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  1. Geezo, that's really disturbing! I didn't know about that. The homes I worked in (actually I shouldn't say that as there was one care home in Dorset that was insanely wonderful! The manager treated the staff with so much respect. It was clean, residents got the best care I've ever seen. It was independently owned also.) But the others have either been owned by the council or big businesses who are making millions and millions and paying the poorest wages. It's such an easy business for them. Each resident pays £600-800 per week to live there. Many selling their ho
  2. Yup! I've had to report a few nurses, carers and a manager in my time for abuse. I genuinely wanted to be there for the people. It was one of those jobs you'd give your heart to because you wanted to make the residents happy. But the abuse.. Holy moly. Sometimes it wasn't obvious either.. Sometimes I was left on my own to care for 12 people with advanced dementia. Anything to cut costs and make it look good from the surface. It's all for show. When they cut costs, they end up buying crap for themselves. I've seen it happen in every care home I'
  3. That's an interesting thought and I can agree with that. For example, I had cupping done yesterday (desperate to fix this broken body of mine) and the amount of toxins that were released was insane! I have these marks all over my back, dark purple which I read means there was a lot there. Since then, I've been feeling flu like (headaches, chills and sweating.) But this is the process of eliminating what shouldn't be there. So totally, that makes a lot of sense what you're saying. Additionally, my Dad who got his death jab 3 weeks ago is suffering terribly from it.
  4. I am very sorry to hear that. That is so very sad :( You know what, care home managers are the biggest bunch of hypocrites I've ever met. The things they get away with is shocking. One of the many reasons I left care. There is no care.. Ironically.
  5. It's really strange, isn't it. I wonder if it has anything to do with who's in charge etc. Maybe I'm looking into it wrongly, but when I seen how much of a kiss ass my manager was to the higher up folks, it makes me wonder.
  6. Surprisingly the care home I worked at has only had one death since the jab rollout. Which one really exists? The jab? Virus? Neither, likely. Obv there is the visual aspect of the jab which we can see, but if there's no covid, there's not really a covid jab. It is an odd one though, I am surprised all the residents have been okay. It's the staff I've been more concerned about as they've been having the worse reactions.
  7. If residents have had their vaccine, what does it matter? (as I thought most, if not all had both by now.) It doesn't stop the spread of anything..so their brief points are invalid (as usual)
  8. They'll be calling it Covid ears next.. Side effect from too much mask wearing
  9. The crap they're spewing https://www.britishima.org/operation-vaccination/hub/covidmyths/#ATM According to the NHS, this is the fact busting website they recommend. Facts, they say. Yet all I see are lies.
  10. My parents (although they didn't tell me at the time), went against everything I warned them about and got their jabs 3 weeks ago. Today, my dad's arm is red, hot and swollen and getting worse each day. My mum's lower legs are in a lot of pain (although she doesn't believe this is linked.. Hmm). Wonderful.
  11. You're lucky. I fainted in the queue and thought I was lucky and missed out. Unfortunately a year later they made me go to another school to get it. It was very forced. A do or you don't get back to school thing. I didn't realise back then how illegal their actions were.
  12. Are they going to send in rescue mission folk now, who will lovingly jab those who haven't had it? "It's your only way to safety!" Along with this, they will push the agenda more saying this could happen to anyone. Better to be safe than sorry, get jabbed. Ugh. Can't take it anymore. It's beyond disgusting.
  13. The Riddler. A song we can all relate to.
  14. Tarja Turunen is seriously beautiful. What a voice.
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