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  1. Every living form has an energy field, humans, animals, trees, nature, Earth and all planets. The human field is our sensing vehicle for our experience in this physical dimension. It supports, protects us and interacts with the fields of others. It is easier to see it by not trying to look directly at it, as it operates on higher frequencies than the physical eye spectrum, and by being relaxed and allowing it to 'appear'. Its protection of humans from low-frequency energies is compromised by alcohol, tobacco, and class A drugs of all types. For a full education on it try 'Hands of Light' or 'Light Emerging' by Barbara Ann Brennan.
  2. Our family wish to offer, on behalf of the UK, our deepest apologies to the Doctor who was so appallingly treated yesterday at the rally. We totally disassociate ourselves from all perpetrators involved, even though our taxes pay their salaries.! One more example of proof to add to the building avalanche that will be evidence for gaining our freedom. Peace to All
  3. It is stunning and heartbreaking to see people actually requesting this mockery, and standing in line to be complicit! A demonstration of how the mind-control programme of trusting the medical profession and 'governments' has worked SO FAR. It is a challenge for a lot of people to forget all they ever thought about life and to accept the depth of evil that we are faced with, overtly previously, but in-your-face now. It has been suggested elsewhere that every patient writes to their doctor, (via Royal Mail) anonymously if necessary, enclosing relevant information on this 'test', the statement by a nurse above would be excellent. We have a voice ,or a pen, we HAVE TO USE THEM. Peace to All
  4. Go Get 'em Gal !! Sincere thanks Lee for posting this video. The resistance to the criminals is building minute by minute. Very encouraging to hear from Dolores about the international groups meeting and working against the crimes against humanity. The London rally was brilliant, the video of David's speech was, of course, deleted for the usual spurious reasons. That will ensure many copies will appear, so thanks for that!! Peace to All
  5. Making children wear masks is Evil In Action. How much more blatant do they have to be until parents wake up and refuse, school headteachers refuse to allow masks in school and our 'guardians' of the public - the police - start to abide by their oath??? Where are the public statements of support for no masks from the NSPCC ? They are a registered Charity hoping for donations ! Where are the public denouncements from Child Line and all other authentic organisations that state they care for children? Where is the public outrage from The British Psychological Society who KNOW what the results are of masking children - an invisible killer lurks in the world, you can't see it, you can't hear it. Imagine what a child's imagination does with that - is it in my garden? Is it on my bike? Does my Grand Daddy have it? Is in under my bed?? Will it come and get me in the night? Where is the action from MP's who have a responsibility for the safe-guarding of children? They have now lost their roles as MP's, they will not be forgotten. Where are all the MP's we voted for who are ignoring letters and not speaking out publicly? Do we need to consider that some of the perpetrators of this abuse have a shiver of satisfaction at the results of their malignant actions? We have long passed the point of thinking that Johnson and his cohorts are confused, have bad 'advisers' and all the other excuses that people offer rather than face the truth. We KNOW what they are, there are no excuses for what they have done. Outside of occult groups, this is the first time that UK citizens have witnessed the overt use of dark practices, but we need to remember, as David keeps reminding us, they are A FEW, we are millions !! A poster on the forum of Keep Britain Free, started by Simon Dolan who has started the legal action against the perpetrators, suggests that every one in the UK who sees the truth, writes to Number 10 and formally states that the public have no confidence in the 'government' and we demand an election immediately. There may be a legal mechanism for this, there is one for MP's to use to put in a vote of No Confidence - why haven't they??? The energy of such an action would have far-reaching consequences, as this is at its centre a struggle between Light and Dark. There is also, on the same forum, a suggestion and discussion about starting a new political Party, in the future, we will not need the system that we have now, merely administrators who follow community directions. In the meantime we need people with ethics, honesty, and a focus of working-for -others and not working-for-self (or even worse!) Certainly we can discount both the usual Parties, we may consider Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party, anyone who can stand 15 years in the heart of the cabal-owned EU and almost single-handedly rescue us from that trap, can surely wade into the pit of vipers that we see at the centre of the (current) 'government'. Towards the revolution ..........................
