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  1. Such as? The idea of a moon spaceship is pretty old. Reptilians were on TV in the 80's on a series called V. The Matrix came out before his books. Before that it was the Truman show and They live. Every time a film comes out people start trying to apply the theme of the film to life.
  2. You are trying to twist people by using any form of deception and distortion you can. It wont achieve anything Force can be limted to what is actually necessary. You see everything in terms of extremes, which is common for the mentally ill.
  3. The problem is that some people live in good areas and some dont, so they try to take a piece. Do you think people are just going to sit in some shitty desert or mountain if they hear there is fertile land and water sources elsewhere, especially when the survival of their people is at stake? White people have invaded every part of the world. No point in denying it or trying to blame jews for it.
  4. Its already happened yet they were too blind to see, lol Madonna - Live To Tell [Confessions Tour DVD] - YouTube
  5. lol, there you go again, blaming jews. Your theory sounds like a great excuse to go on a killing spree of anybody who might have jewish sympathies, origins, or heritage. The inquisition is a monstrous organisation of sick and twisted people. Like I said before, if they have to assume a secret identity to survive then my sympathies are with them, not with those who would kill them for not converting.
  6. Just seems like a lot of his ideas come from the world of entertainment, whether books TV or film.
  7. This is true but how many wars have been fought over land because people believed they owned it? look at Jerusalem, all the killing done there by various religions who think they have a special claim. If its true that victory can only come from God then we must accept that he has rejected christianity, which was born there and defeated.
  8. Lol, crypto jews. Some jews had to pretend they adopted Catholicism to avoid being murdered, which is not a bad reason. TBH my sympathies would be with such people as the catholic rulers of the time were just a bunch of vicious murderers. I would even support them if they did their best to undermined such a cruel and violent system. Natural law doesnt recognise theft. Its recognises strength. Theft implies ownership and people dont own land unless they can hold it by force, if required. If jews helped people travel around the world then so what? what is your big problem with that? you always seem to suggest that people have only been successful when they have had jewish help, which doesn't look bad for them. Maybe they are just smarter people?
  9. Lol, so you think the creator made you as a specific race in a specific location and gave you special status? Sounds like a lab experiment what you are claiming. If I was irked by truth then I would find no issues with your posts.
  10. But surely you must see ancestry is an illusion? it doesnt give ownership of land or any right to it. Celts didnt originate in any part of the UK but came from eastern Europe. Hanging onto ancestral claims is just hanging onto the past, which could be detrimental. So why do you claim christianity has God given rights? can you pick them out of the bible and explain why you think other religions dont have divine rights? are you claiming that adherence to certain religions gives divine rights, like kings use to claim their power? I think you over exaggerate all of this to fit the narrative you want to believe. Free speech has limits as far as I'm concerned as there are too many people out there willing to use such freedoms to cause all sorts of problems. True free speech comes with responsibility yet people think it should allow them to say what they want without consequences.
  11. You would say they look Asian, not Chinese. I thought you were into freedom of movement, etc? if people are free to move where they want there is always the chance that white people may move away from colder climates and other ethnic minorities may move into those places. White people have been imposed on various places throughout the world, to severe detriment of native populations and yet white people complain about being replaced by foreigners. I think its just people who are afraid of outsiders.
  12. Yes but they were still sons of God. Maybe not all of them fell either. Also, read Job, where the sons of God sit before the throne. Messiah refers to any anointed king and jesus didnt fulfil the messianic prophecy. He didnt cause the jews to return to Israel nor build the third temple.
  13. Nothing like good old threats to keep the congregation in line. How can Jesus be the only begotten son when the sons of God are mentioned in the OT? surely they were physical enough to have sex with human women.
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