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  1. Thanks for bringing this back. I thought it had done a lead balloon.
  2. If there are so many new cases, why is the deaths graph flat? (Rhetorical question) Are hospital admissions up? If people don't recognise the tyranny in this, I'm sorry but there's something wrong with them. Tell them so. They have no power over us if we are not afraid. Death isn't the end, and even if it is, then none of this matters anyway. Whether the legal limit is 6, 10, 30 or whatever, our numbers in the Square are going to be a little bit higher.
  3. I am planning my route to Trafalgar on 26th, which involves the Northern Line from Morden to Charing Cross. Do the police get on the tube. Will I get away with no muzzle? I'm not local, so could do with some advice please!
  4. Did people generally not wear masks on trains to/from this? What's the enforcement level like? I presume David didn't wear one on the ferry.
  5. Can anyone explain to a newbie which binaural beats to use? On Youtube there are so many different "frequencies" claiming to do this and that, and I feel a bit bewildered about it!
  6. Indeed. When the authorities aren't busy threatening us they like to patronise us. They can indeed fuck off.
  7. Just wonderful, thanks to those who went to all the effort to organise it! I couldn't be there but I hope this can be done again. Wouldn't it be great if this could happen in other cities?
  8. Please let me know if you live in this area. We need to come together.
  9. How do they explain how a contact sport is allowed (and then only professional)? I guess if folks are glued to the football they won't be thinking much about what's going with the conspiracy.
  10. We all know it's bollocks. I am seeing people walking down empty streets wearing surgical masks. Some of us think we know what's coming up. I'm quite new to this forum but it's so blatantly obvious to me that we are failing to use our talents and opportunities to make the world better. If this forum continues to be predominantly a doom-mongering moan-fest then we are no better than Them in my view; it could even turn out to be Their advantage if we continue to wallow in this shit. I've put through a query to Gareth about setting up regional groups so that we can start to form networks that aren't reliant on the Internet. Please share anything positive in general. Something you've seen or done. Anything that is part of the solution.
  11. One thing we are seeing here is the most disgraceful fear-mongering propaganda imaginable. There is nothing more desperate than an empty threat. How exactly do they intend to demolish anything that isn't detached anyway?
  12. I've been keeping an eye on Worldometer and they've revised down the number of Covid-19 related deaths quite significantly, around 5K (read the Update under August 12). It's down to virtually nothing now.
  13. Not yet, although I ordered on 25/07 but I thought it was only out from tomorrow.
  14. The Illuminati are currently losing 4-0 I really, really mean NO MATTER WHAT.
  15. Please comment on your reasons.
  16. Spreading guilt as well as fear now then eh? They could actually get themselves into some serious trouble over this.
  17. Yes, it's all in his books and talks. The London Real interview Rose/Icke IV is probably the most specific one addressing that.
  18. What county are you in? I'm in W Sussex.
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