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  1. Hazza has gone so cocksure nuclear - and is already threatening book 2 - that you've got to think he still has a huge ace up his sleeve to play. Possibly a dna test?
  2. Interesting post. Do you (anyone) have an opinion or experience with Nattokinase? Is it just the latest snake oil?
  3. Magnesium is sometimes suggested as a sleep aid (muscle relaxant I think). I started taking it a few weeks ago due to disrupted sleep. Although jury's still out, I definitely feel livelier when I wake up. One thing - the bioavailability (amount the body actually absorbs) of bog-standard magnesium (oxide) that's used in most supplements is supposedly under 10 per cent. Magnesium citrate is reportedly more bioavailable, although the flip side is it can cause the runs. I can live with that for a better night's kip.
  4. He didn't miss the penalty but the PSG owner is a billionaire Qatari.
  5. I may have missed it, but it would be interesting to hear the views of a non-binary person on why there has been an explosion of non-binary etc in just the last few years. Do they think it's evolution? Or maybe something in the water/food/medication/chemtrails etc? Or maybe that people have been covering it up in fear for generations?
  6. Exactly. These camps are real. I know a guy from UK - married to a 'vip' Chinese woman, who is treated differently from the plebs - who has booked a flight out of there early next month. He scoffed at what I was saying two years ago.
  7. The hypocritical pre-match lecturing about human rights etc is relentless, including a lengthy diatribe about Saudi Arabia before today's match against the Argies (we have long sold billions of pounds worth of arms to them), which didn't prevent a media love-in after the Saudis won. An Iran false flag would be a relief at this stage: https://www.foxnews.com/world/world-cup-qatar-targeted-iran-reports
  8. Bit off-topic but seems the right place. Does anyone know anything about Mikhail Orlov, who seems to be behind the Telegram Group mRNA Death Toll? In the last couple of weeks a couple of 'David Icke is controlled opps' posts have appeared on the thread, seemingly out of nowhere and very much off-topic. Is it this character, who studied at, ahem, Westminster?: https://news.wcmo.edu/success/on-top-of-the-world-mikhail-orlov-96-discusses-his-ladder-to-success/
  9. The Mail has helpfully published a guide to what visitors can get away with in Qatar during the footie festivities (despite the late booze ban, they've presumably temporarily relaxed a few laws while the world's media has descended on the country): https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11443723/World-Cup-2022-laws-Qatar-alcohol-LGBTQ-wear.html It's already more entertaining than any soap/reality TV and it doesn't even start till Sunday.
  10. Let's take it further. He's another of those suspiciously malnourished middle-aged men who increasingly seem to be calling the shots, And just to add fuel to the fire, he famously 'forgot' where his 'wife' was from: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/jeremy-hunt-accidentally-refers-to-his-chinese-wife-as-japanese-in-gaffe-during-debut-visits-to-beijing-as-foreign-secretary-a3899036.html
  11. This is all you need to know about Hunt, the vainest man in politics, and who he does his bidding for: He is the eldest son of Admiral Sir Nicholas Hunt,[11] who was then a Commander in the Royal Navy assigned to work for the Director of Naval Plans inside the recently created Ministry of Defence,[12] and his wife Meriel Eve Hunt, Lady Hunt (née Givan; 1937–2022), daughter of Major Henry Cooke Givan.[13] The Hunt family were landed gentry, of Boreatton, Baschurch, Shropshire. A cousin was Dame Agnes Hunt, pioneer of orthopaedic nursing.[14] Through a paternal great-grandmother, Hunt is a descendant of Sir Streynsham Master, a pioneer of the East India Company.[15] He is also a distant relative of Queen Elizabeth II and Sir Oswald Mosley.[16]
  12. Wokery on steroids, as England meet the builders: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/qatar-world-cup-2022-england-meet-migrant-workers-fifa-b1040606.html
  13. Hilarious and terrifying at the same time: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/cricket/article-11435781/England-T20-World-Cup-star-Alex-Hales-reprimanded-ECB-historic-blackface-photo.html
  14. A few days ago it was reported Russian troops had been forced out of Kherson, which is a strategically important city in the far south of a huge country. If we are to believe that, why would Russia be wasting time bombing the strategically unimportant far west - and in effect fighting a war on multiple fronts?
