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  1. I use Harris fence panels just bury them a foot or so . Works a treat also cheap to buy never had any fox issues with my ladies.
  2. l tend to use a little mind game on the local pram pushers and dog draggers it goes a little like this. Out exercising on one of my beautiful horses ...deliberately round the conversation to “have you been offered or had the vaccine yet?” State there’s no way lm entertaining it, hit them with if your vet suggested that you could give little Snowy or Bella (insert name of dog being dragged)an experimental vaccine with no certain positive result, but in fact could kill the hound the following day would you book the dog into the vets? Pat beautiful mount on the neck inform them no way would I do that to this horse and ask her to walk on. I swear I hear cogs whirring in their brains, occasionally peas just getting stuck. Seems to me human life is cheap Snowy and the Bella’s health and welfare are worth questioning.
  3. Didn’t fill out the 2011 one had no intention of doing so. Had a young man with his official looking badge turning up on my yard advising me that his office hadn’t received a response from my address. Told him that was mighty odd as l had indeed posted it on. He scratched his head agreed that the postal service was slow, offered me another form to fill out and resend. That form went straight onto the muck heap. Will be following the same recipe again this time around.
  4. In the east of England we have had recent bird flu outbreaks. The rule is chickens can go outside as long as penned in with a netting roof cover. I run a flock Max has the issue but not the whole answer. I’m sure the Avian flu is more of usual BS though...can’t be seen as able to care for ourselves.
  5. The gloryfication of their slavery...numbskulls will buy em.
  6. Mole Valley feed merchants....might get to feed my horses for nothing at this rate.
  7. Not worn a mask yet in any of my forays into the strange world. I have on two occasions been accosted at the entrance by the door gestapo. My first assault by my local feedstore l phoned the head office got a profound apology and a gift voucher for £20.00 Result
  8. No not ever not never not nohow
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