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  1. Even 'the beast' wore a christian cross on his robe. It is thought his original GD motto was Heart of Jesus
  2. I guess it has some form of reality if you believe it does. 'With our thoughts we create the world' As Buddha said.
  3. Exactly. The problem is that most people try to avoid it. Maybe the temptation of christ was his encounter with his own shadow nature.
  4. For some people its different. Its good that you have a helpful guide in life. Jesus did say heaven is within us and by extension it must be true that hell is too.
  5. The pope has basically admitted it doesnt exist. I has been suggested that hell was created from the lake of fire that souls have to pass through in the Egyptian underworld journey. As some of the early church father were Egyptian they could have taken this knowldge for other use.
  6. But what if he is growing some super food?
  7. But this could just be seen as an investment. Is he definitely using it for crops and not other projects?
  8. For what reason? Anyway, who is Satan? Jesus even calls Peter satan at one point. Its a word that just means adversary.
  9. Maybe it was only terror because you were told you werent ready for it. Evil is a bit of a vague word but is often used for anything deeply frightening. Personally I would suspect there was something going on in your life at that time that triggered this vision, something that you werent able to deal with at that time.
  10. People in the west have no spiritual contact? I think you are very wrong there. What do you base that wild claim on? There is more to the world than the words of Jesus. In truth his doctrine is nothing really that unique. You can find all the elements of his teachings in other religions that are older.
  11. Starting with words not realities? What about 'in the beginning was the word'?
  12. Because you dedicate the prayer to a specific being/ deity?
  13. As I have said before though, if people want to be christian its their choice but that doesnt give them the right to shit on others, so I show them the cracks in their own path.
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