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  1. So Baker has gone from 'Brexit hardman' to 'Covid bedwetter' in the space of a year. Is there anyone out there with an ounce of integrity or cojones? Where's the Moggster when you need him?
  2. How long before they change the wording on the govt website to everyone without a mask 'needing a signed certificate from a doctor'? Make the most of the good times loophole!
  3. This so-called 'revolt' is all part of the pantomime. They're all up to their necks in it now. No turning back, as they know they'd all be in the dock for letting it get anywhere near this point.
  4. This makes for sad reading, but to me it only adds to what I said a couple of days ago. However much we distrust people like BoJo and Sturgeon (and leaders worldwide), they must have a modicum of intelligence/compassion to have reached the pinnacle of politics in their countries, so if you accept that, there can only be one reason why they are behaving as they are, in the face of what is now insurmountable evidence. They have guns to their heads. Either destroy your economies and social structure from within, which saves some lives, or we'll do it for you in a way that would make Spanish flu look like a blip. At least this way BoJo, Sturgeon etc have some warped sense of 'doing the right thing' and are able to come across as so, knowing what the alternative is.
  5. Took the train in to Charing x for the demo. Sat behind a couple of girls/women aged around early 20s. Wearing masks. Near the end of the journey, one started to complain to the other about a mutual friend. She said he was a bio-med student who refused to wear a mask on trains. She said she'd reprimanded him, saying that he, of all people, should be acting responsibly. There's still a lot of work to do.
  6. 5g has conveniently taken a backseat for the last few months while people have been encouraged to get their knickers in a twist over what is no more than a spike in testing. It's likely to come back soon, though, possibly to do with the oblong black boxes they've attached to many telephone poles in my neighbourhood in the last fortnight. More pressing, fishy Rishi has shaken the money tree again, extending loans, cutting VAT etc, appealing to the ever so short-sighted. Enough people will understandably be blinded by it, terrified of losing jobs, businesses, without stepping back and asking the overriding question: Why would he/they do this for a so-called virus that is no worse than a moderate flu, the likes of which we've lived through before without crushing economies? As with the original furlough, why is none of this done on a rolling monthly review (they could have stopped the furlough at the end of May given the curve had been squashed), which is what any reasonable govt would do, especially now the figures show the virus is anything but serious to the vast majority? Why did dead-man walking Boris make a point of saying another six months in his broadcast a few days ago? Why, because there ain't going to be an end to this unless people remove their heads from the sand.
  7. I guess that's what I was trying to get at. It's now so obvious it's nothing to do with cases - or even a virus - that we should stop looking for any logic in that area. There's something much more sinister going on. We have to accept it, as unpleasant as that is.
  8. Fair point, but I'm going with Conan Doyle on this: Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. They all look - and act - as though they are being blackmailed.
  9. The only explanation for this now that I can see, especially given the way Boris, Vallance, Whitty, etc can appear so solemn (and it applies to govts worldwide) as they ruin the lives of everyone is that they've been warned by the real characters in charge that if they don't comply, a genuine virus will be unleashed (as Billy boy warned in summer with a smirk). It's difficult to see another reason for this lunacy. Back in March Boris wanted to go with herd immunity for Christ's sake yet he's now cowering under a spike in testing.
  10. If you go to the bottom of the original email you received after payment there should be a reset password link. That worked for me.
  11. So disingenuous duo Whitty and Vallance have been on predicting 200 deaths a day come November, as though it were apocalyptic. What they failed (purposely) to do, and which is crucial to making any sense of the numbers, was add any context. 200 is nothing special for a moderate flu season. In fact, even a mask-wearer could've had a decent stab at guessing the figure. There were over 28k flu deaths in England alone in the 2014/15 season, while this deserves a repost regarding winter 2018: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5440785/Killer-flu-outbreak-blame-42-spike-deaths.html They're in headless chicken mode due to the looming protest. Expect some emergency law to appear out of thin air in the next 48 hours.
  12. Anyone else have the survey request drop through their door recently? It's clear they're now in full steam ahead mode, no turning back. A few snippets:
  13. Get in there Hilary! What a cad. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1191180/The-TV-doctor-wife-toyboy-lover-TWO-mistresses.html
  14. Looks as though they've taken down the comments section on the Mail online regarding the appetiser demo today in Trafalgar Square - which were at 3k-plus. The authorities are absolutely crapping it. Good.
  15. With all these buzz-slogans flying around (no doubt dreamed up by a bunch of 'experts' on silly money), it's amusing to think of what will be next to follow such gems as 'Hands, face space', 'Second hump of the camel' and 'Circuit-break lockdown'. Maybe the approach of the inevitable fake third spike sometime in the New Year will be preceded by Boris warning of 'Nessy's third hump', or better still 'Scaramanga's third nipple', accompanied by a few undisputable pics to sway the doubters:
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