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  1. No, they use signs in plain sight. This is common knowledge.
  2. Spot on, Northern Star. It's all designed this way. They love their numerology.
  3. Right on! The guy is a scumbag and the sooner we see the back of him, the better. He's another puppet to the shit show we are all watching. Doenut believes it's part of a humiliation ritual he's going through.
  4. Brilliant post! I see a lot of X's everywhere lately.. This was a video I watched recently about it -
  5. Hey JonJay, I completely sympathise with you. You had good intentions for your friend and took a hit in the long run. You do sound like you're struggling a lot, but hopefully you can find a solution as others have suggested. You don't need to take the world on your shoulders and your friend, although a good friend, isn't your responsibility. Many lose care of their own world when they care for others - yet it doesn't mean we shouldn't look out for them. But when it affects your health, sometimes taking a step back is needed. Although I don't have the solution as I don't have a mortgage and I don't understand these things, all I can suggest is time out to yourself to relax, remember to self care (I know it's hard when we're in a funk), but even something small each day and remember you are worthy of a good life and you will find a solution. My favourite motto is - Nothing is linear. It's very true. This will soon pass, but fundamentally, look after yourself more in the process and find ways to release the stress. It could be gentle exercise, herbal tea, relaxing music, breathing exercises and telling yourself you will get through it. Encourage yourself and love yourself. I know this sounds cliché, but it really does work. Sometimes writing a diary about how we feel each day and analysing it "ok, so why do I feel this way and what can I do to solve it?" Don't worry if you can't find a solution, it will come to you in time. Putting yourself first when you feel like this is fundamental to everything. Your friend should manage, especially if they're struggling financially - they could go on UC with the housing benefit element if they don't have enough money. It pays quite a fair bit of rent for them, or go in to a house share etc.. If you get the house sold, that would be wonderful and a huge stress off your shoulders. You sound like a very kind person who cares about others and that's a beautiful thing to be. But ultimately, take care of yourself when you see things slipping as we can't look after anyone if we ourselves are struggling I wish you all the best. Nothing is linear, this will soon pass.
  6. It's not only religion or fear. You cannot deny the presence of demons, they're very real. Their master, the devil.
  7. Aah, tonsil stones are very smelly. I guess it was a bit like that. You could smell death in the corridor, leading up to the room of the soon to pass. It was very strong, like rotten meat. Some people had it really bad and others it was more mild. It could have been related to whichever condition they had. But it was unsettling to smell it, knowing they were about to pass.
  8. Yikes... I've only smelt that smell when I've worked in end of life care. It's pungent and usually means someone is about to die.
  9. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2023/06/11/nicola-sturgeon-arrested-snp-scotland/ So has she been arrested, or "arrested"? Another distraction?
  10. I know quite a good few, thankfully! The majority of people I do know have been, but they are refusing further jabs and have openly said they wish they never took any. I remember being ridiculed for my stance on it, but turns out the mad Ally wasn't so mad this time!
  11. It really is worse. I hope this wakes people up. Although, will that even make a difference? This feels really damn awful.
  12. It's absolutely horrific. They have even cut back help for those with addictions (unaddressed trauma). Keeping them ill and away from any help. You're right, so many working people are struggling. We had a lot of clients who were working full time and still struggled to feed their children. How can they live with themselves by cutting this lifeline to many? (..yet if you want to change your sex, the NHS will do it for free. Ugh! Priorities are a bit bonkers.) I feel the adrenaline shaking through me right now, I just don't get how warped and sick things are getting. Many people would come to us just to have some human contact as they were very lonely. Many elderly people too. I just don't know what to do at this stage..but I feel something is coming.
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