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  1. This was 100% a ritual. It's been a very dark time lately, the energy is definitely not so good. I was watching this video about the Grammy's and how it's not for the public, really. It's all for the sickos. There's a lot of numerology involved -
  2. Interesting, I was just watching this Something going on with those eggs..
  3. Ooh, I watched some of this video last night (I fell asleep though as it was very long.) Was quite interesting -
  4. I'm also hearing: "oooh, covid causes heart attacks. It's definitely not the vacciiiiiiine." "This is nothing new. People have died suddenly since the beginning of time." Oh the frustration.
  5. What do you all think? This video shows a zoom in on a cloud, using different lighting. Strange structures appear. Could this be alien technology? https://youtu.be/mOy-cK3M9w8
  6. Interesting! I saw this article this morning https://www.aberdeenlive.news/news/aberdeen-news/aberdeen-central-library-host-poignant-7996730.amp The quotation makes me wonder..."passports for life". I feel there's more to this. Perhaps something hidden in plain sight?
  7. Aah yes! Something along those lines. Grandmasters in chess and freemasonry. Something about duality also...but I need to watch that video again :D
  8. The Freemasons use the black and white a lot. Especially in their flooring and with celebrities (one dressed in white, another in black). I watched a video the other day, but I've forgotten the specific meaning
  9. https://news.stv.tv/politics/first-minister-nicola-sturgeon-urges-people-to-wear-face-masks-as-hospitals-near-capacity Good grief. We are going to see the return sooner than expected..
  10. Ughhh that's just creepy Now it's stuck in my head
  11. The local school lollipop man sadly lost his step son due to myocarditis. Absolutely devastating. He was only 46 and dropped dead whilst out for a jog with his daughter. It's scary how common this is becoming.
  12. I guess many males would be disappointed, but there's something very fishy going on with celebrities. Quite the rabbit hole, but really interesting. I do find Kate a beauty, absolutely. If she is trans, they did a good job. But I am very weary these days with any celebrity P.s. I once had a hamster called Boudicca she was amazing.
  13. Roll up, roll up.. Buy a little boy's trash for your loved ones. https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/uk-world-news/empty-prime-drink-bottles-being-25923101 This is just ridiculous. Who in the right mind would buy empty bottles of a brainwashing juice? Or even the actual juice itself? So much for a "cost of living crisis". The plot has well and truly been lost.
  14. They also love the use of body suits, masks etc. A lot of people have spoken out, but are soon quickly silenced.
  15. I studied anatomy. She has zero hips, those arms are so long like Theresa May's. No lower back arch.. Multiple things going on there. The occultists love inversion. It's all to do with their love for Baphomet. They love to confuse the masses for their sick game.
  16. I think it's likely true. She seems to be quite masculine in a number of ways. Inversion is all around these folks and especially with the royal family. (That channel is pretty interesting! I've been non stop watching it and my goodness...my eyes are opened.)
  17. All the damn time. Sheeple are so afraid. They want to remain in their little fantasy, TV worshiping land. For us to even show them a glimpse of the truth would turn their world upsidedown. Their ignorance is feeding the beast and keeping us from our freedom. They must be truly hypnotised. Which leads me to wonder why few of us dig deep and don't stop. Why do we see such a different perspective of the world? As lonely as it can be, I would never take their route.
  18. That's a good point! I wouldn't be surprised. Anything to demonise those who have a mind of their own.
  19. I agree. Keep looking for symbols and code words that have become so familiar to us and all will be revealed. I feel this is a huge distraction for something going on behind the scenes.
  20. I've been watching too many transvestigate videos turns out Kate is a man... something about inversion methods they use with celebs etc. Carol probably is a man too... Carol VorderMAN.
  21. This has certainly crossed my mind. There will be a lot of traps around now.
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