Go Wrong (http://www.whatonearthishappening.com/images/stories/woeih/podcast/073/Be-Right-Or-Go-Wrong.pdf)
  12. Point taken. However, I stand by my use of an SS officer here as I was specifically drawing parallels between the infamous excuse offered to the world during the Nuremberg trials, and the excuse I hear many statists appeal to presently as a cop-out for individualism and investigation. Regardless, I agree in that a "Stalinist commissar or a Chinese Maoist" would absolutely be fitting in its place - albeit less colloquial. It is not my intention to promote anti-German ideology. Moreover, I certainly feel that the excuse of "just following orders..." has been used as justification for heinous crimes long before the 20th century and has seen increased use ever since. Your reaction has given me the idea of making a larger collage that features many more examples of wrongdoers (e.g. US soldiers invading Iraq) appealing to the same sorry excuse.
  13. I often ponder this question. My current contention as to "why?" the global pyramid system(s) were built is that they serve as a form of lasting communication with future generations (including us today). The megalithic structures not only wordlessly convey mathematical quantities (e.g. irrational numbers such as π and φ) in the construction, but also share deep aspects of the level of consciousness of the creators. I feel that the creators of at least some of these structures wished to share (perhaps simply their existence?) a message with future generations. It is also possible that we are not the intended audience. Maybe they were built in order to send a message to non-human life in the past or future.
  14. **UPDATE** Note that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has recently (23 July 2020) debated Alan Dershowitz concerning the claims Dershowitz made in that clip about mandatory vaccinations. A full video of the debate can be found on the following webpage: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/vaccine-debate-is-on-robert-f-kennedy-jr-vs-alan-dershowitz/ Here are some key points: Dershowitz based his claims on a 1905 US Supreme Court ruling that required a US citizen to pay the issued $5 fine to his local government for refusing to be vaccinated. Obviously the current situation is far different and it seems that this 1905 ruling would have little legal significance. The 1905 ruling hinged on the fact that the vaccine had been "proven to be safe and effective;" now, I highly doubt that argument could be made for whatever products come out of "Operation Warpspeed". After some time, Dershowitz tries to lead the debate away from vaccines and toward masks ... hmm ... What do y'all think?
  15. Here is another example: In this case, I suggest the 'one hand up, one hand down' symbolism invites the audience (including practicing satanists) to act as a conduit between the seen and the unseen forces at work in this realm. For example, consider someone with a strong desire (unseen force) to throw a rock through your window for fun and then actually following through with it (seen force). It is important to note that by "satanist" I do not simply mean someone who is rebelling against the Christian religion, et cetera. My use of the term "satanism" is in reference to the ancient occult religion that has loomed this Earth in the minds of men long before the Church of Satan was founded by Anton LaVey in 1966. The fundamental ideology of this ancient religion is that truth should be obfuscated, occulted, and held captive so as to control and destroy the lives of those who are left 'in the dark'. For many of us on this site, this will not be the first time hearing of an enduring collective of individuals whose upmost priority is the destruction of truth. The group is very real and I appreciate that many threads on this site delve into the details surrounding their occupation. Notable examples of their activities is the promulgation of solipsism and the promotion of eugenics. The main tenets of satanism are: Selfishness as the highest virtue; Moral relativism; Social Darwinism; Eugenics. I will stop myself here and allow for discussion. I will consider making a thread dedicated to discussing this sinister topic that none of us can afford to dismiss, as most of society is one big satanic ritual. To be clear, I strongly oppose the ideology of satanism. I believe that truth is universal and objective, and that simply existing (i.e. having a heart pumping blood through your arteries and veins) grants you the right to seek after the truth behind all that is. PS: Note that the above image of the baphomet depicts the entity sitting on a sphere with the name of a famous alchemist Eliphas Levi (cf. Rituel de la Haute Magie) engraved in it.
  16. I strongly encourage everyone to check-out Mark Passio's work and I don't recommend embarking on this journey by starting with his recent appearance on Info Wars. I suggest visiting his webpage (http://www.whatonearthishappening.com/) and navigating to the "Podcast" page. Be sure to start with "WOEIH Show #001" and work your way through each episode and the corresponding reference material. Further, I suggest you watch his recorded presentations located under the "Videos" tab. These recorded lectures are very powerful gifts to share with friends and family that are oblivious to the current human condition of slavery. My personal favorites are Demystifying the Occult and Natural Law. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/e1V98DsNXi0" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  17. I agree with the hermetic "as above, so below" reference that was suggested above. I also think the 'one hand up, one hand down' symbolism serves as an invitation to act as a conduit between the sky and Earth. We mustn't solely look up to the beauty of the stars, turning a blind-eye to the ugliness (e.g. murder) surrounding us here on Earth and wishing for an escape. Equally perilous would it be for us to ignore the heavens and focus our attention exclusively on Earth (e.g. nearly all life on Earth is dependent on the Sun). Additionally, the 'one hand up, one hand down' symbolism could be a reference to the chalice and the blade (see image below) representing the feminine and masculine aspects of consciousness, respectively. We are invited to incorporate both aspects of our consciousness in our expression and find balance.
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