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  1. What interesting (and revealing) posts on this page !              Has there been any authentic research  into the background of this group of international lawyers who are fighting on our behalf??        Any authentic research into the framework of the case and into those who are involved in it?      Any authentic research into the hundreds of privately funded legal cases against the UK government??     


    Or is it easier to  attempt to demolish the resistance of hundreds of qualified and expert people who at least are working to take down the dark matrix that has previously interfered with this planet, instead of acquiescing and planting seeds of doubt?? 

  2. Those with the skills of remote viewing have noticed that there is a blue-print to remove the current perps from 'government' as an apparent 'the public have won' scam.      But the replacements will be more focussed in serving the dark plan, this will not be apparent to start with and a false sense of relief will be created in the public as they feel they have achieved a victory. NOT SO.  Hancock is just the first off the stage, let the perps know we have spotted their dark ruse.  

  3. Unless the criminals have changed it, and the 'emergency powers' do not do that,  no adult can be forced to take any medical treatment or procedure against their will.     Every adult can sign themselves out of any hospital -there might be exceptions such as very serious infectious diseases - yellow fever, smallpox, etc.  I suggest the poster books a free half- hour appointment with a solicitor - most practises offer that. Or possibly try Citizens Advice - they used to have a volunteer lawyer in once a week.  Stand up to bullying by a supposed 'caring'; profession.  If you can afford it, take the lawyer with you to remove your mum from hospital.  I heard of someone doing just that a few weeks ago, it worked like a dream 

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  4. The rumour is circulating that the next attack on UK will be a new 'variant'.     It might be possible to  counter-attack that by using placards at the next rally showing people's own fun variant titles to demolish it.  


    How about - 'Our Own Avenue Variant'        'Aunty Mildred's Variant'     ' Farmer Doris's Ten-Acre Field Variant'      Hainsbury's Car Park Variant'   ' Number Ten Variant'   etc   


    Might be best to avoid place names, except those in Central London 

  5. It has been posted elsewhere that the UK Telegraph newspaper carried an announcement that UK has developed a 'cure'  for the scam life-form.   Sensitives and those with vision have advised to keep right away from it!      It is not what it is claimed to be and possibly is a new way to poison those refusing the current weapon.   I have not seen the article but felt I should post this immediately.   Hoping that David and team will investigate asap.  

  6. The sounds labelled 'tinnitus'  by the medical profession can have a lot of causes.  On a physical human level, it can be caused by a pressure on one of a set of three nerves in the shoulder.  A chiropractor might be able to realign them.  It may also be pressure on nerves around the ears, or between the neck vertebrae.  Aromatherapy massage and learning relaxation can help, this can also help with nerve damage from excess physical external noise.


    Energetically, people are beginning to hear a range of sounds due to the increasing planetary frequencies- these may include distant 'machinery'/mowers etc, popping, clicking, humming etc.  As we become more aware of our energetic selves, we become aware of the previously 'hidden' sounds produced by our energy and physical systems.  



  7. A re-typed message from a post on another website which was via another social media platform. 


    ' You mentioned about in England, GP's are not seeing patients.   I was on a call with a senior manager who oversees GP Practises, and he informed me that GP's are not seeing patients as it all boils down to money.   He said that they are not getting paid until at least 90% of their registered patient population receives the Covid vaccine.'  


    If  this is true, then isn't that another huge piece of evidence for the coming  Court cases??     What will it be described as  - 'malfeasance in public office'  -  blackmail - genocide ?      So many crimes against humanity!   


    The excuse, so far has, has been fully-filled hospitals and so overworked staff including consultants, and we know that is a lie, is this then, the real reason for the failure of doctors to abide by their Hippocratic Oath ??  

  8. The confusion about this 'Pathogen' is created by the lies, sleight-of-hand and  general ineptitude of the 'governments'  and their cabal placed members.  As we have worked our way through this maze, it now looks as though INITIALLY there was a released bio-weapon which was the dark planners attempt to wipe out most of humanity - as they have stated via such creatures as Mr Gates.


