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  1. One thing we are seeing here is the most disgraceful fear-mongering propaganda imaginable. There is nothing more desperate than an empty threat. How exactly do they intend to demolish anything that isn't detached anyway?
  2. I've been keeping an eye on Worldometer and they've revised down the number of Covid-19 related deaths quite significantly, around 5K (read the Update under August 12). It's down to virtually nothing now.
  3. Not yet, although I ordered on 25/07 but I thought it was only out from tomorrow.
  4. The Illuminati are currently losing 4-0 I really, really mean NO MATTER WHAT.
  5. Please comment on your reasons.
  6. Spreading guilt as well as fear now then eh? They could actually get themselves into some serious trouble over this.
  7. Yes, it's all in his books and talks. The London Real interview Rose/Icke IV is probably the most specific one addressing that.
  8. What county are you in? I'm in W Sussex.
  9. For all we know we could live round the corner from each other.
  10. I think you've pretty much nutshelled it there.
  11. Mr H, go to page 158 of the Coronavirus mega thread. Theres an MP4 video on there that you need to see.
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