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  1. We are free so long as we can think for ourselves - the choices we made steer our spiritual evolution. Our physical existence is just a brief fleck, but a wonderful opportunity to do positive things. It's all about perception. Aren't we supposed to be creating our own reality? The world is changing but it has to change. If every day we focus deeply on how we want the world to be, maybe it will change for the better?
  2. Hmm. I have heard that ventilators can be dangerous. And another thing to throw into the mix: Had any big rounds of vaccination been done in any of the affected areas?
  3. There are 8 billion people on this planet; don't let one ruin your life.
  4. So what caused the excess deaths (over and above the long-term average) that have been attributed to "the virus"? I've seen very little discussion of this so far. We can see that these occurred in hospitals and care homes in quite specific areas and has almost entirely affected the elderly. 5G? The lockdown itself? Different things in different places? What things? It's quite difficult to be totally confident in "coming out" to people without some solid reasons.
  5. Am I the only one irritated by all these buzzwords and phrases? I can't stand the use of the word "lockdown" without "the" coming first? It makes it sound like something out of a pop song.
  6. He said in his podcast the week before last that they'd stopped the 'stay in your car' ferries. So either he will be chartering a private boat or he will fearlessly stride onto the ferry unmasked. I wouldn't be surprised if he did, good luck to him.
  7. Cheers. I had a really nice lady round to cut my hair (God, was that overdue!) and after a few minutes of me ranting on about the conspiracy, she removed her mask. Sow the seed, people might be closer than you think to breaking out into awareness.
  8. I absolutely see the attraction of gold, silver etc and do have some, but aside from storing value, who's going to believe the gold is pure if you need to use it (aside from the 'face value' of the coins, which is much lower than market value) unless they can assay it?
  9. Are some more ethical than others, e.g. where they invest the money? I'm thinking of moving across to building societies, but does it make a jot of difference? I'm keen to know what people think of Triodos Bank; if you have any insight please let me know.
  10. David has already given us the solutions: Follow your intuition. Don't live in fear. Don't acquiesce to stupidity. Always seek the truth. Speak the truth to sow the seed of free-thinking in the minds of others, and don't worry about the consequences. It may bring short-term pain upon us, but if you believe that you/we are just a unique point of attention of infinite consciousness having a brief experience we call "life", and that "bad" experiences help us to evolve spiritually, what's the worry? Indeed, it may bring rewards very quickly. Love is the only answer, and one of the most painful parts will be when others, even close family, think you are doing something bad, but well, they might be incorrect, but that is part of the savage beauty of life. OK, so the above might not sound very practical, but let's not get tied in knots by "intellectualising" our way out of this. Try following your heart, and the solutions will come to you.
  11. It's really hard, and this thread is a good way of letting off steam, but please don't abuse people who don't understand. Tell them what you think about Covid by all means, refuse by all means doing something you know is wrong, but don't abuse them. It won't help.
  12. Hi. I'm avoiding shops and public transport, although I have a holiday booked and will need to go into a tourist info centre to pick up a ticket for a ferry and then get on, otherwise no holiday. What's your experience so far? Have you refused, what were the consequences and how did it feel? Are there any renegade shop-keepers out there, or maybe some who pay lip service and just let you in? And is it just me, or do I sense fear in the eyes of those wearing masks?
  13. Hi, my real name's Toby, based in southern England. I first became aware of David via YouTube (how ironic) when his Trigger interview on London Real was suggested to me. This was only maybe 6 months ago. I read the book and wow, I was pulled right in. Then I think I'd just about finished Everything You Need to Know when the whole Coronavirus thing blew up and it just seemed fated somehow; very quickly I began to realise that 'something wasn't right' and I've since been riveted by David's regular appearances on London Real, who I must say have been amazing in providing the platform they have. I have been boycotting mainstream media for four months now. I will shortly be off to the supermarket stockpile what I can before the outrageous ruling comes into force tomorrow, and I'm setting up my deliveries. The whole mask thing is driving me up the wall. One thing I feel we need quite urgently is to start questioning the germ theory, and also clarify what viruses actually are; I suspect that they are a consequence of cellular stress and not a cause. Needless to say, if the prevailing consensus can be shown to be faulty, the whole thing - the masks, all the restrictions - can be brought down. But the picture is of course far greater, and it is interesting to see the degree to which people are awake to alternative explanations. What I need is contact with like-minded people that I don't have to "convince" of anything, so I'm really grateful for this new forum. Do members ever meet up now and then, or is it all just online? Hopefully we can all be nice to each other on here at least!
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