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  1. I wondering whether my own money is actually being stolen from me by paying into my workplace pension, which I won't see, if I ever do, for around 30-34 years, and whether instead having an extra £100 or so per month with which to do something positive now might be better.
  2. I'm considering that I might not want to complete this census; is there a way to do so without being incriminated?
  3. Yesterday was Halloween, a Saturn-day, and a blue moon. They announced another lockdown.
  4. It's interesting that surgical masks are turquoise - the colour of the throat chakra, which is said to be the centre of our energies of communication, articulation and free speech. The muzzle is so symbolic of as well as being a practical way of suppression of free speech, that I have been mulling over whether perhaps this choice of colour is not a coincidence.
  5. It was a bit bleak walking the streets of London yesterday, all the YOUNG people walking around in surgical masks. I had to think to myself for a second, are they mandatory in public places in London? And the compliance on train stations, almost 100%. I do feel sorry for them though. Let's all take one minute each day to send our love to these people, including the politicians and law enforcers, that they may awaken. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.
  6. I skim read it and deleted it. How did they get my email address I wonder?
  7. Well, they should have stopped it happening in the first place then. I am proud to have been there today, David did a thumping good speech, then shortly after the German guy started speaking, it seemed like a punch-up started IN the speakers' tent. I kept hearing that it was the Met that went in first. I was worried about David for the rest of the day, but it seems that Gareth has said he's OK. I loved the march down to Hyde Park, although it was a real anti-climax when we got there. I'll be interested to see the numbers, but I was disappointed not to see more. I think we need to change tack;
  8. Well, I watched the Boris announcement and it had little substance, and was laced throughout with threats, politely put yes, but threats all the same. The focus was clearly around non-compliance which gave me a warm feeling that we are starting to be heard, my friends. I know it. There was the implication that we should just give up our freedoms as if they are going to be given back in six months, and that we should all just change our lives because some bloke says so, and that we will just swing back and forth, in and out of lockdown, up and down, round and about, doin
  9. I only have a 3G iPhone 4, and a lot of the time it's on Airplane Mode.
  10. Any updates here if possible please. It looks like the next 24 hours could be crucial.
  11. Well, that was a late one, 1 am, wow. I've been feeling pleasantly tired all day. Interesting that David seems to share Mr Gates's taste in jumpers.
  12. Hmm, I'm in south west Sussex. But hoping to make it on 26th!!
  13. I'm offering my bare hand to each person with whom I get into a reasonably detailed conversation, when it seems appropriate. 2/2 so far. None of this elbow-knocking.
  14. Holy shit, this is just down the road from me. I'm heading down this week.
  15. until

    I believe so.
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