    The bio-weapon was transmuted almost immediately - by whom and how is not YET known,  people into the wider framework of creation will have their own thoughts on that.  Following that, it mutated itself, as such pathogens do all the time, and became a slightly stronger than usual seasonal flu.  However, the plan was in place to try for a take-over of the planet and so it was necessary to use the transmuted pathogen as a 'killer -virus' and begin the planned control programme. Hence we had inaccurate forecasts, fraudulent 'tests' , medically fraudulent death certificates, health-wrecking masks, hospitals with empty wards, utterly ludicrous statements from 'governments' and all that followed in a desperate attempt to convince the public of a charade.


    The adaptations of the original pathogen have never been isolated, purified, put through the usual protocols and so identified.   Unheard of ! To do so would have destroyed the need of the killer medical experiment that is now under way under the guise of 'vax'.  The dark plan was to release a 'killer virus' to create the opportunity to cause deaths, serious disablement and STERILISATION of humans via a 'vax'.


    So, David is correct in his statement that 'CV19' does not exist - it may have existed momentarily initially, but has not been a 'planetary -wide  killer' since then.  The entire illusion is based on currently Influenza A and influenza B - usual seasonal pathogens. Add the stress of being told that we are under threat of dying, plus the wearing of masks which itself creates respiratory infections through re-inhaled bacteria and you have people convinced that they have had 'it'.


    Years ago, it was normal if a person caught  the flu, to be in bed for a week, lying on a sofa for a few more days, and possibly a general weakness for a further few days.   The planet as not closed down.   



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  9. We need to know who in 'government' signed the agreement to allow this illegal public experiment, who agreed to it being run without proper testing and safety protocols, and who instructed medical staff not to show every victim a copy of PIL, (patient's information leaflet) before gaining permission to commit the act. 

    Manufacturers and 'government' consider themselves to be protected by law from legal measures against them for harm and genocide.  But that law was 'contractual law' which is fraudulent and not Common Law which is legal.     It will only take one case against a doctor or nurse to blow this genocide and serious assault open and all responsible will be made to face their acts.  








    The link is permission to administer a poison - Covid 19  VAX !!      Fraudulent 'tests' were to lead to vax.    The vax is a medical experiment and is NOT a vaccine - therefore it does not shed.   (see Dr Tenpenny)      What the poison injections  are doing is TRANSMITTING a distorting frequency that is re-writing the code for DNA and RNA within the human body - creating a different type of human altogether.  


    The 'test' when inserted high into the nose is breaking the blood-brain barrier which protects the brain from harmful substances.   (being discreet - silver food wrapping/cooking containers,  microwaves and easy-to-clean cookware has only been partially successful in creating brain malfunctions)  

  11. This obviously distressed UK doctor confirms the presence of parasitic worms in blue face-masks, those worn mostly by NHS employees.  She experimented with seven different types, all were contaminated with some 'worm' that was invisible to the eye but showed under a microscope. The 'worms' were still but came to life with carbon dioxide from human breath and wriggled away from water or alcohol.


    Disturbing - but perhaps a way to refuse wearing masks for those who feel unable to stand up against criminality??





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  12. Ancient and current spiritual teachings explain that  humanity creates the weather, as we create everything that we experience (please don't shoot the messenger!) 


    It is true that it can snow in UK in Spring, but unsettled weather across the planet has been noted for a few years now, and experts say that nature is working three weeks ahead of what she used to do.


    As the planetary ascension continues and the frequencies increase it will affect everything - weather, nature, sun, skies and our experience of 'life'


    The goons who are running (so they imagine) the various scams and  genocide are trying to delay this planetary ascension.  We last tried this 24, 000 years ago, but the dark operators were too strong at that point, now they are NOT.     Due to their threats etc, humanity is in the spin cycle of a washing-machine - being uplifted and then being dropped down again with increasing disagreement as to what is true and what is not.    The weather patterns are energetic, so are we!


    Freedom for All



  13. This is from Info Wars posted yesterday. 

    Alex Jones Here With An Emergency Saturday Broadcast -- Share This Link To Expose The Next Pandemic Hoax!


    In today's LIVE SATURDAY SHOW, I'll break down the shocking information contained in the so-called SPARS 2025-2028 document which details another horrifying worldwide pandemic scenario and how governments can better impose control over their citizens and merge cooperative efforts into a global government body.

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