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  1. This article is from a few days ago, claiming Boris was railroaded into keeping schools closed. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9128293/How-Matt-Hancock-Michael-Gove-Chris-Whitty-convinced-Boris-Johnson-close-schools.html Are we meant to believe that a man who was reportedly at death's door due to this 'deadly virus' last Easter was in need of persuasion to push for the hardest of lockdowns from a gaggle of shady characters who have never had more than a stuffy nose in the last year? If he genuinely had been close to croaking, the strong-arm tactics wouldn't ha
  2. Didn't he have a hit called 'Insania'? Say no more.
  3. This conundrum has been bugging me for a while. Yes, there are plenty of people who already rely on the state (benefits) for whom a reset would be fairly seamless, but there are also significant numbers with savings who are not going to sit back and let that happen, regardless of whether it's blamed on a worldwide internet crash/hacking whatever. They will have to tread very carefully with this part of the agenda. Difficult to know how they're going to pull it off without all hell breaking loose - unless that's the plan.
  4. Did anybody catch what plod said was his justification for entering? It was hard to make out under the mask and power-trip.
  5. Something you don't want to see happen but fairly predictable. A friend who claimed to see through this farce over the summer has now done a 180 because her parents have both been ill with 'Covid' in the last month. Even pointing out we've entered a new flu season is no use. People being confronted with their own mortality (or those closest to them) is a veeery powerful tool the ptb are going to milk till the last drop.
  6. Santa Boris delivers a feelgood present on Xmas Eve, one May kicked off the table 3 years ago and one that could have been brought back anytime since but they leave it till December 24 2020 when the world is in a 'Covid' tailspin. Could they be more obvious/cynical?
  7. You can guarantee no more serious mutant strains will be announced for a while. The 'deal' will need to dominate the headlines.
  8. Thinking about the timing of this 'deal' today, one they could've agreed years ago, it 1 Allows Boris to blow his trumpet for a few days and take some heat off the tier shenanigans 2 Come April when there's no end to lockdown in sight and economic devastation begins to give way to the big reset, he can save face and say he did his best but Brexit has to go on the shelf indefinitely (for the good of the plebs, obviously)
  9. Be interesting to see if this has any legs. Italian families to sue govt over Covid mishandling. https://www.dw.com/en/italy-families-of-coronavirus-victims-sue-government-for-100-million-in-damages/a-56045646
  10. Couldn't see a topic covering this - maybe it's banned on here - but think it needs one given the way things are going. This is just the latest laugh out loud item to put on the list: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9078525/British-film-censor-puts-warning-1980s-movie-Flash-Gordon.html
  11. Things are moving so fast that I'd now say for sure the UK is being used as the sacrificial lamb for the big reset. It has the perfect set-up with Brexit hanging over it. They can pull anything out of the hat - mutant! strains, new viruses, food/medical shortages, power/internet outage, road blocks, cash flow, 27 other countries not complying etc - and then impose solutions, blaming it all on (mythical) Brexit.
  12. Just watching the downing st briefing/comedy show. Boris has had some bizarre brown dye job slapped on the sides of his thinning barnet. Comforting to know he has time to do that while the country goes to the dogs.
  13. They'll probably just shut down the internet for a while rather than censor. In that way they can kill plenty of birds with one stone, especially if they have something big planned, as was mentioned a bit earlier in the thread. Changing tack, since this 'new' 'strain' was first mentioned a few days ago I keep hearing on the news that hospitals have started to become inundated with patients. It's strange these reports aren't accompanied by any visual evidence, as it wouldn't be difficult to send a TV crew to the nearest swamped wards. Funny how they have plenty of cameras available
  14. I posted a BBC vid a few hours ago of Pence being 'jabbed' that has already been edited. The unedited one shows the doctor, hand shaking, briefly point the needle in the direction of Pence's arm whilst ensuring any view we had of the process was obstructed by his other hand! The original vid must be out there.
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-55362697 That looked genuine! A Plaster already strategically placed to hide the collapsing needle.
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