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  1. They almost got away with the Covid crap but this is now embarrassing.
  2. Supermarkets/pret in UK apparently removing chicken from shelves due to salmonella 'scare'.
  3. Apologies if posted elsewhere. Kudos to the Mail for pointing out the bus was 'cream coloured' - it's the little details that count. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10791247/The-Mail-tracks-group-migrants-ushered-UK-four-star-West-London-hotel.html
  4. This morning they stopped play in the snooker at the crucible in Sheffield due to a spectator taking a funny turn and seemingly having to be removed from the auditorium. They swiftly switched the cameras back to the practice tables and safe pair of hands, presenter Rishi Persad, who immediately (and pointedly) said to Stephen Hendry that spectators taking ill has always happened regularly in pro sports. Hendry clearly wasn't up to speed with the BBC agenda and ended up fudging his response.
  5. As Take That sang so accurately, and with such foresight, in the early 90s: 'If you get a flu attack, for 30 days you're on your back'.
  6. Love it: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-10607963/Homes-Hammers-Martin-Roberts-drives-26-hours-mercy-dash-supplies-Ukraine.html
  7. If we were still in the depths of the Covid con, it would be difficult for the msm to ignore this, but because we've now been shifted to the depths of the Ukraine con, there's barely a whiff. Pathetic, if you can see.
  8. The striking thing was how the commentators had obviously been prepped for that sort of incident ('whatever you do don't mention the vax'). I'm sure the msm are currently squirming their way through Warne's passing without mentioning the vax.
  9. One was definitely Ken Doherty. Didn't recognise the other voice.
  10. A bit random, but they just stopped play in the Welsh Open snooker due to a health incident in the crowd. Reason for mentioning it is because the two commentators immediately went into some pre-arranged scripted nonsense, claiming it was particularly warm in the arena.
  11. Unbelievable they're still pushing this, especially as they've dropped mandates for health workers. We'll all be on a database anyway for posting on here! If anyone gets caught unawares by such a call, either end the call or just say time has shown me to be on the right side of history.
  12. The thread title hasn't aged well - we're approaching two years! In fact I can't remember a time when this guy didn't have Covid.
  13. Just to add to that, he's either naive, disingenuous or somebody's 'had a word' with him: https://www.goal.com/en-us/news/dont-know-covid-vaccine-caused-retirement-aguero-responds-stupid-/blt5f3f42aaf0c15196
  14. The Covid nonsense is gone. Unless they release a genuine virus they won't suck in the gullible numbers again if my jabbed-up mother's anything to go by. She believed it all until a couple of weeks ago, when they suddenly said it's ok to ditch masks etc, and then started hyping the phoney war in Ukraine. That really opened her eyes. Hopefully she's not a one-off.
  15. Basically as you were, apart from replacing a potentially gone mildly rogue Boris with a hand-wringing yes man/woman/etc.
  16. This Trudeau has Covid crap. Is it really falling apart for them so badly? Are they really backing down this pathetically? Let's hope so, but don't give them an inch.
  17. They're clearly gender-neutral.
  18. With the Covid farce fizzling out like a fart in a hurricane, cue the ratcheting up of the phoney war in Ukraine to distract the masses. And they're still not getting it. Jesus wept.
  19. We've gone from: "No one should be in any doubt, there is a tidal wave of Omicron coming," Boris Johnson said in a televised address to the nation on Sunday (Dec 12), to basically: 'Fugeddaboudit', in six weeks. It's comedy gold.
  20. Regarding partygate, whatever happened to injunctions and super-injunctions that celebs/sports 'stars' often use in order to stifle reports of them getting their legs over where they shouldn't be? There's no way that Downing St garden pic would've seen the light of day without it being given the nod from above. Further to that, given Operation Rampdown (ha ha) is already being peddled in the news, how does that fit in with many countries in Europe still cracking on with restrictions, enforcing green passes etc? So the UK will be allowed to go it alone? Not buying it.
  21. Travelled to London on the train from the suburbs today expecting to see plenty of maskless people following reports and pics of the weekly mask-free shindigs at No.10 that have been all over msm the last few days. On the way in I was the only person in a busy carriage not wearing one! On the way back about half a dozen without, in a similarly populated carriage. Possibly booze stiffening a few backbones. Following the Downing St nonsense (Boris's wife was pregnant ffs) there's no excuse for anyone to still be going along with this unless they enjoy the subordination.
  22. Regarding the BYOB party at Downing St. Someone may have already touched on this because it's so glaring. This soiree (there will have been more than one) took place when 'Covid' was reportedly at its deadliest. Forget the fact the MSM are focused on the one rule for them side of it - a clear distraction. More pertinent is how many of the party-goers became ill, let alone died giving it large in the middle of the maelstrom of a deadly virus? None. What's more, this gathering was mere days after Boris was reportedly on his deathbed with the thing. If that doesn't make you question what's going on, nothing will.
  23. A pretty good summary of how Woke is even taking over our day to day language: https://www.publicnow.com/view/5BF2FEF78790DAA251D4B2D4E1F7644BC0E23DAD This resonates: The guideline warned against the usage of the phrase 'Christian names' and said to use 'first name' or 'forename' instead, as well as not using names "that are typically from one religion." It gives the example of using "Malika and Julio" instead of "Maria and John" to describe an "international couple." I used to innocently ask what's your Christian name to white folk even up to ten years ago. Now I wouldn't dream of it in case I get my head caved in.
  24. https://www.the-sun.com/health/4416556/vowed-covid-jab-last-messages/ A DAD vowed he would get the Covid jab as soon as he could in his heartbreaking last messages to his family before tragically dying. They're still churning out this deathbed regret nonsense. If there had been a deadly virus out there for two years, surely most of us would know someone like this character - or be six feet under ourselves. Pathetic.
  25. Thanks for posting. A more general link on the same case: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/missouri-judge-stops-state-local-agencies-from-issuing-pandemic-public-health-orders/ar-AAR5l1k
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