  6. Esoteric teachings explain that what we call linear time, is programmed into our brain. Our brain is a computer, our mental frequencies are within the human energy field, the brain runs and computes our experiences in this 'physical' world. Outside of the physical aspects of Earth, linear time does not exist, all is infinite, but to experience this 'physical' world, we use a 'movement forward' system. This allows for monitoring what we see as progress, where we started, where we go next, allowing for development of mental, emotional and physical attributes. David has explained previously that what we call 'life' is interaction with an energetic programme, or soft- ware and doesn't actually exist in the way we think it does. The Earth experience is extremely challenging a lot of the time (like now!) and we , as energetic Beings, are greatly admired for volunteering to get involved with it! Peace to All
  7. Hello All, if the question is asking about what the fifth-dimension is like, then yes, we are upgrading into that, taking our 'physical' body/vehicles with us. Later on after further evolution, we will get less and less physical. At our true level we are not physical, we are magnificent energy beings having an experience of this 'physical' world through the five (only) human senses, using our physical body to navigate through. The fifth dimension will not have within it, wars, physical and psychic, polluted food,air and water, low-frequency energy beings who have a need to control us, no ill-health and lots more. Planet Earth and humanity are currently in the middle of a huge, long-foretold energetic shift, that is the reason why we have been 'hi-jacked' with a scamdemic, the forces that need our fear and to control us know they cannot operate within 5D frequencies, so they are throwing their last ammunition at us, hoping to delay it, they know they are impotent to stop it. The Books by Dolores Cannon - The Convoluted Universe - are useful as a starter, if needed, to understanding the complexity of life-forms in Creation. Peace to All
  8. Check whether the wearing of a mask is actually law. The 'current' government puts out 'guidelines' not laws properly enshrined. They hope to create acquiescence by citizens who do not question what HMG tells them, and who are psychologically influenced by the medical wearing of masks, which symbolises protection. As Dr Rashid Buttar and many,. many others have spent weeks trying to explain - medical masks are worn for different reasons. If ever challenged for not wearing a mask, I will reply - 'If I wear a mask, I will go into hypoxia, then you will need to call an ambulance, and then I will sue the company'. The Judicial Review of this 'government's' actions is in the High Court on 2 July. Many people who have donated (it was Crowd Funded and is still being donated to) have stated that they will further support any future legal actions that become necessary. This action is not the only one that is in preparation by other people. Let's remember that this experience is part of a deeper and profound clearing and upgrading of planetary frequency. Whilst it is necessary to reject and resist on a physical level, so much more is actually taking place. For those who do not find interest in energetic/esoteric matters, some investigation into why this happening will be enlightening, inspiring and help to diffuse anger and fear. . There is much clearing to be done of low-frequency, invasive and anti-human presences and practises, with many trapped lives to be released. This is a 'war,' and it is not with a 'virus' !! We can all help energetically, even if we have no knowledge or experience of working with energy - simply imagine, day-dream, write down, draw, make a video, or just discuss with family/friends what we would choose if we were asked to re-create the human experience in much better world. We are ALL creators, we have forgotten this, and religions and science has failed to remind us of it. You may choose a world with TRUE UNITY between all humanity, pure food and air, no crime, no 'illness', abundant food and water across the entire world - let your heart choose, your thoughts WILL register and add to the re-balance of Light against the opposition. Peace to All
  9. Many people who can see through the pantomime feel sorry for those who are caught up in it. Tesco is a creator of frustration, shame and idiocy requiring other humans to walk, stand and move in some pointless dance. Surely some staff have 'woken up' and shared this with others, even management? It is upsetting to see people hiding behind (toxic) plastic shields, handing card terminals through half-closed windows in petrol stations, and trying to balance change on a receipt to avoid touching another person, having conversations two metres apart, dropping parcels at a door and standing back and on and on.......... I have made two short statements in two local shops, both asking them if they knew that doctors, virologists and other experts have been shouting for weeks that viruses do NOT jump six inches never mind two metres. and that viral particles are so tiny that they go through face-masks - stunned faces. The level of unquestioning obedience is deeply shameful, but then mind-control and mass hypnosis works until the victims 'wake -up' ! Why aren't doctors in the UK also shouting? Why is the BMA saying they want face-masks worn on all forms of public transport? Why aren't their members shouting them down due to their lack of basic medical knowledge? Why aren't psychologists shouting about the negative psychology being practised across the world - repeated specifically- designed news statements, NLP included, people are harmful, people will infect you, it is dangerous, wear the mask to hide your mouth, keep quiet, divide and separate family and friends etc Maybe they will................the quicker they do, the quicker the remaining people will wake up and we can take back our planet and return it to how it was meant to be - not hijacked and FREE. Peace to All
  10. For those who do not yet know - there is legal action for a Judicial Review of the 'governments' actions re lockdown. This has been crowd-funded by thousands of people, a lawyer from Wedlake Bell started it, and there is a 'top level' QC handling the case. The file (60 pages) is almost ready for Court, updates are sent to those who donated. It can be found on the Crowdfunding site. A legal action has begun in Ireland, they have just had their second hearing and will pursue it further. There must be legal professionals out there who will step up and serve their country.
  11. Another demonstration of retrograde action - we could almost believe they are trying to sink their own ships! Ever onward and upwards..............
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