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  1. There is a popular astrologist called Gahl Sasson who presents himself as a Kabbalah expert. He publishes yearly books about the astrology of each year.In the astrology of 2020 he predicted a massive event would take place, something grand and challenging, mentioned an epidemic as an example.I bought the book and believed him but now I think he is part of the mainstream script of deceit and plandemic. I am subscribed to his e-mail updates. He or his team sent the following info about the virus, second wave: (copied from my phone) Happy Full Moon - The Astrology of Octob
  2. Lady Gaga - ARTPOP promo photos (early summer 2013) https://nl.fanpop.com/clubs/lady-gaga/images/35115990/title/artpop-wallpaper http://www.comodiormanda.com/2013/10/lady-gaga-au-naturel.html?m=1 Photoshoot theme - transhumanism, technology part of the human?
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