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  1. We occasionally have these isolated court rulings - I think there was a Portuguese one early on regarding the PCR nonsense - but they turn into false dawns. There's clearly some dodgy process at work preventing a ripple effect across regions and then countries.
  2. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/x-factor-exploited-me-cher-23869007 So teenage wannabe with no talent discernible from another zillion teenage wannabes, actually climbs a fair way up the greasy pole of stardom, enough to make several million (according to Google) and then has the nerve to slag off the hand that feeds, even throwing out accusations of being exploited. The only point worth pursuing is, would she trade it in for stacking shelves at Tesco?
  3. You can smell the desperation: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9446349/People-waiting-jab-say-NOT-blood-clot-fears.html
  4. The AstraZ clot panto is a desperate attempt to overplay an incredibly weak hand. They're trying to use it to either extend the current lockdown or lead us into the next one in a few weeks, whilst distracting from the fact their own 'covid' 'death/case' figures are negligible. I say bring it on, because even a fair proportion of the hypnotised majority aren't going to take another lockdown so willingy.
  5. Given the way things are heading, doing jail time is becoming an increasingly attractive prospect, especially if this is rolled out everywhere: https://metro.co.uk/2021/04/06/prison-introduces-petting-zoo-to-help-inmates-escape-stress-of-sentence-14362724/
  6. The ghouls have spoken: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9437665/Boris-confirms-shops-reopen-Monday-lockdown-roadmap-doubt.html A paper indicated that 'baseline measures', including some form of social distancing and masks, would need to remain in place until this time next year - while voicing 'reasonable confidence' that Covid will be manageable by then. It said the reopening of pubs, cinemas and indoor hospitality - due to happen on May 17 - could be called into question if vaccine uptake in the under-50s dips below 85 per cent. The last bit
  7. Indeed. They're going to get another potential wake-up call (if they engage their brains) shortly in the 5pm 'briefing' when the spectre that is now haunting Downing St pretends that the contrived chaos over vaccine distribution in Europe will prevent holidays to most destinations this summer (forever, basically) for the plebs.
  8. Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick sounding suspiciously like a SAGE/govt press release: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/supervet-noel-fitzpatrick-covid-143739083.html "So I guess what I wanted to say is, we’re not done with this thing and you’ve got to look after each other. You’ve gotta observe the rules, wear your masks and observe social distancing and importantly get your vaccine if you can. Because this is a bad disease and it really takes it out [of you] and I can’t emphasise enough that you’ve got to be careful still." Stick to pet care Noel, they'll be coming
  9. He's been lying for 12 months - he isn't going to start telling the truth now. Up to his scrawny neck in the agenda. If they'd set the bar as low for flu deaths every year as they have done with 'covid' - death for any reason within 28 days of a 'positive' test for a start - this thing would never have got off the ground, because the numbers would no doubt be similar. With a simple, indisputable fact like that staring everybody in the face even on the BBC it's staggering more people still haven't worked out they're being conned into having their lives wrecked.
  10. Fair enough. I can only go on what I see in my circle. A couple of days ago I met a few friends I hadn't seen since the last lockdown kicked in. All covid believers. I made a point of asking whether they'd become more sceptical about it since we last met, given what I'd warned them was coming true. Not at all. In fact one said 'more and more people now know someone who has died of covid, so it's more real'. I now have 90% less friends than a year ago! Hopefully your friends are made of stronger stuff.
  11. Somebody already mentioned the poll tax riots. The poll tax was small potatoes compared to this but there isn't any suggestion we're going to get anything like the same pushback. Again, already mentioned - almost certainly due to the wimping down of men. They don't have anything like the same fight or sense of proper injustice they had a couple of generations ago
  12. People are crediting them with too much integrity. They've had plenty of evidence for months of this being a scam. It's only a couple of weeks since Boris said the roadmap was irreversible, yet just a few hours ago he warned of the dreamt up 'French wave' arriving (basically preparing the plebs to be disappointed). People have to get it out of their minds sharpish that a white knight will emerge from the inside, especially govt. Ain't going to happen.
  13. An increasingly gaunt BoJo goes full retard: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9427923/Boris-Johnson-says-new-French-Covid-wave-sad-warns-UK-got-ready.html#comments 'It's very sad actually - it's very very sad. When they get it in France and they get it bad, two or three weeks later it comes to us ... we've got to be ready for that.'
  14. Yes, the horse has long bolted. Anyone in govt who put their head above the parapet at this stage would be taken aside and read the riot act (like Boris was last Easter) and then pointed in the direction of Dr David Kelly's grave.
  15. Just turned on for the England Poland football. Caught the tail-end of the dirge of a national anthem and then all the England players took the knee, while all the Polish players stood (good for them). Presumably these reports published today are anathema to pathetic woke-central England: https://inews.co.uk/news/race-report-phrase-institutional-racism-has-been-wrongly-applied-report-author-tony-sewell-claims-936821 https://twnews.co.uk/uk-news/professor-matthew-goodwin-white-working-class-boys-are-the-most-deprived-in-britain
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