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  1. For all we know we could live round the corner from each other.
  2. I think you've pretty much nutshelled it there.
  3. Mr H, go to page 158 of the Coronavirus mega thread. Theres an MP4 video on there that you need to see.
  4. And especially if they are marketed as single use.
  5. I thought I'd draw out this observation. So these big strong men are so in fear that they have to muzzle up? Fascinating.
  6. "Safe" is such an emotive word. It's being bandied about like a weapon, but it's just a flippin' word.
  7. Suggestion to friends and family: 1) Stop watching the news and reading the papers for a month (at least!) 2) During this time, do whatever you want, but consider looking into alternative ideas, anything that interests you. 3) Then go back (or not!) Does it seem different? And also ask - this will make them think - "In percentage terms, how much of the news do you believe?" And I had a thought yesterday... the football they started showing live on the BBC... was this a cynical attempt to keep viewers? Just a few thoughts for a Saturday morning.
  8. I do agree but it's an admin question. I'd love to actually have some human contact.
  9. Jeeez! Does he not even realise how he comes across? His refusal to comment on protests smacks of a wider agenda to both invent a pandemic AND a reason to protest (and thus divide and rule society).
  10. Some deeply suggestive stuff here, but no way could 90%+ ever have understood at the time. How much does she know??
  11. The masses are crazy, not you. You have a wonderful opportunity to educate yourself and your 3 children on how to not be like the crazies!
  12. I think BR has changed his views since prior to the 6th April interview. He's said in other interviews that he probably won't have the vaccine. I don't think I'll try and watch it live next time either.
  13. I bumped into Bob at the cash and carry, he thinks it's all bollocks too.
  14. Disagree. LR is a platform for free speech. There is nothing illogical about having diverse views on the same platform. Rose clearly agrees with a lot of with David Icke says, but not all. He calls him a "great man". If these videos weren't banned from YouTube, I reckon they'd be getting 10x the number of views at least. So criticise LR if you wish, but I think YouTube deserves somewhat more of our criticism.
  15. Is there anywhere I can get the full interviews with reasonable video quality? Anyone willing to lend me the DVDs?
  16. On the specific point, I don't believe there will be a second full lockdown but that it will be targeted to specific cities and/or older people. And we will ignore it anyway, won't we.
  17. Sorry, where's the photo at the bottom? Have you got a link to go with this?
  18. Why do we wallow around letting ourselves be victimised and wondering what they'll do next? Who cares what they do; they don't own us, no-one does. Love will overcome this. The truth will come to the surface eventually, and those that know the meaning of the word will rediscover their freedom. It will be a bumpy ride, sometimes painful but the only thing that will hold you back is fear. All of your reality is in your own head. Imagine how the world could be, and start creating it with every thought and action.
  19. I got that sorted recently. No Wi-Fi allowed in this house! Ethernet trunked all the way to my room. Also have an EMF meter and the readings are generally very low.
  20. I think (for myself) therefore I am free
  21. I won't wear one, but should I lie? I'm not medically exempt. We are all about truth aren't we?
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