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  1. Thanks but I'm not going anywhere near a doctor! I'll have to monitor it and see what it correlates with.
  2. No, he SHOULD be on London Real so that people can see what a piece of work he is. Freedom of speech, remember.
  3. How come Japan hasn't over-reacted?
  4. They never locked me down, I just carried on with things as far as possible. A quick check of Worldometer shows a slight drop in the ratio of deaths to cases, at this point.
  5. I don't know when this began and it's not serious at all, but I've just noticed that I seem to have a more or less constant, fine, high-pitched ringing in my ears which I notice most when sitting or lying quietly. For many years I've been careful to avoid loud noises (e.g. hoovering) and I wear earplugs every night. Is this tinnitus, and can it be reduced? It is gradually becoming more irritating. I have an unfounded suspicion that it's because I spend too long on computers.
  6. To add a little more bio, it's just occurred to me that I was born in 1984 and my Mum was born in 1948.
  7. Well, that's years ago and he's been no angel in the past. I'm more concerned about what is going on at the moment and I can see with my own eyes that he is doing positive things.
  8. I'm wondering about popping a strapline on my rear window, maybe "Hoot if it's a hoax" or "Human Race, get off your knees!". Is there any point or am I going to come back to a smashed window?
  9. Brian Rose has done wonders for the David Icke cause lately, he's having Icke on LR for 3 hours every six weeks, and has had him on the show eight times! And all the others too like Dr Buttar. Without London Real a lot of people would still have their eyes wide shut. He just believes passionately in freedom of speech and press. If you have watched Reconnect or enough of his podcasts, you'd know that he has moved on from what he used to be, e.g. working in banking. He's only human, he has a business to run and I appreciate not everyone's cup of tea but I get a strong vibe that he's genuine.
  10. I've never tried but want to. The only thing I can get my hands on are truffles. One of the difficulties is knowing how much to take.
  11. Wwwwow. Certainly puts this whole fuckdemic into perspective.
  12. I love Graham Hancock. He's been quiet lately; I wonder what he has to say about current events.
  13. To pull it off like they have, they must have been pulling some powerful levers. Subliminal messaging? I'm sure it's part of it, but it's a bit of a stretch to think that this is as pervasive/global as would be necessary. I think that playing on the psychology of fear is a big, big one. Another big one is our education systems, especially the science of the germ theory that SO many people accept a priori, it's so deeply imbedded as a belief. Control of the media message is huge too, and with the saturation rolling 24-hour news and social media manipulation (which is pretty much specified to be addictive), people's inclinations can be controlled incredibly quickly on a mass scale. In the UK, the reasoning given at the start was really quite simple: To avoid overwhelming the NHS. That was pretty much it. That hasn't happened and probably won't. Unfortunately in the UK the NHS has become a quasi-religion that probably kills as many people as it saves. I can't stand it.
  14. I'm reading Virus Mania. One procedure that is deployed is to diagnose an illness, provide toxic medication or other intensive measures, the patient gets worse and dies, then it is claimed that they died of the illness. Apparently this has happened a lot with HIV-AIDs, where the patient started off "asymptomatic". Sickening.
  15. A few random ones: I'm halfway through this one between Russell Brand and Eckhart Tolle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EwzvKF-o_Y&t=3242s So far, he's saying exactly what David says. Look out for when he mentions the "Phantom Self". I saw this one from Infinite Waters on Saturday morning and it really set me up for the day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sFXsGIPDgo Being tempted to spend my Amazon voucher on Inner Engineering by Sadghuru but it'll take me until Christmas before I get the time to read it (I'm currently working my way through David's back catalogue). The Invisible Rainbow (Arthur Firstenburg) - look out for the last page of the chapter about Influenza.
  16. Have we found our first renegade shopkeeper? There MUST be some out there.
  17. Thanks to all those who have had the backbone. Respect. I've not been anywhere near shops yet as I haven't needed to. But I'm wondering, has anyone been refused entry? Perhaps this is more likely in either very small shops, or very large ones (with a security presence)? And what about on public transport? Tell me about your experiences with buses, trains, ferries.
  18. Are building societies any better than banks? I guess not if they make credit available too.
  19. I just can't see beyond the end of August at the moment! But I do see a lot of people have woken up and once you have, you don't go back to sleep again! Even if a vaccination is made mandatory and 10% of people refuse, that's still 6.8 million people (in the UK). How can they clamp down on 6.8 million awake people? They are somewhat outnumbered.
  20. I read your experience on the other thread. Thank you! I've been thinking today: Should we lie that we are medically exempt (if we aren't) or just be honest and say "no"? Surely lying is a negative energy, and whilst it may be more comfortable at the time, it may be a missed opportunity to open a chink in other peoples' minds, and give courage to those that witness it? I actually feel that it might be better, if we can't handle just saying "no", to wear a mask with a message on it - maybe "Germ theory = false" or a picture of a sheep.
  21. It looks like they're becoming fashionable. This does bring some hope however, since fashions come and go.
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