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  1. I do hope so. The amount of heart related issues locally have been insane. No one seems to connect the dots. I'm not too sure as Mum couldn't remember, but it wasn't that long ago. What a nightmare humanity is in.
  2. Just heard my brother was in hospital having his heart shocked due to severe palpations. He's never had heart problems in his life. Double vaccinated and this happens.
  3. Gee, this fake virus sure loves actors! https://ca.style.yahoo.com/unvaccinated-tiktoker-died-covid-spent-022510581.html https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8759607/bio?ref_=nmmi_bio_sm !! She has a Twitter page, same lass (I tried to link it, but all her posts were linked instead). Here is her account name - @TheBlankenbits
  4. The Guardian: Third person dies in Japan after taking contaminated Moderna coronavirus vaccine. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/sep/07/third-person-dies-in-japan-after-taking-contaminated-moderna-coronavirus-vaccine
  5. I was thinking more of the town gossips No way will the press report this one.
  6. Walking past the "vaccination centre" and saw there were two ambulances parked outside of it. I don't think I need to second guess what's happened there...likely won't hear either..
  7. This is great and all, but I can't find any source to back this up. Anyone else found anything?
  8. You've reminded me what I was supposed to do two days ago! Niacin is great for schizophrenics too - some say better than antipsychotics :)
  9. I completely agree Alexa. They think very highly of themselves and have rewritten the Bible to suit their own agenda. I believe the JW founder was a Freemason. His grave looks highly suspicious. I found the members of the congregation to be very, very creepy. Many living sinful lives then hopping along to their Kingdom Hall's to try and redeem themselves.
  10. This is pretty interesting. I grew up around the JW religion and the say the 144,000 are people throughout the years (chosen ones apparently) and that there are still some alive, but they are older and work for the JW governing body. To me it's utter quack. What you wrote about the 144,000 makes far more sense to me.
  11. I do know how to address things, but the people around me are too stubborn to listen. I have been there with them, but it's too late. They are already wanting to vax their 6 year olds. They are being actively hypnotised and brainwashed. No one ever takes me seriously because of mental health issues. It's not as easy in speaking in the right context.
  12. Yet none of them will ever consider this as a possibility. If I tried to explain, I'd get a mouthful from them as usual. End of all hope for that lot.
  13. Interesting. I know some jabbed ladies saying the same thing. Some believe they're going through the premenopause.
  14. What the actual.. Well, we did warn against the yucky stuff! Man crashes car after using too much sanitiser, causing his hands to slip off the wheel. Was probably first in line for his jab. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/sanitiser-obsessed-driver-fined-over-crash-when-his-hand-slipped-off-the-wheel/?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Evening Express Daily Newsletter 2021-08-17&utm_term=EE - newsletter
  15. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/baby-mia-s-nsw-family-to-miss-funeral-while-waiting-in-qld-quarantine-20210812-p58i4s.html This is absolutely horrific. 5 month old baby died in a tragic accident and due to restrictions, her family cannot attend her funeral. To quote this idiotic Dr - "Dr Young said the park where the incident happened was close to where she lived and she knew it well. “It is an absolutely tragic and terrible situation, but I can’t make it tragic even more [tragic] by having someone go to a funeral and spread the virus.” However, there does appear to be some suspicious numerology involved.."An online fundraiser had amassed $133,500 in donations by Thursday morning." The article was also posted at 12.22. Could be a coincidence, but I do like to question these things.
  16. Hey there, I have read your comments on here and completely relate. There were times I questioned if I'm doing the right thing and going the right way. I found myself breaking down very regularly. But these days, I feel I'm on the right path. Follow your heart on this one. It is scary, I absolutely agree. But we will get there. Hold your head up high and we can sail through this mad storm altogether. When there is a situation like this, there is always hope..even when we can't see it. Protect yourself and those around you and everything else should fall into place :)
  17. Attitudes like that dude show me how depressed the population is (and has been for a number of years, progressively getting worse.) So depressed, they don't care how they die at this stage. Totally numb to the facts. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd comes to mind.. "Okay (okay, okay, okay) Just a little pinprick There'll be no more, ah But you may feel a little sick Can you stand up? I do believe it's working, good That'll keep you going through the show Come on it's time to go"
  18. Once the Botox and derma filler shortages occur, we will see a lot of interesting faces and saggy lips on young lassies!
  19. https://metro.co.uk/2021/07/21/mum-claims-wwe-toy-encourages-violence-against-nhs-workers-14968819/amp/ Lol. Basically the story goes.. A mum is scared that a WWE toy is encouraging violence towards NHS workers because there is an ambulance in the set.
  20. My local supermarket has been very low in stock as of late. Trying to get anything you need is becoming a chore.
  21. This is an odd one and could mean a number of things.. They could be being replaced for all the number of prisons closing down. The population is rising, therefore an increase in crime could happen. Or.. It's for folk like us. But it's hard to say at this stage. The former could be very possible as there have been prisons closing down, not fit for purpose anymore. I don't really know what's going on, but those were my thoughts upon it all.
  22. https://slippedisc.com/2021/07/met-to-audience-no-jab-no-opera/ This is utterly ridiculous.
  23. Something to keep us busy and thinking it seems. Ooh aye, I forgot about the rabbit! Makes sense now.
  24. Each singer did a great job of this song. All different to one another. I didn't realise this song was written for a dying fan and only gets played when their family are in the audience. Very powerful song.
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