  15. Maybe should be in the Sport section but this World Cup has been politicised like crazy, so possibly better in here. The one thing that smacks in the face is that for the first time it's being held in an openly 'intolerant' country, just as LGBTad nauseum is dominating everything. What a coincidence! If Qatar had hosted the previous world cup it's unlikely we would've heard anywhere near as much from the 'human rights' brigade as LGBT was (correctly) a minority issue then. Furthermore, construction is the deadliest industry in the UK, so they can do one on that front too if they want to argue about deaths from building stadiums: https://www.building.co.uk/news/construction-is-uks-deadliest-industry-new-figures-show/5118305.article#:~:text=Data released by the Health,2022 occurred in the sector. It's nothing new either - World Cup in South Africa: https://www.aljazeera.com/sports/2014/7/3/world-cup-workers-struggle-for-basic-rights And then you read a non-Guardian report regarding Qatar: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20221018-shocking-6500-deaths-ahead-of-world-cup-was-anti-qatar-disinformation-expert-says/
  16. Apologies to the OP, but a similar thread was started in summer 2021 with this opener which probably belongs in here: Thinking about how they might pull off making the vast majority dependent on the state without being completely blatant (taking down the internet/crashing the banks/alien invasion/food shortages etc) and risking civil disobedience, I wonder if they may just go the safer interest rate route. From a quick check, the biggest rise in recent memory was around 10% in the space of 18 months in the late 70s (and that from a higher starting point than today's historical lows). If they rose even 5% in a similar period in the near future it would cripple vast numbers with mortgages (especially those who were enticed to buy due to the stamp duty holiday and those made redundant after furlough ends). This way people would be more likely to shrug their shoulders and accept their fate, whereas crashing the banks/internet etc would potentially lead to much more volatility. Or is that what they really want?
  17. Hopefully nothing serious. I'm thinking it's the pre-World Cup sniffles. Maddison 'limped off' early for Leicester, Ronaldo isn't playing at all this week, Sterling was left out today. There are probably other examples.
  18. The Boris death's door/Partygate nonsense was covered on here at the time but it bears repeating because it's one of those stand-out moments that completely exposed the whole Covid con and it is exasperating that it failed to open enough eyes to bring it all crashing down. Let's not forget his wife was pregnant with their second child - and pictured socialising - throughout all these gatherings (she was reportedly given a 'fixed penalty notice' for breaching guidelines). Not only that, she reportedly miscarried before the second pregnancy, so we can confidently conclude 'covid' wasn't high on her list of things to avoid.
  19. This Dershowitz-Guiffre no-cash 'agreement' doesn't come close to passing the smell test: https://www.thecut.com/2022/11/virginia-giuffre-settles-with-alan-dershowitz.html Prince Andy (or rather us the tax payers) reportedly threw millions at her for her silence but she's now suddenly developed selective amnesia? Loadacrap.
  20. We've heard it many times before: https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/sunak-macron-uk-deal-with-france-to-curb-channel-crossings-reaches-final-stages/ Short, skinny middle-aged men in under-sized suits. Mmmmm.
  21. I thought this demand for climate-change reparations was a joke when I first saw it but apparently not: https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/cop-27-climate-reparations-uk/ Maybe the UK could ask for an amnesty on this (like the pro-vax lot have requested regarding the fake vaccines) seeing as its contribution to the highly debatable climate change helped to drag millions, maybe billions, of people out of the stone age.
  22. I have one of these, which the blurb claims can purify pond water (have had no need to verify that yet, although tap water tastes the business): https://berkey-waterfilters.co.uk/products/big-berkey-water-filter-system
  23. Don't fall into the smart meter trap: HOUSEHOLDS will be offered up to £100 by their energy supplier if they cut their use at peak times. Only customers with smart meters will be able to take part. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/20319647/full-list-energy-suppliers-money-off-bills-blackouts/ It's pretty much an extension of the 'Covid' jab nonsense - get a free big mac/ice cream etc
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