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  1. 'Asylum seekers' could (will) sue govt due to being housed in tents (marquees), even though they are now safe from war/persecution etc. Hahahaha. https://inews.co.uk/news/asylum-seekers-kept-tents-ex-military-bases-bring-legal-action-against-suella-braverman-lawyer-2512515
  2. This was presumably common knowledge, but just read that Dr Ranj, the resident This Morning GP!, was married before coming out as gay, way before Schofe took the plunge (to save his skin). Leaving aside the arranged marriage/cultural pressure issues, it all seems very velvet mafia - and Ranj is now predictably jumping on the bandwagon du jour: mental health. I expect there's way more to come out regarding this obvious distraction that could easily have been uncovered years ago, and I keep coming back to what DI has said for years: It's a (big) cesspit (and you're not in it).
  3. The cleaning woman Kim Woodburn just called Holly Willoughby 'that little bitch' on GB News. This nonsense is putting Towie to shame.
  4. Interesting email out of the blue from my building society today - first ever - saying they are covered up to 85k deposits (I don't believe them, and I doubt they know themselves). Wondering if it's the first signs of an imminent collapse in the UK. Be good to know if anyone else received one.
  5. For someone who thinks malnourished Rishi is in the closet, this 'random' story dropping seems a bit suspicious, especially as Phil Schofield-type Gaz Lineker is mentioned too: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-12021705/Rishi-Sunak-joins-celeb-club-including-Coldplay-star-Chris-Martin-swear-fasting-habit.html#reader-comments
  6. My own experience. Smoked for 15 years then started vaping around 2010. I was vaping constantly - hours at a time due to being able to do it inside. Over about 5 years, lost weight but soon started having tremors, then had temporary loss of sight in one eye for several minutes (twice). Went the doctor, said it was overactive thyroid. Took recommended medication for 6 months and symptoms disappeared. Stopped vaping, started smoking again. Been fine since.
  7. Rishi hands over half a billion in return for nothing. https://www.euronews.com/2023/03/10/macron-and-sunak-try-to-put-relationship-back-on-track-at-paris-summit Sunak and Macron. Two middle-aged anorexics, one whose 'wife' is nearly 25 years his senior. Red flags going off everywhere.
  8. The timing of the migrant boat disaster off the coast of Italy seems suspicious. From memory there's been nothing similar of note since the body of the dead child on the beach was beamed across the world several years ago - despite hundreds, probably thousands of journeys since. Could it be to do with the fact the new Italian PM Meloni (whose name is always prefixed with either right-wing or far-right on the MSM) came to power vowing to stop mass immigration? Expect a U-turn on that policy sometime soon Interesting that there hasn't been a similar 'disaster' in the channel, despite years of crossings. Maybe our government's largesse has something to do with that.
  9. It may already have been pointed out on here but the oddest thing to me about this are the photos. Same expression, make-up, hair length/style/colour, lighting etc. As though they could have been taken on the same day.
  10. Hazza has gone so cocksure nuclear - and is already threatening book 2 - that you've got to think he still has a huge ace up his sleeve to play. Possibly a dna test?
  11. Interesting post. Do you (anyone) have an opinion or experience with Nattokinase? Is it just the latest snake oil?
  12. Magnesium is sometimes suggested as a sleep aid (muscle relaxant I think). I started taking it a few weeks ago due to disrupted sleep. Although jury's still out, I definitely feel livelier when I wake up. One thing - the bioavailability (amount the body actually absorbs) of bog-standard magnesium (oxide) that's used in most supplements is supposedly under 10 per cent. Magnesium citrate is reportedly more bioavailable, although the flip side is it can cause the runs. I can live with that for a better night's kip.
  13. He didn't miss the penalty but the PSG owner is a billionaire Qatari.
  14. I may have missed it, but it would be interesting to hear the views of a non-binary person on why there has been an explosion of non-binary etc in just the last few years. Do they think it's evolution? Or maybe something in the water/food/medication/chemtrails etc? Or maybe that people have been covering it up in fear for generations?
  15. Exactly. These camps are real. I know a guy from UK - married to a 'vip' Chinese woman, who is treated differently from the plebs - who has booked a flight out of there early next month. He scoffed at what I was saying two years ago.
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