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  1. Sorry, the STV link didn't work. Here's another link from Brainwashing British Citizens - https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-61549385 Aaah, here we go. A ringadingding. "Public Health Scotland said contact tracing is under way with UK guidance advising at-risk individuals to self isolate for three weeks" 3 weeks to flatten the curve, I assume?!
  2. Thank you Bombadil, that's really kind of you :) Absolutely, I completely agree. It can be a very difficult issue for many people. But the rise of Larders are helping many, thankfully :) people can choose what they want, instead of the typical prepackaged foodbank goods. It's like a little shop where you don't need to pay. We get a lot of produce from the supermarkets that's about to go out of date (it's amazing how long this food lasts, still looks fresh when it arrives.) Saves waste and helps those who need it the most. My manager has been incredible, setting it all up. She even hosts free wellbeing/yoga classes to help people out. I must admit, since volunteering there, my faith in humanity really has been restored due to the kindness of others donating. It's just sad we have got to this stage :( I can only imagine it'll get more busy. We gave out free seeds for fruit and veg, so hopefully that'll give us more stock to work with in the future :)
  3. https://www.thenational.scot/news/20157237.aberdeen-billboards-hijacked-slam-oil-firms-ahead-major-conference/ "CAMPAIGNERS have “hijacked” a series of corporate advertisement spaces in Aberdeen with posters taking aim at oil companies for“exploiting workers” while seeing profits soar."
  4. It's when the whites of their eyes at the bottom shows..looks demonic as heck.
  5. I volunteer at a larder, which is a lot like a food bank, but for everyone - no Q's asked. We have recently had a huge increase in members. It's really devastating to see. It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep stocked up as we depend on donations.
  6. What Dreams May Come is definitely my long-standing favourite movie of all time :)
  7. Hope you enjoy :) there are even "massage" frequencies to help you relax. It's great :)
  8. Hey Bombadil :) I'm pretty new to it all, but I'll do my best to make sense of what I've learned hehe. For the frequencies, they're best on your phone or other speaker. I just have them on in the background when I'm doing other things, but some say visualising your outcome helps too. Doesn't need to be loud, just so you can hear. Ooh yeah, I guess it maybe is along the same lines of that :) I think Sapien uses morphic fields, although I haven't figured out the difference between those and frequencies, but I think they all work in a similar fashion. Here's a link to the forum - https://forum.enlightenedstates.com/ hope this helps :) it's been really great learning about these things, but I'm still very much an amateur :) Hope this helps!
  9. Sleep paralysis is absolutely horrible. Don't worry too much, I know that's easier said than done. I feel these entities purposely scare us for a response which equals energy for them. Years ago, I had frequent daily attacks. I would hear screaming, laughing, shouting, demonic noises. I even was attacked in a number of ways. Absolutely terrifying. Then it stopped one day and I haven't had any more episodes since. If you can protect yourself spiritually, now is the time. I find Sapien Medicine's frequencies (on YouTube) to be very beneficial.. You can get anything from an energetic salt cleanse (which I'm doing right now. You will taste salt..I can't explain that part.) And there is also an exorcism rite on their DreamSeeds channel - I would say my life has changed for the better since using the frequencies. Worth a try :)
  10. I've been discussing this a lot lately with a friend as we have both noticed this. It's really weird...
  11. This has been happening to me a lot these past few years. It's been happening a lot lately especially though. Very odd phenomenon!
  12. I did wonder if it was a karma connection or something related. This person does mirror me a lot and triggers a lot.
  13. I wish I had known a year later after making this thread that I'd meet the worst energy vampire of all. Yikes. Don't trust anyone :)
  14. Someone came to my house to see why I hadn't completed it
  15. @Velma hey Velma, did you complete yours?
  16. I wonder what they smoked because they look baked!
  17. I've spent the last few days watching videos on narcissists. It's been quite an eye opener! Worth watching as many as you can so you know how to deal with these types. They believe they're entitled to everything and see people as objects. They also make the worst lovers. Terribly. These people will never truly be happy..
  18. The Scottish one is out this year.. Not sure if it would be treated differently if ignored?.. let me know
  19. Those who say nothing will happen to the vaxxed, I'm afraid this is incorrect. Many have been affected by it already. Blood clots, heart problems, unexplained deaths and an increase in other diseases. It would be silly to think it is harmless. It is not. I'm getting a bit suspicious about some of the members on here. This is why I'm on here a lot less.
  20. I do wonder this. I rarely go there, but it has crossed my mind at times. I like to think I am protected somehow. I have ways and means which I work with..
  21. That's sad to hear about the death. Please don't ever blame yourself - this was something rooted within that person for a long time, likely even planned for a while before carrying out the deed. It's a very personal act. No one wants to hurt anyone else when they're doing this, it's the last thing they'd want. I didn't realise that about the psychoactive pharmaceuticals. I found psilocybin (self medicated) actually helped my depression immensely. It was tricyclic antidepressants that nearly killed me. Made me extremely manic and paranoid..but I guess everyone is different. The best thing I've found for depression is changing my thoughts/feelings before they become my reality. It's made a huge difference, but took me a long time to get there. Psychotherapy was definitely better than pharmaceuticals.
  22. I wish she would. She was into black magic in her younger years, so I'm wondering if it's an attachment from that. Luckily she has stopped it all, but I feel something has definitely remained. Her entire family, including grandchildren (who are now teenagers) are all very depressed and have no motivation for life. It's pretty sad to see. They have another spirit in the house, a little girl who they also caught on camera. It's very weird. Lots of things move about and a man walks up and down the stairs. I have personally seen ghosts like this in the past, not pretty. Quite scary to think of the potential these entities have on others..
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